Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius | your extended readings!

My loves! Have a beautiful ceremony with these life altering energies! This is what your next 2 years cycle is going to be about! Come back to these readings often over the next 2 years!



This is going to be a wild trip of a journey! For the next two years you are going to be focused on getting all the things that you value most about what you love to do out into the world in a way where you can be recognized for the gifts you bring. What is interesting though is that what provokes you to showing yourself more will be things that get you questioning your value or questioning your creative gifts. From feeling like something is wrong with you, you'll figure your way out of things and create new pathways where you are reaching for what you want and staying pressed to knowing that there are answers and passageways that will provide what you need.

It ultimately will be shifting you so that you stand solid in knowing there is going to be a way. This doesn't mean you'll be breaking down walls and getting further because of your efforts to dominate other forces, it just means you won't be giving up. Because honestly, there is a lot in this energy that is going to be testing you to heal all the old ways you have been asserting yourself, where you have been following along and showing up and keeping up with the big dogs, but where ultimately you know of a better way that can only be discovered from you going into the depth of the material and really understanding the walk of the talk.

This energy feels intense because it feels like you're in a lot of tests that are just getting to see if you're ready to wake up and to create a new crop and to go for something that feels like it's your dream. But to also accept that this looks like coming out of the lines and doing things that others maybe wouldn't do themselves.

Where you are is finding a new reason to live with wanting to be in the sensual aspects of life where you are creative with your time – and not chasing things that get you to sit in fear or feel like something is wrong with you. At this point, the provocation is serving you as it inspires you to grow, but on a daily basis it is not where you need to be. Accept that you are charting a new course for us all in how you go for what feels good to you and aren’t holding back because you have been conditioned to. This is when you are to find yourself again in wanting to keep growing and going for more.

You may be connected to someone who is far away, and they are inspiring you to take a leap and follow your dreams. There is to be something that uproots – in a surprising way – and really the ground that gets pulled up is what will roll you down some hill and into this new awareness about where you need to be. Expect to feel jolted awake, but to also see that there is truth here and it is going to require that you take a risk and believe in your feeling of things. There is so much change and that means so much unknown. This is to get you loving the risk of life, while also knowing you are working towards something that sustains and grounds you. You can feel that you may have to reach further to catch the fish for you, but just do WHERE you feel called and make it about exploring into the possibilities. Don’t think you have to stay when life feels like a no. Be extra curious in this energy and play your way to the top.

You are going to be transforming in how you step into teacher shoes and do work that is serious about rebuilding or supporting so as to show others a better way. And where you are now is needing to be the mountain goat who only goes one step at a time as you keep an eye out on the top point. But you don’t look down unless it is better to go a few steps down in order to take another path that looks better. Down is only to move over in order to get something better in a different place.

This also means you will face issues of competition or ways you try to be something that you think of as the best. And that needs to fade, as your focus needs to be on the patient steps of building your authority on things. We only want things that are fully cooked! Half baked is what we see as majority in the world. Not many have patience to really stop and learn the material and soak in the teachings that will be what impact others when we reach the top. Most only think of the top and how much they hate all of life that is not getting them to that position right now. Most are sad in this moment because they are not at the top. And if you are feeling that way, you will wake up out of that spell and finally take a reach for something new. There is so much more for you, and it comes on a different path, with a different view. So remain fluid – things are not done shifting just yet!

But do see that these situations just out of reach, and that require you have hope for their resolution, are ultimately tests to see how you handle not knowing what is going to come and what ways you hold secret thoughts and feelings that you think don’t matter. Actually, the inside stuff matters most. And your vibe is your feeling on things. It is the temperature of what you really operate as when only inside your mind. In the old world, we thought it was better to hate on the inside and only show acceptance on the outside. -- That will get you nightmares manifesting in this new energy. But no blame or shame about what we manifest! It can't be interpreted from a world that has been programmed upon us. We are Microsoft and we want to go Mac. So, we can't just do our old commands and expect to be getting the results we want in the new world. To fall and lose it all means we rise bigger later down the road. So, life never needs us judging things as if we know what they REALLY mean.

This also is to settle you into trusting the Great Mystery to be orchestrating this bigger thing. That doesn’t need you going low and thinking you have to fight your way to the top, and be something that you are not, in pursuit of true success and happiness out in the world. This next 2 years is about you discovering that there is way more than you thought before and it WILL ground you in ways that surprise you. This is when your creative gifts are to blossom, and from others reaching out to help in regard to showing you how to grow things better – with more value and patience with the process -- not ever again wanting to rush what is ultimately not complete yet.

This energy will teach you to dream so that you can teach the world what that feels to walk. You will have a story to tell that truly impacts. Go with the flow and expect many, many turns and surprises on this 2 year cycle of a new you growing into more valuing plots of land that will sustain you. The beyond holds the journey that teaches. It is time to come out of your comfort zone and explore what gets you to feel and vibe the words and colors of what it really feels like to be alive.


The Solar Eclipse is to bring you into a new space where you are going head on into the debts of life or things that before you have not wanted to face. Your energy will be changing in that you will be looking around more and will actually feel driven to go into what is dark and dirty, that before has been a fear in facing. This can have your senses waking up in regard to what is in a state of imbalance – and also setting you with a positive perspective in knowing you can handle this and that it needs you to pay attention and NOT keep running from what is unpleasant or has added up over the years.

The challenges that are here deal with ways you have allowed others to guide you and lead you into their idea on things. And what it did is that it got you going superficial with what really matters and is the depth of the material. This time is to wake you up to wanting to really put in the work and know things like the back of your hands. But to also honor the cycles, the signs and the patterns that indicate where you are on the circle of life. We are students when we need to be -- and gates open and elevate us when it is time to teach.

Your energy is growing wiser with true body wisdom that isn’t running on old world timing. You also will be looking at the ways you self-medicate or have patterns that were put into place in order to adapt with the old-world ways you have been trying to keep up with. You will face things that need you applying a new habit that is about movement and going into a new view on things. So expect to let many things go that were wired into you when you followed the pack and trusted that others were the authorities over you.

Your throat will be growing stronger, and you will know it's time to step forward with more power and authority. But you are to discover the magic that moves things while searching for it in a deep cave of the mystery. Make this your next 2 year focus where you understand that darkness proceeds a brand new light coming into your life. This is to get you seeing that you do have what it takes – and also that rewards come when you trust this process and go into surgery to fix what was broken about what you believed to be. No more looking away or putting things in the closets. This is about opening the bills when they come and dealing with things like you are a wood chopper who just wants to work on what needs to be broken down.

You also will notice that you are feeling more determined EVEN IF you are riding the cliff’s edge over a confusing space you are in with others or with your role in life. This time is when you will break down the barriers, but also when you will learn to honor what flows are guiding you and that downtime or healing spaces are just preparing you for something better.

What you need to understand is that all the hard work you are committing to is going to get you looking different in our eyes, and this is going to be the area where you will be growing the most over the next two years. Opportunities will be coming to bring you forward and to have you stepping into your power where you will be sharing things that are your natural creative gifts. You are going through a process where you are like clay and your true form is being discovered. This is when you find home with you, and it WILL get your voice speaking different from the actual knowing of where you are to be an authority. From your deep well, you will discover what will grow this new passion that is to be what gets you moving forward or more into the public’s eyes.

Do expect that you may go back into healing wounds from childhood or things that you hadn’t thought of as important before. What rises needs to and you just need to be curious with it, knowing this is to be transformed into raw power in you. This is why we get so powerful when we get in our 40’s and 50’s and beyond because we have rounded so many turns that take us into facing our shadow behaviors that were influenced by others and that bring illusion to the view we have on life.

You also are going to be transforming with something that is a writing project or your website or something that you want to share with the world. This is when you will be going back to rebuild in the ways you are transforming in whatever role you're wanting to start sharing. What you were doing before is going to be upgraded because of the journey you have walked. This may mean there will be changes to your path or it will mean that others come in to offer some kind of support to the way you were planning on moving forward in life.

The way you were reaching, in thinking you needed to make your ideas known, you will be rebuilding a new way to go about things. It may have you feeling that things are crumbling and falling apart but what you need to know is that everything now is working to get you in your best form. And that means if you built things when you weren't as strong and powerful as you are now, you will have to go back and fix those bricks in the building that will not hold and sustain you in the future. For this reason, expect that there is a lot that needs to be rewired but also know that you have the ways deep within your wisdom system that are wanting to use their voice more on where you go and what it's going to feel like.

All provocation by others is just getting you to use your voice and to decide that YOU get to decide. It is not always about holding back so others don’t get upset. When volcanoes flow, nothing can stop them. When avalanches start their first movements, nothing can stop them. Your next 2 years, nothing can stop the real you from rising, and however that looks, it needs to. Allow yourself to speak the truth and to know there is a place that will hold you. YOU FIND your truth in the shadows and from others pushing you to grow. Respect the call of the unknown and get solid knowing you ARE to go in deeper and be the doctor who discovers the answers.

What shocks you into growing is going to settle you into a more solid knowing that will broadcast you far and wide. And the signs of life are on the way within days to weeks. Things are to show quickly when the sun does finally start to rise again. So trust that you need every minute of the pain and fear and confusion as you face situations that need you growing from walking them. This is to turn you into the authority that can hold the vibration that leads others to better places. We do not need any more of the intellectualizing of things being fronted as solid knowing. We need you growing your wings from knowing the journey. And THEN you will design an amazing platform to convey your ideas perfectly. Build like you want this next thing to last forever – and it will. Be clear with boundaries and only allow in what supports your future visions of expansion. Get good at saying NO and you will manifest a whole bunch of YES YES YES.


The next two years are going to bring many changes to your relationships and to where people are sitting at the table of your life. There is so much that is going to be unearthed from the deepest parts of your being that get you seeing you need something else from life. The next two years are going to put you in positions where you are showing up in a different role where we are describing you in more elevated ways. These changes deal with you recognizing the shifting of patterns and cycles playing out that get you discovering different sides of your truth.

The work that will be taking place deals with a lot of things that will confuse you because you don't know which direction to shoot your arrow -- but understand this energy has you facing dark caves and looking into the mystery because there are things for you to discover where you have sacrificed life because you've been chasing the preferences of others. This deals with old storylines and programming that got you believing some certain thing has to be. As you are provoked to look within and be with the confusion of life, you will discover that you want different things, and that where life is cold and flat, you are going to make changes that deal with you rebuilding things where now you are expecting to be living a life of passion.

This energy makes me think of going through death or loss and how that is the very thing that inspires you to live more then you were doing before things were taken away. It's where we dip so far down into low that we decide to make more of each minute we have. You will be thinking about your moments, about the days, about how much time has passed and how much more you're going to want to do with what time you do still have left. Also expect that friends become more important, and you are growing because of what they bring. They will offer support to get you shifting into this new pattern or role where you’re going next level with a long held dream. Others will help move you along and continue with what IS a leap of faith and something that has many sides to it or that affects many people.

You will be working on a big career dream over the next 2 years that deals with you aligning with your soul’s purpose work or really finding a daily grind that makes you happy. From ways you face the challenges, and don’t just follow along because it's easier to, you will get opportunities that show you CAN trust your feelings and that the Great Mystery is orchestrating something perfectly. This energy wants you excepting that change is to be embraced and that all fractured spaces can be brought to some sort of healing space with love and compassion. For this reason, you will be in things that feel like you are tangled, and it's on you to unravel what you committed to, to honor the aging process and the healing work done, and face how life is changing you.

This can also have you focused on the details of figuring out a big plan or big new idea that would require a lot out of you – but it sings of peace and harmony. There is a divide that is showing you love, and also what challenges you or leaves you feeling uninspired. This is just to get you choosing for you and not always stepping aside and thinking you need to be in a supportive role or only give of yourself in this certain way. Actually, you or others can be bringing surprises right now and showing another side that hasn’t been seen before. Just know that the new path you're dreaming for and the new ways you want to share your life with others needs you seeing that something can be done even if there are 1,000,000 steps in between.

Nothing should be all that easy right now for anybody to get out of because this energy is also showing you that you bring so much more quality when you are in things that require you put in the hard work and stay committed to the dream you want to see become your reality. This energy is to show you that you don't actually need things to come really quickly and to be something that is easy to acquire. You are being shown that you love things more the longer they take to get into your arms. This is to expand so much in your life that gets you working harder on all the projects that really do need you to apprentice with them.

What this energy is going to do is it's going to shift you out of being so confused in thinking you needed to know it all and instead to really surrendering to what feels amazing, and to not concern yourself on HOW to make it your reality. It will be that you will tune into the joy of the moment so much that you will start to lose that rushy feeling to have everything right now. Things will be dangled in front of your eyes to get you learning how to play with the idea of your future, like the idea of being a doctor when you're just in the first years of school. It's about wanting to be slow and sure with life as you have a healthy relationship with the mystery of not knowing where you're really going to go or where things are going to take you.

You also may be super confused in the brain and will find that you really are flustered and are seeing way too many sides to things. Pretend you are a bingo machine that is turning all the tickets, and all you can do is wait for when the number falls out. There is no reason to go dark or to make anything other than EXCITING that your new position will be made known eventually. You are to be changing what you can actually manifest because your mind will be pulled out of the gutter where it limits your potential and keeps you chasing old patterns that keep you away from what really feels like your thing. You may be facing self-sabotage and how you don’t really think you can have what makes you happy.

Don’t even go there on settling! When you go low, listen to that, and pay attention! It is on you to plant more hope in your mind as you see that ONE DAY you will receive. Don’t go glass half empty when your dreams are going through a process that will bring you the best life. If you can see this, you will walk it. Be kind as you wonder – but know within 2 years you will not be where you are today. And it will be that you ARE in the dream that you wish for TODAY. Doctors don’t get to be healers overnight. Allow the unknown to be something on the path of eventual knowing. But plant positivity. The dream IS possible, and it needs you not seeing so many struggles that DO keep the light from shining through. Believe and you will see. Don’t let go until your life feels FREE. A new view will elevate you and it WILL bring what you hope it to be. You can trust where you feel called to leap. In 2 years time you will see a transformed space that makes you feel blessed as heavy loads finally release and position you into some harmonious collaboration where your heart really gets to sing. Keep working for your dream. Don’t stop until you feel free.


This will feel like a revolutionary time when you are finally putting things into a better position so that there is room to grow. You will be bitten by a bug that gets you focusing into your body and into the ways it is telling you things. If you have been feeling glass half empty, you are to look around and see what fills you up that leaves you feeling that way. This time is when things weigh heavier in regard to what you need to keep and what you need to send off to others to be enjoyed in another time and space.

This energy can get you really fired up in wanting to correct and bring healing. This strong sense comes because you are being activated in the ways of a nurse who jumps into action when there is imbalance. As your senses widen, your arms will reach. There is massive movement around you taking care of things and valuing that self-care leads the way for a strong voice. And your voice is going to be reaching out more to friends and to ideas of community that are working to make a difference.

Something in you is changing what attracts to you and it brings these signs that there is a pathway up ahead to embrace as offering the new space to show yourself in a different role. These times like now, and your next 2 years are huge cycle changes where you are turning a leaf and discovering new parts of yourself that have dreams for other things. This also is when you will be starting something that will take a while to develop, such as when we apprentice while learning a trade. It's when we have this big future idea in front of us, but we also have a million steps in between.

For this reason, honor that there is a lot of change and many twists and turns and nothing that's a really clear path for a while because being in the apprentice space means that there is a lot to learn before you are getting to being seen as an authority who knows what they're talking about. Or, as a person who isn’t just talking things but backing the ideas with action. And in this process, there are ways that you are transforming and rising out of illusion in regard to what your role is for others and with how you want people to see you. It also says that people around you are going through transformation, and this too is unearthing volcanoes that are creating a whole bunch of emotions being experienced by all.

Understand that the energies are working to bring you into the compassionate surrendering space of accepting that we're always moving and growing and becoming and discovering. Life is something that is like being on a river, and it really is something that changes, and it changes us. Whenever we go through death we grow a deeper compassion to living life, but we also all change. Death changes us. Transformation changes us. And you're in a cycle change where you are going to be reaching for a lot more and expecting that there is unlimited potential and that things are being orchestrated by the Great Mystery. Support is to be coming over the next two years that gets you seeing you have a home in the world and there's ways that you have been in scarcity that now you are going to see the other side of this with abundance. You are to receive several opportunities over the next two years that will get you using your throat in a totally different way where you really understand how this universe works as you awaken to seeing ways that you are so incredibly blessed. Your mind is to shift where you start expecting that all your needs will be met and that there is a place for you to dream.

The energy that moves your heart along into the space where you allow yourself to dream of things that are far away and not actually your reality, is part of what is changing your role and getting you serious about rebuilding with ways you dance with others and become a unit in collaboration. You may have opportunities that are business related or where you find people to help you do more than you would do on your own.

You are in a space where things find you because of the transformation you are experiencing in understanding how to use your throat in different ways and to see that you actually have a home in doing this. There are things that are familiar that are drawing you out and getting you to show up stronger, and this is going to have a change on the outlook on where you see yourself going in the future. Understand that challenging situations with others are getting you to make it clear that you are important and that your heart has a say in things. It's also because you're being invited to move into new areas of expression that can only come from what has been provoking your heart to feel in the ways it has been. The only reason you want to sing is because inspiration is waking you to how valuable you are and how that new you has new needs.

Expect that a lot of solutions will be coming where they come out of the blue, or through others offering support, but they somehow seem to arrive AFTER you make decisions that value you. It also says that things will be stuck at times, and it will be your determination to keep with them, while not giving up and going back to old world patterns, that then brings surprises that actually ground you in healthier ways. Sometimes the carrot is done growing and needs to be pulled out of the ground. Your life is moving into a healthier flow, and just like a plant that wasn't getting water that now suddenly is, you are going to be growing more beautiful and you're being asked to be more creative and expressive in what you share with the world and in doing the things that feel natural to you. There is to be a new blossoming and it will change how people treat you. So go to where you are seen as special and where you are allowed to be yourself in whatever sort of flow that means. There is freedom in what you are wishing for, but also something that feels solid and sure. You are being asked to come outside of your comfort zone and to really go to your heart to see that your wishes have a place and a connection with what you most dream can one day be.

For that reason, use this time to make lists and to do pros and cons about what is around you. This is when you are to discover purpose and it comes from you seeing that your needs are upgrading. The feelings of hope for change you can hold will bring you into alignment with what you next need. You are in a special flow, and you just need to not push things away because you are used to something that you think of as safe. Your life can be better. You can find the best position to do your magic and to share your gifts. You can find what makes you happy and gets you feeling like you are starting over in life. You can get what lights you up, and it all comes from you first planting that seed that you deserve to have a home in the world that celebrates you wildly. So plant, my pretty. It's time to get serious about what your body needs to feel free.


This energy is going to have you waking up to your love nature and to the energy that comes when you have a baby or fall in love or come up with the best idea that gets you feeling life on this totally different vibration. The focus of your next two years will be on you feeling more like a peacock and ready for something where you're giving this your all and seeing that there were more exciting adventures to believe in. This will be a time when your heart is to be jumpstarted where something comes as a return as suddenly a gateway will open, and the timing will now align you with friends or situations that move your dreams forward.

This will be when you really get into the creative aspects of your personality and find that others are in alignment with you. It's also to be a time that people really see you, and they shine the light on you so that you reach for more things. This will mean opportunities will come to help get the message out about what you love to do, or in some way people will show up and they get you believing in your gifts. Expect to feel that you are supported and that this change really does get you showing new sides of yourself.

And actually. There is a lot of energy in the area of your life where you are discovering deep wisdom through understanding the darkness and the light or the yin and yang and how we grow stronger as we get older and more confident of all the sides we express. But there will be polarities and changes with puzzle pieces from you owning that you deserve to be happy and that you ARE important enough to be speaking clearly about how you would like life to look for you. And not that you have to just take what is there and accept that things are good enough. This new energy wakes you up to seeing that you ARE a leader and an influencer of other people living their dreams. And you ARE to be someone who takes risks of the heart and who does things where you just FEEL this is your thing and you have to invest in it. So, expect that fires growing in your heart means there is something you need to believe in with this new idea of yours.

You are learning to not worry so much and to not think negatively when facing the details that seem tangled or built in cement from older ideas or ways you believed life should be lived. You are facing the ways that others have influenced you to believe your potential can be in regard to really feeling like you're living your purpose. This can be an area where you're drawing boundaries and standing firm in the rebuild of getting all the steps how you want them to be – and not just how others think they should be. It can be where you are breaking rules to do things your way and this will require discipline to keep with stronger beliefs that are about having more joy and knowing that what you go for shows others that it can be done. Something is waking you out of thinking that your conditioning is the only way. New fairy tale stories are coming to intrigue you into stepping into deeper parts of your being.

This also deals with getting more artistic or where you are teaching or doing something to really express your creative gifts and make it important that you are following through on the long road to expressing your authority. This is about really knowing the journey that gets you to talk different about what you love to do. You may even be comparing your work from decades ago to now and are seeing how much LIFE changes how you do your thing.

Something with your home may be in a tangle with someone who is mysterious and gets you wondering about the past or about a debt or something that is unknown. There may be the need to go deep into challenging matter but with a positive perspective that there is a way to do this where you honor the rippling changes that your moves may make. Just remember that this time is getting you to chirp louder about what is in your heart and with the ideas that come to you about what can be.

You are being shown that there is more and that the world is bringing you situations that are to get you feeling solid out in the world where you have grown crops that deal with you valuing yourself and speaking up for what you want. Things will come as opportunities with your career where others will see you because of the authentic ways that you are – and something that shows you really have passion for this.

This means that you also will face situations around money and receiving attention where you are needing to align to a way of seeing yourself as an influencer but not needing the things that affirm your importance. What will grow in you over the next 2 years is a real confidence that knows you are here for a reason and that you are a top dog at what you preach. Be patient and go slow with the ways you want the world to manifest you a new scene because the steps you take now are to be where you are valuing YOUR impact on other people’s lives. And therefore, there is no rush. When you think about how others will walk away changed, it will give you pause to make sure you are giving off the correct vibes.

Your mind space will be busy with much to process because of how new forks in the road will appear with all these new changes from you reaching for more. Expect to hear many sides that motivate you to go in a new direction, but still allow your body to be speaking up too. Things are in a mutable space, but they are in regard to clashes with how the old world builds things. For this reason, you may feel pressured to stay on path with what you decided years ago, and it can cause some struggle in trying to figure out what to do. Within 6 months, the pieces will be sorted, and your throat will speak clearly from valuing something that you come up with on your own. So, allow others to be there helping you along, but know the final answer is your body and it will get real loud in 6 months so that there will be no question about what needs to be done. Enjoy life forcing you to wonder and wait because this is getting your body in a better position to grow stronger with the risks of the heart that you WILL take.


This moment marks a brand new cycle into your life that deals with changes around needing more stability and something to hold you where there is room to grow. Something will come out of the blue that gets you wanting to start over -- and it also will fill you with a lot of emotion. You can be thinking about safety and not really knowing what you can believe in or what you can trust to be true.

This energy can sort of sideswipe you and get you looking out at life from another side of things. This one manifests in real strong ways, and it deals with transformation around love or a creative project or your kids. Something is coming alive but there is change in the variety of what comes for you. This will hit the spectrum from dream come true to worst nightmare. There is illusion around others and how they are changing your feelings on issues around your home and family. You may even be curled into yourself and focused on healing and understanding around what lands in your life.

This process for many can feel like an undoing or when they can't see straight. But understand this is you changing a path that you thought was your destined path but now it is stopping you because it would have stopped you in worse ways in your future. You have to trust what rumbles around your foundation and gets you walking a little wobbly. If you are being stopped, you just need to rethink the plans you DID have for your next steps. It is because this is a monumental reboot session for Virgo where they are designing a new home essence and way to feel supported and cared for in the world. Others are getting you to change your ideas, and for many it can feel like some strike from far away brings things real down to Earth with a thud that brings consciousness around the need to make changes with the kind of support you have in place.

For others, something reaches out and connects what you want to do to educate and inform, and it will bring an opportunity to feel held by something that shares your messages far and wide. Many of you will see the next 2 years giving birth to what you have always wanted to see be a part of your life. This moment and how it hits you lets you know how far you are from your new journey. If things fall away now, they were NOT going to feed your future dreams. If they suddenly show up out of the blue, even as a return or a 2nd time around, this IS a component of your future life that needs you letting go and seeing for big changes around where you live and where you position yourself so that you are safe to dream wildly and to not feel restricted by fear or limitation or scarcity or things that get you short sighted about the potential of things.

This energy has a lot of provocation to it that moves your heart to race and to think about life in different ways. This means new things will be more important and the superficial will not be enough to get you chasing for it. This energy is to start you over from the foundation of everything and to make sure that you are being held and supported as if you are a VIP. This means your childhood will be examined and ways you have been influenced to believe life can be. You will be thinking of those that have passed or will have stories of death that change you and completely get you shutting out old ways of being so that a new crop can grow. For sure, all Virgos are feeling altered at this time – and very sensitive in these first few steps of a new 2 year cycle.

You are going to be showing up more emotional, with tears and with stronger feelings about your connections with others. You may be growing more community bound and thinking about compassion and loving the people who are around you. You can expect to feel real triggered in feeling things that are connecting you to the love in others. This is a beautiful thing, and it is what changes you – but for many, the waters are intense and you may wonder what you can trust. You may even feel whitewashed or where suddenly you are being wiped clean about what you thought about reality. This is to get you living with more purpose and designing something that empowers you to keep growing unhindered and with something that brings value to the feeling of life.

You will be moving or growing into a new area over these 2 years, and it will be where you are able to express your creative gifts and share in a way that really values you. Since many of you are being rebooted, understand that you will find home in some new space that will ignite you with passion where others will appreciate you using your voice and preaching or teaching a new way for us to honor Earth and create new plans around how to move things forward.

You may feel stuck and as if you are going through a birthing canal, so be gentle, give yourself tons of space and soft cushions to rest on, and allow the light to show you the way. You are in some automatic space that is decided for you. This means where you are today, even if it shocks you, is 100% a part of your plan and what is going to build a thicker skin for you to actually reach further and make DIFFERENT impacts. This break is here to build you. Some are in a winning break; some are in a break that brings to the knees. Value where you are today because it's birthing a superhero over the next 2 years.

For 6 months you are on AUTOMATIC. So do not get down on what takes you by storm. It needs to bring this change that will elevate something down the road. And if you are taken way up to another level that feels like you are supported divinely, get ready for completion to find you and for what is in your heart that is what you want to share with the world to finally grow wings to get you out into the eyes of many who will benefit from what is a natural gift you possess.

This time will get your gifts rising – through a volcano that has ideas of its own. Trust the monumental Earth shattering changes and know that you are buckled in and safe for whatever journey is getting you into a higher role for the world to see. It changes a bit – but it IS your new destiny. Embrace the surprise and see it all with hopeful eyes. Your mind is awakening, and it requires a directional change where there will be more room to grow your genius and what IS here to sustain you. Shed the skins and be okay feeling raw as new ones grow, but be eager for the inspiration that will come when the wounds are healed, the fog has lifted, and your new life will take hold. Don’t think this is your end. See that this is a new beginning born of real passion to make the most of your next round at going for what you dream. This change is to get you growing and showing what you are really made of. Pressure will inspire epic movements that are to have butterfly affects in bringing teachings or an understanding to things. Your effort and opening to another view births things bigger than you. Breathe. Trust. Be humble and believe in miracles. Walk this talk for us all to see it can be done.

L I B R A 

This solar eclipse is going to definitely bring something your way that you weren't expecting that really hits you to the core. You may see things around you that are opening your mind or helping you understand what you have been worried about or tossing over in your mind where you have been devaluing yourself and feeling not so pumped up about your choices. This next two years is to be when something rolls you into the realization that you have to follow your dreams and you have to keep putting energy into creative projects or ways that you want to express the depth of your soul.

