MAY 11 | Wednesday

Today has a really sweet energy to it but you got to be on the correct side of the road! This is saying that many of you are going to finally feel like you are waking up and seeing to the other side of some level of illusion where you were not wanting to face the truth. This deals with mysteries where you didn’t have all the details -- so the test was about how you handle the space before things manifest where you ARE still wondering about how this will go.

We are learning to see for the light even if we are totally in darkness, and to give ourselves away to the process in allowing it to just be what it needs to be. We are learning to let go of how we see ourselves as the victim where we interpret life as if it is working against us. This is a trap, and at this time it can really be hurting people who have not upgraded in seeing for better views. Maybe you won’t get the job and you will be rejected, but the time before actualization and truth reveals is when you are to play more in seeing that the best thing is always working out for you. Just how I told you that my first home in Taos ended up hurting my health and business, but I DID meet my best friend next door and only got the opportunity for the new home all tucked up in the Taos Mountain FROM living next door to another neighbor. So, I don’t see it that the house was out to hurt me or that I am a victim, as I only focus on the good that came from whatever was to be.

WE HAVE GOT to make the shift at this time where we really are seeing that something sold out or delaying our journey IS NOT A BAD THING. It is just a thing that gets us to the next level. And OFTEN when we feel stuck or are forced out of our comfort zone, we step up and finally give things our all. It’s when we look into new areas and open our mind to there being SOMETHING to make this situation bring clarity in the future.

We just have to stop seeing that it all is here to ruin us. It really is not! BUT ----- if you see it that way, you will keep seeing it that way. Things ARE how we see them. So, see with flowers in your eyes and compassion for what feels out of balance and not where it is supposed to be. You may just need this provocation to get you out of limbo and out of lazy spaces where you do finally jump into position and give something all that you got. To be pushed to the edge is a blessing that really gets you paying attention. See that you need this motivation to finally wake up and do more with your life. Just like how often we need to empty out in order to really fill things up in better ways. It’s ALL GOOD. Be loving with yourself as you appraise what still needs to be put into place. You ARE doing just fine and new growth will show SOON!!

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