MAY 27 | Friday

And -- today is full of power! We are returning into a situation that touches our heart or gets us feeling our love natures in stronger ways. It may be that others see you and affirm your worth, OR it will be that you DON’T feel seen and things around you make you feel smaller.

This day is about a high road OR a low road, but just know if you are on the low, this day is about you speaking up and standing up for yourself so that your feelings CAN be heard. Don’t wait for another to invite you in or to be the first word of bringing what you need from them.

This time wants you speaking up about how you feel and how you need things to be different. It’s about NOT allowing stronger forces to dominate you into submission where you are good and obedient. For this reason, many of you are coming with strong movements over the next few days in drawing boundaries and NOW declaring how things need to be. Some of you may even really go over the top as this has been held back for so long and it will create drama in needing to finally reveal the truth.

Now, if you already have been keeping it real, and even letting others down because you keep asserting towards doing what feels right to you, then you will be on the high road today and it’s all about tuning into your natural gifts and finding home with the authentic ways that you are. You may feel like sharing what you have kept hidden or will have new ideas on how to sustain yourself through something creative that feels like it is your thing.

You may also be seeing a new path with an old creative gift where you did NOT think there was a way to do this, and something about slowing down or years passing WILL reveal a path that is opening. This can be like a seed that took forever to finally sprout, but now it will be clear as day that you have to make space for this growing larger. So, expect sudden insight to inspire you to keep with things and to trust the timing of how your flowers do grow.

The energy is interesting because it’s moving fast in helping us to honor the slow of things! This means we can feel stuck and as if there is nowhere to go, but when we surrender to the perfect timing of life, THEN things come in quickly to shift us or open us to ideas we were not seeing at all. It is a fast and slow energy, but ultimately, the stuck moments mean that inspiration is what will get things going again – and we have to wait for magic to hit us.

So, surrender and expect good ideas to pop into your mind when you least expect it. EXPECT that stuck means change is on the horizon and that your focus needs to be there. Just allow the slow pace to move you quicker – instead of pounding away and always wanting the fast to be what gets you everywhere. Fast things come when slow is valued as being a perfect beginning to things.

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