GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Oh moon! We love when you go SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aries/Taurus and you get us to really assert towards a life of value. This eclipse season begins with the moon in the last degree of Aries and the first degree of Taurus. This means we will be showing up as our best version of Aries and will just be learning to put focus on the Taurus aspects. It means we will have the steam of Aries moving us forward and doing things OUR WAY but with new views in seeing we deserve to be heard and to have our vote counted! This energy will raise the bar in regard to you KNOWING you can have a better life and that you deserve to be treated a certain way. It will be when we really make the connection that when we value ourselves and put our ideas forward, we manifest happiness and expansive new areas to grow into. Things MUST BEGIN INSIDE in order for our eyes to take hold of what is ours to own.

This energy feels like how we don’t have our frontal lobe developed until we turn 24, which means before that, all our decisions are based on what others are doing. We are not able to actually access our systems to make decisions until we reach that age! We are just copy machines and are doing what we have seen before – like media marketing and masculine influenced movie producers showing you how you should be. But AFTER 24 we tend to really grow and expand and move into new areas as we let go of our past and start to make decisions based on what our bodies feel is best for us. THIS IS WHERE WE ALL ARE RIGHT NOW. It is as if a new part of our brain is activated, and we really DO make the connection that what we are inside is what we will manifest outside. It is when we REALLY get that there is more to seek for and that the old world wanted us small so that we would stay in line, do the corporate jobs and just live ONLY as others have done.

NOW the ceiling is busting open and all of you are going to have new goals that are what people around you have not yet seen as a reality. We are to go next level and to value ourselves through each step of the process. This is also when you will want to generate income from doing what you love to do, and even more so, what is a natural gift or talent. So, expect to dig deep in thinking about what is fun to do and what you naturally give to others. Play in the thoughts that you can support yourself from your creative ways and write out quarterly plans for how you would like things to be. This energy wants you hungry for the new and fixated into plans that give you comfort in seeing that you ARE looking to create a new platform to garden your new dreams and aspirations.

Think like a farmer and honor that there are tons of steps and time between that is a part of the process. You are to be going in a new direction and it WILL require a bit of standing still and slight shiftings in order to turn you around and get you back on the path of your true north. The new ideas may come quick, like deciding to grow watermelon or snap peas, but then you got to rework the soil, plant the seeds, and then water, weed and wait. So think of those components. Water your dreams. Weed out what fights you from thinking you can really do this. And WAIT for your dreams to grow. This energy is going to assure that you are on the way to where you want to be and that NOTHING will stop you this time. Water. Weed. Wait.


WATER your dreams.

WEED out what fights you

from thinking you can really do this.

And WAIT for your dreams to grow.


This energy is going to assure

that you are on the way

to where you want to be

and that NOTHING will stop you this time.

Water. Weed. Wait.




MOON DEGREES: 1 to 12 Taurus


NUMEROLOGY:    1  3  4  




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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.