oh hello TUESDAY! Be aware of the drop. Vibe higher.

27 July 2021


Good morning! Oh loves. Look at this day. BE AWARE that you are MOST LIKELY going to fall into some slippery slope with another person and it will either be where you feel madly in love with life – OR, tangled into the most insane thing to try to mentally process. I am seeing that whatever sort of arrow hits us, it hits us hard and with 100% focus into the beauty, or the chaos of it. DO KNOW, if in the chaos, sit back and still watch it play out. This is processing and there MAY be some sort of reversal that NEEDED you sitting in the confusion or limbo state. We often get tested, like on 22 days, like today, where we are to value ourselves and walk LESS wounded in then going out to wound everyone else – THUS staying in the energy of having to manifest our hurtful moves that now make your present feel like you are being hurt by the Great Mystery. We must put our things forward BEFORE they are manifested. This means, at some point we have to stop buying into what got us to see ourselves as a victim and being punished. For as long as we see the punishment, we will walk its chains holding us back in another life that is NOT OURS to be living. Allow your new view to rise. You DO deserve it better. Don’t mess with what dampens your light. Seriously my love! 

  • MOON PLANNER: Neptune.
  • MOON DEGREES: 15 to 27 Pisces.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.
  • 22 DAY.

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