Full Moon in LEO Readings!

Now loves, if you missed my big news, go read that post! But what is happening is that NEXT ISSUE is going to be our new MOON VIBE monthly guides! So next issue is the MARCH GUIDE! It will have all the readings for each day of March along with all the per sign readings for the Full and New Moons in the month. March has 3! So you will read the New Moon in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo and New Moon in Aries! I also will be including per sign readings for all the retrogrades! We dont have any in March but in April we will talk about Pluto retrograde. ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! 

And what it also will do is get me out of this every other week huge project that I have been late on for MONTHS because it was in need of change. I now understand that blocks in the road often mean we need to look around for a new way to go. Fortunately, I now am working with an authority in the business world and we are talking out all the problems and obstacles so that I can get my business flying free! 


FOR THIS LAST BI WEEKLY issue, I am doing shorter Full Moon readings so that I can get all the hours I can get to start on the MARCH GUIDE! 




This full moon is to get you waking up and realizing that you ARE important and that there IS a place for you in the world IF ONLY you learn to slow it down and uncover the true gifts you possess that you DO have a passion for. What is not a true passion is to fall away at this time because you are being asked to create a new path and to seek out ways to share your creative gifts that are INSIDE JOB moves. This means no more following the marketing tips that EVERYONE is following and instead sitting in meditation with a goal in mind and a deep trust that your steps will be revealed when it is time. Things are going fast and slow, but they are slow until you find what is that thing that makes you want to sing. There is to be synchronistic events that are to open the well of wisdom inside that deals with you valuing yourself and THEN waiting for the world to see you and affirm your gifts. But this is all inside job material where what you hold is going to be what you end up seeing. You are to shine your gifts in a new way where you are thinking you are a chosen one and the answers will come when the time is right. This is about NOT seeing all the ways your dreams won't be able to manifest because of what is already out there, and instead breaking glass ceilings and limits put into place that just need you believing in yourself and in what you most love to do. BUT – remember that we are wanting you to find what really is your passion and where you feel like an authority in knowing the path you want others to believe in too. Things will return at this time and people from your past will reach out to bring answers or resolution to what was left in confusion. So, stay pressed in knowing an upgrade is coming, and positive in the wait as you expect for all to go your way. Your position is to grow into a new form that will allow your energy to attract blessings and things supporting your voice or your innate gifts that CAN support you. But this energy wants you to first put it out there and take a risk of the heart in planting the seeds of what is love to you. Don’t look through the eyes of scarcity or others fearing you into thinking something can't be done. You are to rise over and beyond what others see as possible so that you can walk it and show it CAN be done. Leap with faith and see for the greatest thing coming true.



This is to be when you totally start over and feel a rebirth of how you want to show yourself to the world. Things are to come at you out of the blue and they are to change WHERE you sit and how you see the world potentially supporting you. This means you will feel sensitive about what is wrong with the world, but this is to be the energy that gets you opening to a new way of seeing what you can potentially do, and that your past and background doesn’t need to be what keeps continuing to manifest you a certain story in life. It's time for you to feel things out and to go towards what gets your body feeling like this is home and this is what sees the real you. You may have women cross your path or those who want to empower you to be who you really are. Your truth is being called out of you and it to surprise you in how it gets you wanting to show up in a better way where you feel proud of what you have done and in alignment with collaborations that help you take a risk of the heart in showing your art or something that is a part of who you really are. This time wants you seeing that you don’t need all the answers in order to feel confident in life, but that you need to listen to your heart and go beyond where others see you having a place. Change is here to get you stepping into a new career aspect or story where you soar BECAUSE of what makes you unique. This means you need to value yourself and be with love as you figure out a new path that will present a role that better suits your truth. You may feel blocked by how the old world is being run and this is just to get you out of your comfort zone and opening to a solution or upgrade that is beyond your wildest dreams. There will be much wisdom coming your way that is to point you in another direction and it WILL come to get you excited and seeing that the light IS coming your way and the darkness was just to get you growing something that will ground you down so that future storms don’t uproot you.  You may need to make changes with your home that deal with feng shui and eliminating clutter that keeps you feeling unbalanced in life. You also may see something return that loves on you and gets you really feeling like your life is on purpose. So, allow the mystery to surprise and delight you into a better position that gets us all knowing your name. It's time to show what you got and lead with your authenticity.



