Podcast Links for FULL MOON IN PISCES

Who wants to sit down and chat it out! I had so much fun getting back to this medium to share the wisdom! I hope you enjoy the empowerment! xo


*these links are PRIVATE. If they dont work, you will need to take the soundcloud app off your phone to listen.


ARIES: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-aries-reading/s-eZk0igmddbK


TAURUS: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-pisces-taurus/s-uOw6rQpoZ6c


GEMINI: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-gemini-reading/s-7e6RaIxYPDx


CANCER: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-cancer-reading/s-yQP8rqmuC8v


LEO:  https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-leo-readings/s-d6CO50PupCx


VIRGO: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-virgo-reading/s-dSypIq6nyFA


LIBRA:  https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-libra-reading/s-yJT3eMitGpR


SCORPIO: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-scorpio-readings/s-7YcD3ZoHFMc


SAGITTARIUS: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-sagittarius-reading/s-dZ0zRZDfZcK


CAPRICORN: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-capricorn/s-5X3G6hKwiK8


AQUARIUS: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/full-moon-in-pisces-aquarius-reading/s-hkrq0wblsT9


PISCES: https://soundcloud.com/moon-vibe-with-kv/fm-in-pisces-pisces-reading-sept-2021/s-yZgAoqG1P3o


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