This energy feels like the stuff that moves artists to come up with their greatest ideas. It's when life can be giving you a lot that makes you feel things that you would normally just want to hide and not face. You may not know it, and there are levels to how this energy is to strike at you, but it is going to bring you into a more powerful position on why you are here and what you want to do with the time you still have. It will grab you by the collar and get you seeing that something needs to change about the way you give of yourself and share of your power. It can pull you into a deep cave and get you seriously in touch with how complex life is and how we really never know what to expect. For that reason, we have to just hope for the best and stay in compassion when storms come to deliver us things that we never could have imagined. This energy is coming to get you rebooting and starting over WHERE and HOW you live in life. It can bring a change where your value system now knows you need something better, and you need more support and care to hold you.

You or others will be drawing boundaries, and this can create movement with partnerships or ways you are entwined with others. A lot of this feels out of the blue and not what could be expected, so you just need to stay open to how other things come in to change your view on life. You will be changed, and it will bring you to a level you need to now be. This is to get you redesigning a lot that you thought was the path for you. Surrender and honor that a higher force controls things and that you are being brought together with others for some new chapter that will be taking over in the next 6 months. You thought one thing, but now you will see that something else dominates the flow and it is time to go. There may even be something like waters that move you along and get you to this other position that WILL hold you better. You are coming upon a cycle change, and you should feel it in your bones right now.

Over the next 2 years you will be starting over with your foundation and with the structure of what holds the ideas you are thinking about now. You will be planting many seeds and it's important that you are keeping your mind focused on there being a safe space in the future to hold what you're wanting to do right now. You are definitely in a growing space, and this means you need to think about that with all you are wanting to bring into your life.

You also are going to get really focused into healing and facing the childhood wounds that got you seeing life the way you do. It seems like a lot of emotional situations will be coming your way to get you feeling more, and thinking less. Expect there to be some sort of triangle energy that deals with you continuing on in the same way, or shifting to another situation that would provide more opportunities for you to feel valued for your loving nature and for your creative gifts. Remember that you're planting seeds, so decisions are always going to need to be made around understanding that there's a lot of care that needs to go into the new spaces you are wanting to move into. And, there is a force that is showing up as a test because it's tempting you to go glass half empty while in the mystery or the confusion as things settle. Just be aware that the negative view is what you are to transform out of, where you aren't staying rigid and cold and needing things to be a certain way – and rather, open to being left out in the dark and it not being a bad thing.

This can be about people not getting back to you or people giving you the attention you need, and if they're not there for you, there is a way your mind is processing this where most likely you are seeing that things hurt the deepest parts of you. What you need to know is that these things are here to get you to heal and to get you bringing harmony where there's actually fractures from your past that you now use to fracture others.

You are going into a wildly healing space where your power will grow, and you will tune into commitment with ways you can share your gifts and be with relationships where the energy that holds you goes from famine to feast. Your shadow behaviors, or those of others, are here to get you drawing boundaries and looking closely at the patterns you continue to attract your way. Certain people show up and do certain things – that DEAL WITH your wounds and them tempting you to accept less than, or to go for more and to grow a new crop that says you ARE special, and you ARE to be valued for what you bring.

Your voice is to grow louder in being clear when things don’t feel okay. And your voice is also to grow louder in deciding for a new way, that is a seed you plant now that will bring you in touch with a foundation that grows tons of wildflowers. Don’t think with scarcity and all the money fears of not having enough in the future. Think consciously that your future becomes what you are today! You have been planting struggles because you didn’t know any better, but it's time to wake up to the weight of your words and visions and transform money fears into unlimited potential that will always be there when you need it. Don’t chase your fears because they ARE going to hurt you. It's time for you to plant a better life and to have high standards in what saturates your mind and physical space. Bring flowers to your mind and your new plot of land will be a work of art. See with peace as you look at what still is in the mystery. It’s time for you to expect better things to grace you. 


Oh yes! This is a great solar eclipse for you because it's going to get you thinking about life in a totally different way in regard to what you can be and what you can do with your creative gifts. Over the next two years you will see yourself making a change and traveling a new path where you will be sharing more of your natural gifts and will be moving into a more balanced space with your energy.

This is actually to be when you really do get a grip on life and how things run in the Universe. Things are going to come at you from others that are going to be the catalyst for you starting over with a new way to support yourself or own the value in who you really are. So, that means you need to expect the unexpected from the people you count on but to also understand that they are bringing you to needing to see another side where you are using your throat to express what is valuable to you. Things may shock you to get you to grow, but no matter what, you're growing something new and when you really drop into the reality of this and face what you need to see, you're going to be thriving with new ideas and ways to move your life into a better position.

You are going to be actively moving things and will be assertive in what you want to change. There are a lot of signs that you're going to have to go back and rebuild a lot of what seemed like it was absolutely a sure thing. You may have bet on something being a given, and it surprises you by not going your way. Just don’t get too stuck on interpretations because this time is getting you to be solid in your truth, but to always know your truth is upgrading as you go! So, it may have been a yes back then but it is a no now because it wasn’t to be a yes long-term. This time is going to show that you have little control, but you do have a lot that is being inspired from what shoots your way.

You may have others around you who are hearing of news that affects their stability. Be with positive thoughts that bones can heal and zero always wakes up our hero. It is NOT bad to lose things that have us losing what we count on to support us. But they do inspire us to go for what is really valuable about life and to build something sure when we do get time to grow again. We need to empty the bathtub before we put in new suds to soak in. Empty is to be something that inspires you to be even more creative and connected to the depth of what you passionately would love to do.

You may be focused on writing more or doing things that talk about the journey. You may be connecting so much into your soul that you overflow with ways you want to share this experience with others. There is a special energy that is helping you to be born again to your truth, and it will change the tone with how you grow future things. It will be where you see the error of allowing your mind to be filled with jealousy or revenge thoughts about anything. This energy is to purify you to a new crop of land that is lovely and loving and where you are influencing others and making a bigger difference in what you bring. You are going to be wildly inspired with ideas and ways to beautify what you already have been thinking about.

Be focused on seeing yourself in a new role where you really are upgrading and letting go of anything that doesn't really value you. You are to be discovering new parts of yourself that get you looking out and feeling so different about what moved you maybe even weeks or months ago. Understand that you are being shown things that could be seen of as mistakes, but you are to process them where you face the pain they bring, but where you also speak in loving ways about how we have to walk and experience to really understand what the talk is of that experience.

And so many of the things happening with you are squeezing you to show up as your best version and getting you to see how your mind is the gatekeeper to this better sort of life you want to live. If you crush yourself in your mind, the world has to bring you things that crush you in reality. And it is from the old world way and how things have been done that GETS YOU to talk so dark about yourself and where you THINK you should be or with how wrong you think you are getting things.