This Full Moon is to get you seeing that nothing is as it seems, and all can change on a dime! This is to get you learning how to go with the flow in a better way so that you are open to what may come and aren’t filling your mind/future with has-beens and stories that aren’t really the true potential of where you can go. This time wants to stop you in your tracks with disbelief or wonder into what is ready to start over and surprise you with how RIGHT ON it is for you. But there are mental things that need you putting more voice to your feelings and to seeing for mysterious solutions or new plans that can only be from you letting it all go and hoping for the best.  You are to not start telling the story as the story is happening because you are to be in it and to feel it fully so that it gets you telling a better story from what it really means. If you are trying to predict and be prepared, you are living in the old world paradigm and will be stuck in old stories that keep you from really taking this leap of faith and going for a new path that feels like it will hold you in all the best ways. You are in a special space where you are being asked to be okay not knowing and to feel good in the surrender of allowing the best things to be. This energy is SO MENTAL and it's about rewiring you so that you are seeing for the opportunity and aren’t looking at all that can go wrong. You need to pretend you are jumping off a cliff and hoping for the best as the wind and gravity are in control of you now. This time wants you walking a whole other pattern where you express your love freely and share your creativity from a position of passion and being where you really need to be. You are to speak up in collaboration with others where you are really coming out of the shadow and talking about your feelings, how this feels, how you want to feel, how you want others to feel. It's about you learning this new dialogue and way to be in the world where your mental ways can stop shooting you in the foot and getting you to run back into the old world because it is so familiar. You are moving away from home and need to be like the kid going off to college who is excited for the unknown and hopeful that this will expand their life and show them more of what they want to reach for. Expect the best because it's waiting for you to go for it. FINALLY.



This full moon is going to get you deep into your patterns so that you can rise with a stronger voice in showing your value and in making your OWN opinions important. This is when you are being asked to come out of the shadows and not just follow along because what you bring or the boundaries you declare may have others feeling hurt that you are TRYING to sing a new song. Things are going to feel very emotional and REAL – but it also can have you feeling scared that your ideas are not going to have a home in the world. This energy WILL hit you sensitive and it is to be when you realize that your little voice inside is letting you know that it's time to release old stories around love and creativity that keep you from opening to upgrades or solutions that will inspire new plans that need to be made. You are being asked to bring your voice to associations with others or with friends or people who are letting you know it is safe to take this risk of the heart and leap of faith. Expect for your life to be full of many people and moving parts -- and now figuring out who makes you feel special and who makes you feel that you need to do more to make THEM feel special. It's time for the light to shine on what you most love to do and to be fixated in waiting for something better to rise. This energy wants you stepping up and making your own needs known, without backing down and caving because you are so intune to what others are feeling. This may be a time of hard decisions and where you are looking into the challenges or the debts in life and it MAY have you wanting to run and hide from your responsibilities. Just know, you are a farmer right now, and this time is about getting the soil ready for a new crop to grow. So choose what you want to grow and don’t just plant the veggies you don’t like to eat because you feel expected to. This time wants you finding a stronger voice in not backing down when the going gets tough and instead really finding exalted power in yourself FROM going at a bias to what others think you should be doing. You are LEAVING old parts of your conditioning and it can feel like you are shedding skins. So expect much to let go of and a new lightness to arrive with each decision you make that positions YOU as the prize.



