FEB 19 | Saturday

This is a busy day with much going on where we are full in the brain and are trying to see for another side to the life we have been living. Be open and fluid today because others are touching into things that we need to make peace with where WE have been seeing things too negatively.

So many of us think we don’t have good enough bodies or aren’t worthy of being loved. We take what we saw in our past, like with me who had the main core unit treating me like a punching bag for ALL that was wrong in the world, where I was shown zero value and love, and now I have to learn to walk a world where I don’t keep expecting everyone to show their most evil sides. I have personally seen how hurtful people can be when they know no one can see, and now I have to do my all to believe in the love that we can be. I KNOW what it feels like to have people jealous of me and exploiting everything I create – so I have to go beyond that pattern of processing humans and SEE that there are those who ARE full of integrity and not here to just hurt and steal from me. 

Your wound story is rising and it's here for you to see that it's time for a new day to what you manifest and that what WAS is not an indicator of what will be. We have to find the trust in this wild wonderland on Earth as we understand the walking of our wounds is what gets us into finding home again in who we were born to be. 

But we must walk things in order to show others that it can be done! SO, we are never just victims here to suffer, but we are here to walk certain things so that we can come to the other side and sing a song of the healing journey. We all are in this together and we learn from each other. It's time to take, why is this happening to me, and turn it into I know I was born to get through this challenging time and SOAR into a new pattern in life. We are to take the tests that always arrive when the scene is about to change, and to run eagerly into them as if the train is here and if we don’t face this head on, it moves along, and we stay buried in an old pattern that is NOT where we want to be.

You may have to run to get on the train, but it's worth it! THIS sensitive issue is here for a reason and the season says, it's time to let this go and plant seeds for a better life to grow. Enough of what no longer serves you and brings joy to your life. But when in the dark, don’t make this bad news!! You are but a frame that is halfway into changing and it's just waiting to move as per the vibration you are holding as you interpret HOW you will get through this. Wake up your superstar status and expect something abundant to come your way. And then wait. And wait. And wait with grace planted fully on your face.


19 February 2022 | SATURDAY

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Chiron.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Chiron.  

1  8  9 | 2 to 14 Libra


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