oh hello TUESDAY! Honor the mirror.

3 AUGUST 2021


Good morning loves! We are going to be in some mental places where we will be feeling limited or as if something is wrong with the path we have chosen. This will come in like a low-pressure storm and it can have you looking around nervous that something may be wrong. This time is actually asking you to elevate your response system when the airwaves get congested or confusing. Ground yourself in the reality that the mind can trip you up when ultimately what you are seeing in another is something YOU need to see. Some people will feel this day like a test where people are showing themselves in ways that they don’t want to see! Just honor the mirror and see how you can be wiser with how your mental space processes the changes. If you do feel fractured in the brain, write out what you are feeling and keep it real with expressing whatever reveals. This time wants to move you along and NOT let you get stuck in sad songs of times past when now you think you got it all wrong. From your past, create a higher way for things to be. Our egos are huge when we are younger, and we get older and regret the moves of our youth. See that you are everchanging, but only getting better. Feel good for how far you have come and how much you have learned. Paint your present with compassion for whatever was needed to get you to the realizations of today. You have NOT gotten anything wrong – actually! Even, let me tell a little story! I moved to Durango to take my business next level. But then I lost it all living on a foundation of smoke and mirrors. So I moved away and now am rebuilding where I thought I would be years ago. But. I just hired a team to help manage my business and they were referred to me from a friend in Durango and they live in Durango. IF I HAD NOT moved there, I wouldn’t have met the friend who connected us. – Give your “mistakes” a minute to work themselves out. It ALL has a place in the magnificent evolution of your plan.

  • MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Venus.
  • MOON DEGREES: 11 to 22 Gemini
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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