This full moon is going to have you feeling very aware that you want to step into a new role with others and to show a side that you thought was something you were supposed to keep undercover. It's when you are to be provoked through others in wanting to reach for something more that embodies the growth you have experienced over the years. This will have you thinking about your home and what supports you so that you can grow something bigger. And where there are fractures in the foundation, you are needing to NOT be confused in the brain to the point you do nothing, but rather, you are to expect to come out of your comfort zone and roar in a strong way so that your new boundaries and goals are clearly made known. There are many details to work through and you are being asked to be glass half full in seeing them come to completion. You are to show yourself speaking up more for what you really want and not disappearing because you haven’t shown yourself like this before. Friends and collaborations are to support your new rise and this new light in your eyes, so expect to run into people who offer support in allowing you to speak your truth and to go for a new view that has been inspired from growing older and feeling different than you thought you would feel. You also are going to see ALL the sides, and this can confuse you, but honor the rule that you go towards what makes you feel important and essential. This fork in the road is about you choosing a new pattern around how people treat and see you, that comes from you experiencing a spectrum and the polarity of human behaviors. You also may be triggered by others who say things that you can't let go of, but this too is here to get you choosing for YOU and letting go of fears that keep you bound into situations that are sucking the life out of you. This may also deal with family traditions or ways that you were programmed to be that now have you wanting to fly free and do things YOUR way. You are being asked to assert and to be clear with what your heart feels and also to see that you have a place in the world to step into a new level and be supported for your authentic ways. Things that sting are to inspire you to speak up and not just allow others to dictate the way they think you need to be. You also are being asked to see for solutions in all the tangles you have with others that now are not feeding you like they used to. See that the way will be made clear, and IT WILL BE. There is nothing to fear here.



This full moon is asking that you let go and surrender into the mystery as you allow your world to unfold and grow bigger. It’s about not trying to know it all and be prepared and get to some position before you feel that life is going your way. It's about staying focused on being glass half full as you work to bring clarity to your voice and how you REALLY feel about things. You are to tune into your body and start giving more attention to what you are feeling over what you are thinking about things. You also are to notice that challenges with others are here for you to show yourself with more strength and conviction in knowing you DO know best, and you CAN trust your body to be your authority on things. This energy is showing as a blocked pipe that will SUDDENLY move when you finally surrender and allow the Great Mystery to guide you towards where you next need to be as you ARE to be thinking of a new role with your soul’s purpose or something that deals with needing to let something go in order to allow something else to grow. If you feel blocked, stop, meditate, and use words that say you are ready to be shown the way. Don’t be controlling or try to move mountains that are stuck because you are wasting your energy. Instead, be at peace with it all and just HOPE for a solution or upgrade to be made known and for your way to be made clear to you. The surrendering is the invitation for higher forces to come in and guide you into this new view of how we will see you. It also opens a gate that needs a new plan, but it deals with you sharing your gifts far and wide and really staying focused on there being a home for what you most love to do. The silence and retreat will fill you with sudden clues into what you next need to do. This needs to be a new routine where you discipline yourself to go empty and to see that higher forces are guiding you and HOPING you will make the best choices for YOU. There are changes and surprises that are to rise and they all come when you see for a solution when you haven’t seen this thing before. You are growing a new life and the work you do now is carving out your best form so that you can grow with others and collaborate with your gifts and come together to make things better. Your changes are about to attract you a new view that WILL please you. Meditate until you feel great.



This full moon is shooting straight into your heart and getting you to feel things that deal with how you feel NOT seen in the world and NOT living the life of your dreams. You can find a lot of fault and may even be going back into old memories where you regret the person you were back then and wish you could do it again as your older self. This time may start with you feeling insecure and as if you don’t have a home or don’t know what you are best at or would love to do. It indicates that your foundation is changing and something in your heart is going to awaken and bring you a return of what you ARE going to get to do better. There is something about sitting in the debt of life and feeling left out or with little value that is going to have you opening to a solution or sudden inspiration or synchronistic meeting that is going to plant new seeds that are to be focused on bringing more joy into your life – or a baby, or a new passion with your gifts. You ARE in a special place – but it does feel like a tight squeeze and where you are GOING to be asked to come out of your comfort zone and to do what you never would do or what goes against what others expect of you. Your heart will be doing lots of speaking and what will eventually grow is something that positions you as essential and that loves on the you that you are and that you were and that you are yet to be. There are choices to be made where you are giving voice OVER what dominates you or keeps you in the fear of thinking you can't handle pain from your past and won't be able to make your way through the cave. But you are to know that big cycles are changing and it’s important that you are disciplining yourself to stay glass half full in knowing you NEED to experience the tangles you are in, and you also need to let it go and trust the Great Mystery to be guiding you through the healing journey. For a while now, you will be in all your secret places and hidden spaces and the voices may seem louder as they point out what needs to be done better. Condition yourself starting now in knowing you are a being of love and you can start over and be your best self at any point you choose. But it is the choosing that needs you paying attention – and doing because it builds a better foundation to hold your creative dreams out in the world. Love what you do, love it while you do it, and then wait for your loving wishes to eventually find and sustain you. Things are moving along as they need to be. No need to worry.



