May 30 | New Moon in GEMINI | Per sign readings

MAIN READING: Get ready for a fresh new energy that brings in some changes we have been waiting for! Things will change quickly, and after they have been in a period of stuck, where we were losing hope that things would really work out.

This new moon in Gemini is all about waking us up to really wanting to assert towards what feels good in our bodies. It is when we will radically awaken from the spell of superficial things that lack the depth of authenticity and true high value. A teacher who teaches of a journey personally taken speaks in a certain way. A teacher who teaches of a journey only read about speaks in a certain way.

The vibration of our quality is from the authenticity of what we really know. If you want to know what you will do in this lifetime, and where you will give back, look to where you are broken and look to what stories YOU have walked. THAT is what you will do in this lifetime. You will give the correction of what you had to learn the hard way. What you learn, you teach. And this incarnation gave you tools to personally learn through walking specific things. And those tools will be used to assist others and to give back about what you REALLY know -- and would like them to also know.

This energy will help us feel on purpose in speaking clearly about the lives we would like to be living. It's about having hope that the crop will grow if you do everything to keep it watered and safe from the unpredictable elemental expressions.

Our arrows are shooting towards new ideas on how things need to be. We are coming alive with a force, as if we have been asleep for years. EXPECT to feel like you have woken from something and now you feel stoked to get full on into this other thing and to live it to the max.

We are done with how the old world wants to keep things so low vibe. It's time to come together and grassroots our way to a better community feeling where we really care about one another and want to dialogue with keeping things going into proactive areas of correction. The old has got it SO WRONG – and we feel it more than ever as we also feel fired up to BE the change.

In some area of your life, you now are woke to wanting to do the work and keep at paving the way for a future for our children and for your dreams. What you see, will grow. See peace of mind for ALL beings, and for all who suffer, to be filled with grace and blessings showing them that we are going to be okay. We got this together.

Write a story about how a pattern in your life IS CHANGING -- and now you get to do things your way. What would you choose for? If you could have it all, what story would you see yourself living? Start over and write fresh material. Value your creativity and believe in yourself. Talk like you are divine and love on money like it’s your best friend.




This new moon is going to be when you see that things are starting to change, and it will have you expressing in new ways. There is a lot of energy moving around and getting you situated into new positions that deal with you letting go of how you think the world is supposed to be. You releasing control, on what is trying to control you, is to usher in a new stance you will be taking. Expect to feel like you want to rebuild projects or go back into ideas on how to sustain yourself through your creative gifts. This is to be when you really find faith in yourself again and will allow your opinions to be where you are taking the lead. Expect to stand up against others who are trying to dominate you – but to see that you are able to make your thoughts known and to shift them through your impact. This feels like you are being asked to move with what you feel even if others are trying to get you to feel this other thing. You are to see that you need to lead the way but to do it where you are valuing yourself from the get go and don’t need affirmation from others. This is about you coming forward with bold actions towards carving out new paths to travel. And doing so is to open a creative spell with all these ideas on how to share your creativity and write new stories about how this next chapter is going to be. There will be inspiration from people around you and this is to get you opening to a new path that you hadn’t considered. People are impacting your moves, but you still need to see that your independent actions, motivated from taking a stand against what is cold and brittle, is what brings in the inspired thoughts that will lighten your load and get you seeing that its going to be okay. So, you need to go and do what you think is best EVEN if others are warning you and they question your moves. This time is about change and turning in a new direction that will reap better rewards. Watch for signs around your neighborhood and expect conversations that help you see that you have been hiding natural drives to do certain things, and people in some way help you wake up to the error of your ways. This also says that you will be feeling more compassionate with what got you to this point in life, but you will be gunning it forward in a totally different way. You also may be coming across like a steam roller and this is where you need to be! Don’t back down from what you want to accomplish. See that nothing will stand in your way and that this is YOUR time to switch gears and start seeing new results because of what you are releasing that you allowed in the past. Be clear in your mind and value the dream you see for a new garden that needs you patiently and lovingly watering the seeds.


This new moon is to be when you really start to come alive again with new ideas on how you want to support yourself through doing something with the group. Your mind is about to be awoken with new ways you want to use your gifts to make a difference. You are going to be thinking about what matters and how you really want to be living and giving of your things. You may be wanting to simplify, but to also broaden your reach where you go for things that others think of as impossible. When you slow down and really think about what YOU WANT, you may discover that it has you wanting to do more diverse things in life. It can have you wanting more down time with friends or more time to work on rebuilding what needs more compassionate consideration. You also may feel like you are DONE with the outer world and really feel a new inspiration wanting you to create something that gets you impacting more people. You may feel like parts of you are waking up again to old dreams and more understanding about the slow and mysterious process. You may even be thinking of doing a retreat or a reset button that allows you to start over in how you function and see your place in the world. You will be FULL of ideas over the next few weeks where things just connect, through synchronicity and being exactly where you need to be in order to receive opportunities. Watch closely for the signs and know that they are getting you to a new crop of land where the living will be different – and it will all mean something to you. What before you didn’t think of as all that important, now you will see it as sacred and something you really want to give your time to. Things may shift you ever so slightly into the light, but it will be enough to get the waters running in a different direction. This means things are near you and connecting and changing because of the players around you. But ultimately, small steps lead to amazing new views that you will think of as dream come true. You will appreciate what you before took advantage of because it was so familiar, and the time away will help you REALLY make the most of the time you have left. Expect to be very unpredictable and to make choices that others don’t think of as solid and sure. You are to be moving into a new cycle around listening to your body, gut and intuition and allowing mysterious forces to be what gets you making the changes and new decisions. This means you will have to believe in yourself even when you don’t have any proof that this will pay off. You are being asked to dream for the best upgrades there could be – and then to wait for all the magic to find you. You are going beyond in order to show us the way. And this new chapter needs you investing in your gifts and trusting that the tides of change are going to be inspirational moves that catapult you into big stability. Things will feel like they fall apart before they come together – so allow your emotions to be clear as day and to speak about what doesn’t feel okay.


This new moon is going to set you free to release some old pattern that NOW you see you don’t need to BE. This is when you really start waking up to wanting to walk a different life than the one you signed up for through following the ways of the old world programming. There is a lot in your mind and heart that deals with a dream that makes you feel valued. Something is changing and will arrive in its own perfect timing, but it needs you expressing your feelings and opening your throat to be honest EVEN if it makes others uncomfortable. You are to be shooting outside of the lines and going boldly into what NOW feels right – even if these are new discovery feelings in you. There is a lot you have hid behind and allowed to just be. But you are changing like nothing before, and the cycles of grief ARE REAL. Allow a new story to come from your soul and be clear with your boundaries so that you are free to express your strong feelings. There is a lot that is here that wasn’t here before – and you are learning to process this with patience and deep trust. There are going to be situations that deal with you not having results just yet but needing to keep with the dream of what you want to see grow. Make sure that you spend time daily working on growing the visions of change you would like to see. You are to go full-on into seeing that solutions are on the way and that it all can be rebuilt. You are to see that all this life walking is going to get you with valid talking that WILL have us seeing you different. And what you are thinking about now is being a different person in the eyes of others and showing other sides that just now are growing wings to express. Expect for others to land in your path and for it to inspire you to want to reach out and collaborate or do things with the group that will further your dreams. Things are going to come slow then fast with this energy -- as going around the bend of the corner will reveal a new steam and energy to do more and to be focused on making a difference or working with others to move things forward. When you get lifted into the new feeling, you are going to feel inspired and motivated to want to reach out and be a better person for those who matter to you. The changes we will see deal with the volcano inside of you that has other plans on how things need to be. It's time for you to take the lead and step into co-creating with the Great Mystery. Your truth matters. And your feelings will bring this to the surface FOR GOOD REASON. You can trust yourself. Step into something that helps you feel free.


This new moon is going to have you dreaming a new dream about a new role and a new place you want to leap into. It is going to be a full space where you WILL have to wait, but where you are being asked to go beyond where you have been and to really get clear on what your feelings have to say about things. This is when you will appraise your last year and it will have you wondering about how to get to certain new goals. Do know that many things can have you feeling like you messed it all up and there are so many things you wish you would have done better. Do know that all the new spaces you are giving yourself permission to move into can only be birthed from tight squeezes that ask you to go with the flow and trust that the end result will be what you hope it will be. This means you WONT KNOW often and it can have you going into memory lane or fantasy land. Just keep hopeful and see that all glass ceilings can be broken through and that just because you decided for certain things in your past doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get to the summit in this lifetime. From what presses you into thinking mistakes were made, you will grow a new steam to kick ass on goals for how you want the outer world to be. You are ABOUT to move into action and it’s all about getting you into a new path where you are leading more with how things make you feel. It's about using your voice to value the impact you are here to make on others. It's about being with people who see you and seeing how that gets you to blossom and thrive in new ways. Friends will be important, and there is something about interactions that will open you to opportunities that deal with your career or ideas you have about how to rebuild what you thought was a place you wanted to be. You are to be spending more time in silence and without the distractions keeping you following along as things have been. From retreat spaces, you will wake to inspiration that answers questions about how to assert towards ideas for growth. Start your day with meditation and you will see new ways to do what feels blocked and impassable. You also may feel overwhelmed by strong emotions that will ask you to pull within and find compassion about something or someone who let you down or who you are letting down. The old you magnetized situations that now you won’t feel in harmony with – and it’s on you to show yourself in a way where you bring the peace as you come out of the dark and reveal your truth. Something is about to rise and it’s cooking now and letting you know that it IS okay to dream for better things. What you dream is cooking into a reality where you will be this different person for the world. So trust this process and be STOKED for how high you are about to go because of where your intuition guides you so.


This new moon is all about getting you to go to places you never imagined you would go and to stop allowing guilt or shame to keep you from the dream. It’s about letting go of the ways you stay rigid with how you were programmed to be and with the decisions you are expected to make. It's about letting go of worrying about going outside the lines and not sticking with the step by step playbook. This is when you are to write a new story where you show up more as the rebel who is ready to live life for real and with passion towards making the most of things. You will be thinking about others and something that is a bit off in the distance. You are dreaming about growing something and having it be what helps you go beyond the walls you before were content to stay within. You may have pains in wanting to reach out and to explore new ways to upgrade your life. Be with these far out visions and keep locked to the farthest point as you remain patient with seeing that the solutions will come when the time is just right. You are to shift into a glass half full perspective where you keep looking and waiting for something to arrive that is the piece of the puzzle that allows other views to be made clear. You are being asked to value that you have things that the world needs and that you DO have a home in these changing times that are moving you to express in new ways. You are to use your throat and to know that you need to value your impact and be there in all the ways people show up and need something from you. Things are matching your thoughts around your creative gifts and HOW to support and sustain yourself through what is natural about you. Watch the signs and expect WILD AMOUNTS of synchronicity that is aligning you to things you need to discover. You may be with fantasies around what is still hidden and unrequited or not yet in reality. Work with this as you bring a new level to your reality that has yet to be seen. Allow yourself to be with the dreams, to see that they will be even better than you could imagine -- and understand that the deep feelings are letting you know that something is here, and it WILL match the value that you are feeling for yourself. This means you are in discoveries of the soul that get you wanting to reach for more and to make a bigger impact with your career or in the life that you next want to live. DO be aware that this is a long process that now is being given some sort of reward or treat to keep you with it, but then you will go into the retreat to digest what you just took on. This basically says, trust that you are in a process and don’t let go of valuing the feelings that are moving you to step up and stand solid in a new reality manifesting for you. It’s time to break the rules and go towards what feels like it breathes life into you.


This new moon is going to be all about showing you what is messed up with the world and your take on it. This means you will see things through the mirror and will be letting go of old ways you haven’t seen yourself as important and are expecting less than from life. