SATURDAY 4 February

We have a Full Moon rising tomorrow – and WOW is it going to be a big one! First off, know that we will have several days of not getting much sleep. So if you are wide awake, just count all the sheep you will be buying in the future and play in the visions of what you next want to see. We are awake for a reason, and it is to get us seeing what we weren’t seeing before.

EXPECT to feel a bit sensitive, but in a way where you see that you deserve more attention. You may even feel a bit pumped up in seeing that you ARE a miracle -- and that you made it this far is an amazing thing. Something is to get YOU shining the light on yourself so that you can move something else forward that will showcase your gifts. This will be when we really get out of our way and stop hiding from our destiny.

You may even feel Grandmother energy around you that is filling you up with faith in yourself and in what you are here to bring to the world. Other forces surround us with energy and love so that WE TOO see that we deserve things better than we have accepted in our past. Expect to feel these presences around you when you are alone in your bedroom. I am being shown the image of us being in bed and all these matriarchal generations are sending us energy to help us shift our perspective on what we think is our potential in this lifetime.

The work being done on us is to bridge the gap that we all know where we THINK we can do something but then deep inside we really doubt ourselves and don’t assert like we are supposed to. With the help coming our way, we will shoot our arrows and NOT let go until we manifest miracles and big moves that radically shift our lives. You may feel like you have to move a boulder across the road but with the new energy you will KNOW you were born to do this, and nothing will stop you until it is no longer blocking your journey. This is the superhero energy we have been waiting to be downloaded with – and it is on the way to YOU during one of these nights in the near future! So if you are UP, things are happening and THIS will change how your mind works.

As of tomorrow, our whole world shifts. So look to the horizon and know that something is moving you to the front of the line where things WILL be easier and it WILL feel like the light is shining your way. Don’t turn your back on what is rising to surprise you. It may feel better than you think you deserve, and that is proof that you don’t think enough of yourself! It’s time to face the light and expect it to be delivering your ultimate dreams. Come on! NO DOUBT. NO FEAR. Allow your new vibration to take you to greater heights that will have you wanting to sing and dance and truly express your blossoming creative spirit.




MOON DEGREES: 29 Cancer to 10 Leo (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:   1  3  4



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So beautiful, KV. Thank you.

Michelle Mahlman February 05, 2023

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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.