This full moon is going to start a new cycle where you are going to awaken to a new path that requires you migrate and upgrade something that needs to hold you. Things can suddenly break or fall away, and you need to be okay with this because what crumbles is something that needs to get out of the way in order to get more light on you and appreciation for the role you are going to grow into. You may feel super sensitive and unstable where you can't see your place in the world and what you are here to do to be seen in this way of your dreams. Allow the sensitive spaces to guide you into creating a better story around your position in the world and how you want to share your innate creative gifts. This time wants you letting things go with peace in your mind as you open to other opportunities to grow from the seeds you are planting now. Things ARE going a bit slow in getting you into a new view in how we all see you, but you just need to stay pressed to seeing for unusual solutions that come when you position yourself in a new way and go outside the lines from what you were conditioned to do. You may be thinking about your mother or what imprinted you in your first 7 years of life and this can have you feeling sad and lost because things were disconnected and with mentally planted ideas on what life could be for you. It's time to shed the skins of your past and to really work your way into a life that is creative based and where you are making a difference with what you most love to do. This time wants you giving voice in your relationships and reaching out to those who need to see another side of your personality. You have done in your past to others because of what was done to you. This time is waking you up to how you have shown a side that was in defense and not in support of what just needs healing. All the soft feels and confusion about which way to go and how to get to these better lands is what unlocks the old stories and gets you talking as if you are something special and you DO deserve to be valued and treated like a star in what you would love to offer the world. We just need you starting over and seeing as if you don’t have to fight for your dreams, but rather, just need to show up like a peacock and say, BRING ME THE ULTIMATE THING.



This full moon is going to have you feeling your mind expand as you look into new perspectives that are not what was imprinted into you. This is when your mind breaks out of some control where you WERE following the ways you learned and not really listening to your body or your intuition on something NOT being as it seems. This time is to pull you into the mystery and into seeing the world from a different view. You also are being asked to take some leap of faith into a new area that is not yet grounded in reality as something you can count on, but now is when you first plant a seed for something that will create a big reach and possibly even change the way you function in life! So, see that your mind going to other places and other possibilities is right on schedule in laying down a new foundation that will have you pressing into your soul’s purpose and into doing work that really makes you happy. But also creating new daily routines that create space for meditation and being out in nature and doing what unplugs you SO THAT you can hear your inner voices stronger. There is a lot of change in this energy that comes from you walking curious into new lands and discovering that THIS is where you need to be. Synchronicity will be igniting you with new ideas on how to share your creative ways and how to really bring light and awareness to what you would most love to do in life. This also can have you needing a vacation or getting together with those you don’t see often as the space away from the norm is set to inspire you. The risks of your heart you take, where you go into things feeling CALLED by mysterious forces, is where you are going to find more comfort in the world with what you are here to do. There ARE surprises because they are to come as rewards after you listen to your inner voice and make choices based on what feels good in your body. You also will have choices where you need to say no because things are not valuing you and they get you to stifle your voice or leave you with throat pain because you can FEEL that you are holding things in when you really need to express and release and make your opinions known. It's time to share something that is dear to you and to allow the mystery to help you create the design of how you want this to be. Solutions WILL come and they ALL will open your mind and set you free to fly in co-creating harmony WITH the divine.



This full moon is to get you deeply into the heart of YOUR OWN MATTER and inspire you with new plans for how to share your creative gifts and how to find a place in the world with what you MOST love to do. This is when you are to meditate often and look into the challenges of life as the very things that are birthing you into having an important message to share with the world. You will feel a shift where you finally see that the easy road is not going to hold you in the future, because MOST people are seeking that path! You are to see that patience is needed to birth the most outstanding people in the world and get them broadcasting their authority. The fast and exploitative way is SO 2016 to 2021 and now it's 2022 where we realize we have to HOLD the magic before others will really buy it from us and see their lives changed. If you take the microwave path, you AREN'T impacting people as greatly as when you go slow and sure and learn all you can so that you aren’t suffering fraud syndrome from faking it until you make it. You are being asked to let go of chasing what others are doing and trying to make it something that sustains you. Your path is to be unique with authentic creative flows to how you want to share your gifts. You may be thinking about debt and money and investments and things that are deeply wired into you and in need of YOU seeing that setbacks or changes in the road are a part of the wave that gets you learning all you need to be so that you can show up as an influencer and not just a front that wants attention to affirm the insecurities you feel inside. This is when you are to discover a new passion with your creative ways and how you hold them in relationship with money or confirmation of inner value. You are to see that valuing yourself BECAUSE you walked an actual journey and learned actual skills IS to be the new story you tell in seeing how badass you are for getting so far when the old world wants you just following along and being obedient.  Others are moving you to take a risk of the heart and believe in yourself. This will have you looking into your old patterns and seeing how you got here with what you had just accepted as the norm. Expect new boundaries to rise and to roar like a lion in making clear what is no longer acceptable.



