THURSDAY 12 January

Look who is bouncing out of bed and is ready to go! Things feel different now and you should be geared up to go in a direction that has recently started to unfold for you. There may have been hesitancy that was fueled by fears or too much looking at what you have done wrong in your past. But what is here is here for you and if it feels good in the gut, it IS what you next need to sign up and do.

We are getting messages from someone who is provoking us or getting us to stand up and use our voice in new ways. Whatever ideas pop into your mind around this day, they are the way out of some stuck position you have found yourself in your past. Now you just need to see that you CAN do this and that you WILL follow through and achieve what you dream can possibly be. We are eyeing new views that sprout alive from new perspectives where we make a bit of a shift and see things in a different way. Think about watching the moon and how it sometimes hides behind mountains and trees, but if YOU MOVE, you can end up having a totally clear view. For this reason, expect to have to move in some way that lets you see what was really going on in the background or what was just out of sight. This can also be about moving your body, so go with how you feel called to flow but KNOW that movement gets you to see that there IS something else waiting for you.

Over the next week, you all will be gaining insight that shows you ARE OKAY and that what you just went through was a part of your plan. The low places you were pulled were to get you appreciating the high places you next will find. We need this element of surprise because that is the only way to really jumpstart our hearts and get us back in the game of life. We are NOT HERE TO ESCAPE. But when life gets challenging, we need to unplug and listen for our next orders. Challenges mean big things are on the horizon and we just need to be here now for them and wait for the gate to open that is like getting a certification after studying the material. So see with stars in your eyes even if it’s still cloudy in your life. You are days away from seeing that life is BEAUTIFUL. Wait for it. Wait for it. Be stoked and draw this next space towards you. Things are so close to finding you and getting you to smile as if are finally where you want to be. There is NOTHING to fear here.




MOON DEGREES: 20 VIRGO to 1 LIBRA (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.