ARIES READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love!

This moon energy is going to light a new fire within that is about really walking the steps and doing the details that will get you a solid home to hold your creative dreams. BUT. There is something standing in the way, and it really feels like it's little jobs that you pushed to the wayside, or that you took on because you felt obligated to, and now they need you facing them and working to see that there are solutions to how they are not fitting comfortably with your vision of how things would be. 

This time can come as a shock where you will suddenly see how the outer world has manipulated you to follow this certain path and to think positively or negatively about certain things. You may even notice how you feel extra sensitive with conversations on the internet or in groups that you associate. There will be more fighting and discord and verbal outbursts letting others know they are not happy with things. This is ultimately to get you OFF THE INTERNET and back into a new routine and way to live your day to day that is not giving so much of your life force. This energy wants you letting go of how you allow the outer to influence your inner space to the point you believe you have no place. 

You SHOULD feel extra sensitive and often provoked by things you were not planning for. ALL OF THIS is just to get you feeling the sting of where you should not be, and loving yourself enough to choose for the better scenes. You don’t have to stay because you must behave or show yourself as complying with the wishes of others. You can break the rules, and you are being asked to break many. You are to come out of the boundaries and to also go for something that is a risk of the heart. This is to be something where you fall in love AGAIN and come around the bend into seeing something with more appreciation. You may get fired from a job, and then get unemployment, which is to be what gets you believing in your artistic or creative dreams. 

SOME sort of shock IS to throw you a bit off balance, but only to wake you up to what you would really love to do. When you get radically altered and positioned on the edge, you will look into ways to use your creative gifts to support you. The sliver of hope comes after you feel like you have been done wrong or you are not important enough or gifted enough to enjoy success. This isn’t about hitting rock bottom, though. It's about noticing how influenced you are by outer world things and how they alter your confidence – and it is coming on so strongly so that you stop in your tracks and write out a new plan for how you are going to get your life into better shape and into something that is working towards healthy mental health states. Something is in need of healing and self-care and more creative expression through art therapy and ways that you can allow the pieces to come out and come together to get the attention they need. 

When we spend too much time out watching others’ lives, we see that we are flawed and then we chase after what they are doing instead of hooking into our own systems and dialoguing with our inner worlds to create the steps of our outreachings. It's time to flip a switch and position yourself into a new way of doing your things. This will take MUCH discipline and strong focus in staying the course, and not giving in to what you used to do. Know that no matter what we do, we get addicted to it. So be patient as you ingrain new ways of doing things, but know that you will love the things you are committing to change! It will work out and you will feel so much better. But you got to stand against what crushes your spirit and NOT KEEP giving in and checking it and looking again and staying hooked into what is basically keeping the windows of your savings account dreams open in below zero weather. Like, you got to seal the leaks and dedicate yourself with real self-love in place as you start again and do this better and stay focused on the goals that are unique and all about you.

Over the next few months, you are going to be coming to the other side on some sort of role you have wanted to be stepping into. THIS TIME NOW is where you hook into the passion of wanting to get to this destination, and now need to apprentice with the steps that will get you vibing the position. New roles need you first upgrading and doing the work to embody the role. Just like when we are starting a new exercise discipline and how we can't show ourselves as the body that is one year into pilates when we are in week one. We have to keep showing up and keep focusing on the dream in order to then one day be walking the one year pilates body. See that you are in a space like this and understand that it will bring radical change to your life from you valuing yourself more and then opening a well of creative inspiration and ideas FROM taking care of yourself in ways that are not of the mainstream. This means more downtime, but where you allow it and don’t beat yourself up or try to push too hard. There is a lot of slow in this energy that then suddenly accelerates and brings big change. So, you need to be patient and seeking for glass half full as you navigate a new path for your life to take. Listen to your heart and sit with the wildflowers as they inspire YOU to grow in your organic ways.

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