This full moon is to inspire you into bravely accepting a new role where you are talking more about how to start over and bring new plans that will build peace or harmony where before there was a disconnect. This is about you changing so deeply that you now want to assert yourself into a leadership role that will guide others into wanting to live in a better way. Inside of you is a map that needs to be pushed as an idea that will be for others to follow. And it takes you risking it all and going for what your heart feels EVEN THOUGH you don’t have the signs or confirmation that you are on the best path. This energy wants you carving out a new pattern or way of life that you FEEL is going to be what will make you happy in the long run – but parts of the picture are not yet in place, and therefore they require you trust in yourself and your vision for how to create a better day. You also will be in challenging spaces that ask you to grow and show a stronger side of your personality. So, if there are any tight squeezes, these are here for you to discover something valuable about your personality and view on life that you were keeping in the closet or not giving breath to because it was not a mainstream thing. You may be asked to invest or to believe in something that is not going to produce what you wish for a little while, but this is to be something that you feel inside as excitement and what is a passion that will fuel you down the road. You are looking for spaces that feel mysterious but also where you are showing up as a VIP and feeling that others are giving you light because of what you are revealing or showing – that before you may have thought was something to keep hidden. You are being asked to be vulnerable, honest and with an energy going into blocked places that before would get you moving away and not facing what clearly is a long road up the mountain. This is when you birth a new idea on life and will collaborate or come together with others who help move you into a position where you are to lead and open your voice to share your opinions on how to bring grounding to things and new value to what is really important about the life experience. This energy asks that you shine the light into challenges and not let go until you get to the other side. This experience is ON TIME and you WILL survive.



This full moon is all about getting you to wake up to your true soul gifts through associations where you are standing up stronger and sharing your wisdom so as to see things go far and wide in the world. What is in YOU is the gift that will help others, but you are to dig deep into spaces where you would normally want to hide and not give attention to. You have gems buried deep and they need you seeing another side of things so that you step confident in using your voice and declaring a new story around how you want the world to manifest for you. There is a lot of change in the energy where you are not going to understand where this all will take you, but the choice is to be yours, and it is to deal with coming out of the shadows and no longer staying quiet about how you feel. You also are being asked to take a risk of the heart in regard to something that deals with your souls purpose gifts. This means you will be discovering a new role and way you want to share yourself with the world. There are many details and much to work through, but something is going to rise that gets you wanting to make plans for a union or collaboration or coming together where your expertise and wisdom will be what helps move things along into a better position.  You also will be noticing a shift where synchronicity is aligning you with things that will support what you are best at. This is to get you feeling more confident with your skills and the ways your system naturally runs. Expect others to mirror what is fantastic about you and to see that it's time for you to raise the bar in regard to using your gifts and holding a mental space that stays glass half full until your wishes manifest. Don’t seek for NO place in the world ANYMORE. You are to push your agendas and your dreams and your vision on how to correct and upgrade what is way out of balance and in need of a bit of mystery. Your colors are to grow bolder, and your words and creative inspiration are to grow you a leadership position. See and you will be. Find home with your authenticity and get ready to see a new flow welcome you and support what you were born to do.



This came at the perfect timing. I just finished meditating … and I never do. How did you know??

Mike P. February 19, 2022

OMG the Cancer reading! This helps me know I can be true to what I am feeling! Wow. I needed those words more than you know.

Lori-anne February 19, 2022

I love you! I look forward to the monthly guides! Thank you for sharing what I needed to hear :)

Sara February 18, 2022

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