thursday 23 september

Oh hello T H U R S D A Y!


Heads up because this is a big day like what started yesterday where we are to be stepping into more supportive and loving ways that we deal with others and choose for what is a part of our lives. We seek more beauty and hope looking into more sides for there being more than what we have known before.

It is that hope for a better tomorrow that gets you looking at the pain of today, or of years ago, in a new way. This change will come like a storm for you all because, bit by bit, you notice ways that you want to rebuild, support, and empower things to be their best. And notice that you are going back and appraising situations, but they are NOT affecting you how you would have thought they would. You may even notice you are looking out at others and not so quickly thinking they are something negative. Instead, you will see another human traveling through the same space as you who traveled some mysterious past just like you that got them buying into some illusion just like you. 

We all are lost and confused because of what was done wrong to us, but we all get to wake up from that spell and see that we are all connected and can clearly see what we are. Then we can potentially transform towards this ideal. So, to be the highest example means everything. It means we do what is right, follow our hearts, and believe in what will make us happy. We have to take significant risks to go for our creative dreams and find the way out of scarcity addictions that keep us hating our lives and others. People have strong feelings around hatred when they really ARE full of hatred over so many things, and it can have them boiling over and making dramatic moves because they have to explode from how painful it IS to actually hate so many things. 

You will really see how miserable some people are at this time – but you HAVE TO honor ascension and what it looks like when we wake up to our value and choose for more. We are to never be the judge of others because we don't know their higher plan. We can only follow our own plan. That means we got to show others that things are possible by doing them ourselves first. 

And you all are leaders here who are waking to how you want to support yourself with your creative gifts to feel grounded and secure in life. You are AWARE that new things need to grow in your crop. And now it's on you to believe in these new dream seeds and grow them in a more nurturing way. Something in you needs to make way for this change. It won't just fall in your lap, but it may push you into the opportunity in an uncomfortable way. Just like when the well runs totally dry, you HAVE to make a decision. But in these times now, 100% it will be for the purpose of helping your future have more potential to grow. Whatever needs to change is because it will benefit you in your future. Don't think you know it all. Just plant the seeds and watch it grow. The seed has this whole other plan to its journey too! We are working together to keep it real so we can blossom our truths and shine. 


23 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 27 Aries to 8 Taurus
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy. #12 Self Love.

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