The old world way squeezes you because you ARE to be a leader in showing us a better way. You ARE to be the storyteller who gets us to open our minds because you express the point so eloquently, and with passion that THIS IS what we need to do, or buy, or own, or invest in. It's time to find the real you who has something important to share about how to heal Mama Earth and the state of things.

You are to be making big plans and to really see that you WILL BE where you want to grow within 2 years in this new cycle. It's about you planning for something that gets you into a new role where you are supported AND making a difference. Your ideas will fly, and they come from ways you are FORCED to show up and show that you will not be undone by what may seem to be unraveling you. See that others provoking you to change are getting you to show the real volcano action that lies beneath.

People will support your gifts at this time, and someone may provide a missing piece that works to get you out there far and wide. See that connections are happening, and you will get to where you dream you can be. Also see that others are a sign of what is to come. They may be asking you for things that you have wondered about following through on. Your friendships play a huge piece in supporting you to uproot and plant yourself with more honor in an area that feels like ease to your soul.

This energy wants you expecting things better and to see that you deserve all the riches and support and love you can dream for. You don’t have to accept things that are just good enough. And you grow the love you will manifest. Be so conscious of what is going into the crop that you wish will sustain you. There IS enough to go around and you don’t have to act in any lower ways that position you as someone who needs to fight for what they want. See that we all deserve and be a beacon of light showing us how it needs to be done. You are in for BIG TRANSFORMATION over the next few months and now is the wish list of what you would really like to see your world become.


Happy birthday beautiful Sag! You know how much I LOVE my Sagittarius! This energy is also working to get you seeing that YOU ARE INCREDIBLY VALUABLE – and loved. This next 2 years is when things get louder with signs coming that get you to correct your path and steer your ship with more attention to what feels like this is the direction that is best for you, even if it does move you towards a leadership position where before you were allowing things to just be.

There can be situations coming to shock you awake that will deal with issues with animals or health or the workings of your day to day. It's when a wrench can be thrown into things, I think is what they say, but it's where the systems will start to break if there's something that's not going to hold the life that you are expanding into because of the changes that you will see over the next six months. This is when you go more inward with yourself than you maybe ever have as if you are transitioning into a totally different life cycle like how much we change every 10 years in our lives. We would never guess the way we become in our 40s when we're in our 20s or even our 30s. We have no idea how much information assimilates differently so that we look out at the world in altered ways, and assert ourselves with confidence when before we just wanted to be agreeable and to make others happy -- and to make that our main goal.

There are to be lightning strike moves that get you showing up and asserting towards things that need you owning that you DO deserve to be here and you DO deserve to be treated with care. It may feel like now you are giving yourself permission and will be using your throat to own the brilliance you are thinking and to speak the ways of changes that things need to take. It also can be that exciting opportunities come that affirm your creative gifts and affirm that the slow and steady actually DOES win with the important things.

Something is to show that may bring a change or that may get you thinking scarcity or glass half empty at the mystery of what the answer will be, but understand that this is more of a test to get you waking up to your energy in different ways where you do step into the energy of a nurse who just takes care of what you need to do and who doesn't put too much emotion into the rebuild and recalibration spaces. You are to handle life in bite size pieces and to really keep with writing out lists and having plans where you're seeing that where you are now is not where you're always going to be.

There will be a lot that is unearthed in you over the next two years and this deals with you transforming out of some illusion that deals with your relationship with money or your value or you really believing in what is a natural gift you possess. This energy is to take you into spaces that confused you about your foundation and confuse you about things with your childhood or your mother and things from the past that influenced you. This time is to get you seeing how you stand in the shadow of others and aren't really speaking your truth in regard to what you feel about things.

For this reason, everything is going to start feeling stronger where you're going to see where this comes from or where you first started some wound response system, and it's going to place you back into remembering who you are and that you do have these other visions of how you want your life to be. It may be that life is smacking you with things that get you seeing how precious each moment is and that we do never know how long things are going to be there with us.

You are going to be rising into a really transformed space with your creativity or with what you feel is your purpose to provide. Expect to be seeing into the ways you want to rebuild something that will hold you and will excite you about life. You are being asked to make this as luxurious as your dreams can provide. Life wants you coming out of spaces where you think there isn't enough to go around and into really showing up as if you know we all love you most and want to see you thrive.

There will be something about your energy changing that deals with you letting go of some sad space where you ultimately were just pursuing the dreams that others programmed you to think is your thing. Compromise is always a beautiful thing, but if it sucks the life out of what you dream of living, then it's time to think again about what's growing in your garden. Is it okay that you spend all this time out in the fields working seeds that are going to grow into something that you don't even want to eat? There is a life that needs you choosing from what you feel inside that could be something amazing and next level for you. This energy has had you pulled back and processing things that you mostly just feel but haven't had the confirmation to move them anywhere.

MANY answers are to come, and you are to see that things will grow grounded and solid – but there are changes that need to come to your foundation as if you need more sacredness to what holds you. When you own that you are the brightest star, you won’t focus so much into what provocation out there gets you to only focus on the ways you think you are not good enough. Face your limitations and know that over the next 2 years you will be walking the high points of your expression and will be losing interest in finding ways to see that you are wrong and need to be frugal with life. It's time to up your game and shoot your arrow towards the real dream, that just needs you opening your mind to seeing that things CAN change and that you are not stuck because you are tangled. You just need to keep moving the ball forward and stay diligent in seeing for the solutions that will bring healing and balance to your life.

Remember always that things are going your way even if at first it seems you are bombarded with too much that distracts and pulls you into every direction. Transform how you see that things WON'T work out and just start painting your future steps with high hopes that all your leaps of faith will be better than you even could have imagined. This energy wants you on the high side of things and staying with eyes on the horizon and in the patient wait no matter what presents. Your life is not a mistake and the pieces that were there, or were not there, WERE for good reason.

Find your purpose and be like the wild horses who just do their thing no matter what anyone else was programmed to be. Show us the new you and we will follow. You GOT THIS. Bring it from your inside and walk tall with a new and bold side of you. Over the next 2 years you are going to make a difference in more powerful ways. The seeds are planted today and will grow from the discipline you apply to using your muscles to cover all that needs to be done to support this vision you are working towards. Carry on and don’t stop until the jobs are done. Blessings come along the way and rewards will show you that you ARE okay. But stick with the new plan and don’t feed it any toxins. Feed it crystals and love and hope for miracles manifesting. What you need will find you when you really need it. You ARE supported.


This next 2 years is when you are going to find yourself again and really find home in your organic flow -- with how your body REALLY speaks to you. This new cycle change will begin the redesign of who you were always born to be, but where you did not give yourself permission to grow these certain aspects of your personality. You are going to be finding yourself through understanding how your mind works and how it really is projecting something that you would like to see in your future.

There are ways that you have hidden your truths behind others’ beliefs on how things need to be, and there will be deep connections where you dive into your soul and find home again with the passion to show up as your REAL truth. You are going to unravel and really go into a space of going back in time where you understand the weight of your moves and how they were driven by wounds that got you with scabs that aren’t the real you.

To find the real you, we need to lift the scabs and be triggered by something that gets us to pay attention to this. You may want to retreat and shut it all down – and you do need to make more space where you are embracing the silence and not filling it with old world things that get you focused on how the old world wants you to be. Like with Adderall, it is an adapting agent to the dysfunction of the old world ways. But to be true to you, you don’t need to adapt like that. You need to reject what gets you to be a phony, and to believe more in what honors the journey – even if it requires you get extra rest and downtime. When I was in ascension in my late 20’s, sometimes I couldn’t even move and could hardly pick myself up off the floor. All my joints hurt. I had migraines sometimes 5 times a week. There was so much pain and so little energy to function. But now I feel amazing at 50. Better than ever. So do everything you can to hold hope with whatever leg of the journey you are on, even if it is deep in a cave that gets you uncovering the scabs – because it is getting you back to you – and where you will have a stronger voice in sharing your art or doing things you have always loved to do.

There is a process with the first 6 months of this next 2 years that deals with birthing this new baby. Honor and respect that time. Don’t rush things ever again. You are learning a new tempo. And when you are sitting in a position where you are being seen as important and are doing what you love to do, you will grow bolder in sharing the truths that are deep and mystical and powerful about you.

You ARE to be plunging forward in massive ways where you look different to us because we can tell that you really did walk this journey. We ARE to feel your energy and to feel that you vibe this way because you know what you are preaching and teaching. And actually, teaching or broadcasting is to be a big thing you are moving into where it will be easier for you to share your creative gifts that are authentic and from the depths of your own being. This WILL NOT be about you replicating or coming up with ideas around what has already been done – but really from the depths of you sitting in silence and allowing your truth to rise out of the mystery. With no pressure. And not from the outside in, like with the statement, how do I make money? Rather, from within, like, help me see what I love to do and what the world needs and could benefit from. Energy wants you planting seeds of what would work best for YOU and with what YOU are best at, that comes so naturally. Remember that you are finding home with yourself, and it means you give voice to what is authentic about you.

So be like the child who expects to get all their needs met. I’ve met a lot of famous artists in Taos who come from wealth privilege. And they all are awesome people – they deserve to be famous. But, to think that you could have money to be an artist and to not be a struggling artist who is also trying to pay the bills. To have the bills paid and seek to be a poet or writer or painter is a dream come true! And you are to be like this in how you hold yourself in the world. You are to see that it is YOUR TIME and that now you get to come out of the shadows and be well received. Do your all to hold hands with the Great Mystery and know that something is rising with your destiny.

You are supported in this transition, and you can close your eyes and enjoy the ride. But it is being asked that you dream of beautiful things like new love or a creative gift finally shining through or having a baby and being in the space of getting things ready for the world. See that you are the chosen one and will finally get to see magic arrive that gets you wanting to show yourself in this exalted new version where we can tell that YOU have the power to help upgrade things and bring new plans to what will help bring more love into our bodies and peace into the world. The real you is about to step forward and your feelings are always going to guide the way. Remember, no rush, no design work of the old world. Your body will guide the way and your feelings CAN be trusted. You grow depth from trusting the unknown and allowing it to SHOW YOU.

Meditate and give more time to staring off into space and quieting your mind as you awaken to the real song of your soul. Get ready to dance and love wildly! This is going to feel like a new day. But first --- rest and pull into what needs you still seeing another view. You ARE rising out of illusion in how you position yourself in the world or with what you think you want others to see you as, but things are up for a change and the direction you may be sent is what you need to mysteriously discover again. Your body speaks amazing things and now is when you get to hear things louder and see that you DO have this other support system guiding you. And now it's just on you to surrender and hope for the best. That REALLY IS all you have to do. It's that we need you thinking that better days are on the rise and then the new lands will unite you. And with others who will excite you!!! Good times await. Enter through the back, through the mystery, through the unknown.

You also are to reach out to old friends from your past because something is healing from you connecting again. It may even be that you play a role in shifting them out of the gutter or into a new hope for life. They will come to you as memories or feelings, and you ARE encouraged to write a letter or reach out. It matters now and it also plays a part in waking up your authentic voice and vibe. Friends will grow much deeper in this next 2 years as you will wake to the connection of collaboration and family, and how it does provide the energy to get you seeing that you ARE important. When you see it for you, the opportunities will start raining on you.

And this first 6 months is when you find what is still in the root cellar that is rotten and keeping you not showing through clearly. It’s when love comes in to fix where you sacrificed your truth to stay in line and be what others wanted you to be. With love writing the story, how would you like this next 2 years to go? You WILL step into a higher role and will be teaching or speaking on the rebuild and how things REALLY should be. You will get on stage and share the book or program or service that alleviates pain. You will GET TO something elevated and better than where you are now. So, let’s get you choosing a better path to work for so that what you get to represents the real you. We don’t need you getting to the old world’s idea on things. It won’t leave you fulfilled. The flow is changing, and you can surrender in knowing you are getting to something that will fit you better. First, let’s find the real you, then we’ll go shopping.


The Solar Eclipse is going to shock your heart alive again where you will notice a shift where suddenly it will feel like you do have a home and you aren’t in these mental spaces where you see how flawed you are. Something in your own eyes is changing and you need to notice this. Notice that before you were finding reason to think you don’t fit in, and now if you don’t fit in, you won't give it a thought because it's like buying clothes in the store, and if they don’t represent your style, you just keep on walking.

Your body is being wired to patiently wait for the amazing things to find you. It will be like someone of privilege who doesn’t give the thought to NOT getting their needs met. They just flow in this higher space where they are wired to expect that they will get more and more – and they do. You are changing to that same view -- and will see that things are coming your way that deal with getting you to rebuild how you feel about things naturally, and not just from a defensive stance from being let down in your past.

Our scabs cover the wounds as they heal, but they are this whole other expression that is not something real about us. We can get used to our scabs and to be these tough cookies who think they have to fight for what we want – or, we can be healed skin that doesn’t even go looking for a fight – that only goes looking for a solution or upgrade or way out to OBVIOUSLY be what is showing up eventually.

Your energy is changing over the next 2 years where you will be owning your power and plowing through in life from the point that knows you deserve to be here. When YOU surrender and show compassion with life, you are showing that you know you have an important role here and will get to the top when the timing is perfect. The old you was chasing after all the fishies, and holding a vibe like you know you don’t belong and you will be lucky to make it through to the top. You have been scarcity bound your whole life! And THAT is coming to an end.

The next few months will be about waking you up to how much more you COULD HAVE, and then going into this process to undo the ways you were plunging forward with old world ideas. Things ARE to rock you from the ground up, and this means there will be sudden tests that get you thinking you aren’t all that stable. You may be thinking of money and your ideas of security and stability and how they hinge on these outside forces. But this energy wants you owning that you GOT IT IN YOU to seal the deal and to do whatever you need to in order to grow a solid foundation that supports you reaching for even more in the world.

Home will be brought into focus and all things that break or shatter were just needing to be upgraded into something that you really love. Admit that what broke is not what you 100% want to take into the future. And allow this experience to provoke you awake and into the game of life from this new perspective as if you are under a mama’s wing and the answers really will come. If you are looking for a new home or something to hold you with your business, EXPECT that a beautiful surprise will align you.

See that you may feel like you are flying out there and don’t know where you will land, but see that things are bringing you what you need. You just have to be in a bit of limbo that relates to old childhood fears so that you can now walk this with trust and hope – instead of scarcity visions. Expect to be looking into the unknown and not feeling as secure as you would like, but know that an answer is coming, the car is about to pull up the road, the train is about to pull in, the ticket is about to be called, the space is about to be opened. Be in the knowing that you are moving into something that will be wonderful. Just be as conscious as you can be that you ARE designing this right now, and if a shade of pink comes up that you don’t like, say NO and keep shopping. Don’t think you have to compromise a thing!

Also, friends will be surprising you or will connect with you in ways that play as a catalyst in moving you. So expect to be busy with people showing up again, but know that your role is to lead them into a better way, or they will lead you into a new view of how you need to be seeing things. You are intertwined and the spaces are busy BECAUSE you are working together to make things better.

If you have been going through money problems, that will shift on this moon! With your foundation growing more solid, it will be about you really valuing yourself in regard to being able to manifest what you need. This means you will take better care of what you own as you work with what is here to manifest what you wish to next arrive. There are sudden turns with corners you can’t see, but they are on purpose, and you just need to hold steady with deep faith in the Great Mystery – and with a mental space that remembers you are here to soar MORE than most. We just have to get you out of the old-world ruts where you keep talking about the limitation and keep bracing for something else to bring you down. We need that part of you altered so you know NOTHING is going to destroy you, and all the challenges are MORE PROOF that you are outstanding and here for a great purpose.

The walk is what grooms you – and the energies are not messing around with you anymore. They will not allow you to just pass and not face the ways you sabotage things because you were done wrong in your past. We can’t have you falling to any wayside, and this means surgery of the highest magnitude will be done on you to set your brain straight and get your neurons firing again about what a MIRACLE YOU ARE.

Things are to show you that you are not to keep trying to interpret it all – from a wounded perspective – and instead, just need to trust everything, no matter what the details. The best job will find you. The best people will find you. The best things will come in to support you WHEN it's time to walk those next spaces. You are getting to start over and what collapses is NOT going to hold the real you. Allow this old world chapter to come to an end as you design the best life ever that will manifest over this next 2 years. You will NOT be the same 2 years from today – you will be 5 to 10 levels higher. So let that settle you and get you dreaming for all the amazing things you are going to do to make a different in bringing in the Age of Aquarius. You design our future. Sing blessings into what we all will next see. Design with new leadership in mind. It’s about time for you to take the wheel and show how it SHOULD be done.


The Solar Eclipse is going to be a dream come true for Pisces because it is when you are to see new sides of your career, and how you want to position yourself as someone who IS a true educator and motivator of new ideas the world needs to know about. You are going to be coming alive and reaching farther than you would have thought of before. Things are to grow and expand and show you that you were just waiting for this moment -- and all the hard work was to get you solid when it really is time to launch and spread your wisdom far and wide. You are going to notice a huge shift because synchronicity is to place you in alignment with people who are here to lend a hand and possibly even give you a leg up where you were struggling in just getting by. Something will reach out to you that wants to help further your dreams and the ways you want to make a difference.

For this reason, be out and about as much as you can schedule over the next 2 months because your connections are there, and you just need to get clear on what you want and what sort of position you want to be sitting in. Your next 2 years are all about expanding your career space and bringing more focus to what you can do with your natural gifts so that others can benefit from you.

Things are about being BECAUSE OF YOU – and this will motivate you to keep on delivering and to really awaken to a new flow where you trust that your needs will be provided for and that others ARE ready for what you bring. Things are to change so quickly, and you also are moving into a long period where you will have more control over what you can do in life. Often, we spend periods where we are trapped in a certain cycle and can't move forward – but it's also a cradled space where we are held in the design of the moment, that has a plan of its own.

But now you are out of that and will shift into a wide open space where you get to be creative and really see that what you are thinking is what is manifesting for you. It will put you into a new power where there will be more hope about how you can get higher up this mountain and into a position where you are valued for the creative gifts you bring. This is about writing projects, classes, speaking in front of groups, and really launching your wisdom in whatever way is your true gift to give. This is about you not fronting as what you think you need to be to fit into the old world flow, but rather, designing a new flow for everyone else to follow. That means you are only going to give what is in your heart to express and what really feels like it is your forte and your authority to give.

Your originality will be called forth and all the tools to get you to a higher position will arrive when you need them. The magic comes when you are letting people know that you are here and that this is what you are thinking about. You are to spread wildly over the next 2 years, and it will be because of the people who connect into your energy and who already have been waiting for you to arrive. This means connections of the highest vibe and where their puzzle pieces fit perfectly into yours. Out and about wins you the stability that secures your dreams expanding into reality.

There also will be movement with your creative writing or ideas and this will come as sudden growth after a long period of feeling stuck and blocked. Solutions will come and upgrades to what you already put in motion will be taking place. Expect that this means you will need to unravel parts as you place them better so that they are valuing of your time and space. But this doesn’t mean you will want to work less on your dreams because the energy is about you wanting to give even more because things will start working in a better way where they aren't sapping you of so much of your energy.

What you will notice are things coming into your life such as a car after you have been having to walk for years. Things are coming that will feel like a fast pass or gifts to move you forward even quicker than you would have on your own and with the way things have been going. This is a blessing to change the way your mind works in regard to the authenticity of your work and with trusting that downtimes aren't necessarily going to hurt you in the future. If you always think negatively when you're not feeling on the go, it's hurting the potential of your future goals. Because down time is as important as go time.

This time wants you learning to speak passionately about the often slow moving steps of your life because of times like these next two years when you will get a lot of gifts that accelerate all the authentic work you are doing. Things are to shift so quickly that you won't regret how the pieces didn’t fit before. This is to set you on a new course of how you look out at life and with where you expect to fit in. With all the affirmation and support coming your way, you will see that your mind thinks differently where you don’t feel so scarcity bound in thinking you are a victim and will have to suffer here. This new space is to open you to your royalty and get you bringing your gifts up front and center. It is time to SHARE.

You also are going to have the potential to make more money and to find some sweet spot where you are able to share your truth and also go really deep on getting your expertise to the awareness of all. You may be doing group events or things where you are sharing your gifts and they are there because they want what you do. This is also where something lush and new is to find you that you hadn’t even considered, but that is a new area for you to explore and give more.

This makes me think of how I was a Humanitarian first, but everyone loved my readings and kept asking me to do more. I was not really thinking of doing it for a career, but the red carpet rolled out and everyone affirmed that this is where I need to be. So don’t be surprised if you end up in a different corner than you thought, but know, this is where you need to be. The people are showing you what are there for you and they will clap loudest for what really is the best about you. This time is to bring you closer to your truth than you have ever been and then to really design a new life where your place is solid and HIGH. It's time to accept a higher role and to be a guide for US ALL. Open your throat and PREACH and TEACH, my love. It's going to be a great 2 years to show the world what you’ve been up to. And they WILL eat up your ideas as if they are the tastiest thing!

It is time to bring more ease into your life.

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