And bigger and bigger! These energies are building and bringing us opportunities to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. This is all about you not continuing to see for doom and gloom and a nose pointed towards the glass half empty. We have GOT TO SHIFT at this time where we even force ourselves to see for the light and to work to somatically embody the vibration of where we want to be. These first days after our huge upgrade are to be when we really start this new pattern where we handle it all as if there IS a solution – even if we don’t see what it could be. NO MATTER! We are looking into the future with our eyes on the prize ONLY. So do not allow your body to get overwhelmed in thinking you need to know it all or to see in this instant how to change your C, D or F situations. 

You are being asked to stay in the moment and to tune into what gives you joy. I had my birthday on Saturday, then Sunday was daylight savings, giving us that extra hour at the end of the day, AND the pond in front of my house finally thawed for me to see it for the first time! Now I get to see tons of ducks and the flow of water daily. It is SO JOYFUL and brings SO MUCH peace to my Pisces heart to be surrounded by waters. My side yard has a gushing creek that I can only hear but soon that will thaw too! I also drove by one of the farms on my road while a cow mama gave birth to her baby! And I also saw a lamb mama who gave birth to her twin babies a few minutes before I drove by. I AM IN HEAVEN HERE!!!!!! I have NEVER been this happy in a home and in the environment that fits me like a glove. And as most of you know, I was in HELL with bad decisions about where I would live for years now. Like, I made one bad move in 2019, and then they only were bad moves until this last move that has been a dream come true – like BEYOND what I thought was possible.

So know that hard times precede amazing times. Why?! Who knows. It is just a part of the life purpose that ALL good times lead to unsatisfied humans – so we need the contrast. We need the low in order to appreciate the high. We need the struggle in order to appreciate when things shift. To be fully privileged is to be bored with life and to keep chasing sparks of joy, like how our town gets INUNDATED with wealthy tourists in the ski season because it gives this joy that can't be purchased otherwise. So be stoked when you find yourself buried in pain and challenges because it is JUST LIKE a mama about to give birth. And YOU now need to be loving with your interpretations so that your energy can allow the new to find you. If you want to keep seeing how wrong you got it and how destined you are to fail, then you will continue to walk that experience. Like, in the new energies, you just ordered that on delivery and the food will arrive soon. So don’t go there anymore. You don’t have to. You don’t have to keep ordering what you have seen in your past. Digest your life in new ways where you KNOW this is going to bring blessings in your future. The pain never stays around, and it always sings of changes you need to make in how you SEE what this could be. So level up, lovelies, it ALL is working in your favor and THIS you WILL see!




MOON DEGREES: 27 Sagittarius to 10 Capricorn (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7



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