Tuesday November 1

Today is another day where things will go in a different direction than you planned. So be ready to stay fluid with the changes and not getting so worked up when things don’t go your way. There is a test that wants you letting go of how you deal when things stop you from where you thought you would be at a certain time. You are to be letting go of the automatic frustration or feelings of victimhood as if the changes are out to hurt you.

Notice how you respond when things throw you off path and do what you can to see for this being PERFECTLY timed and something that just wants you trying another way. You also may come up with brilliant ideas or something that you weren’t seeing before, and this comes because of how you were taken off your planned way of being. This deals with a solution or upgrade to something that you thought would be the way. Most of you will be pleasantly surprised, and it will somehow complete you in finally seeing this other angle on what to do. This may be a creative idea, or it also can be something that deals with you working with others and making a difference because of what you have to offer. This may be where there was a standstill energy and you couldn’t figure out the way to bring this forward, but around this day, something shows you the NEW way. Expect road blocks to lead to something else showing up for you. This is not an ending, it’s a wonderful new beginning to something still in mysterious form. Allow it to grow and don’t cut it down through thoughts of limitation. You have all the time in the world, and you WILL get to where you want to be. Be patient and surrender to the mystery.

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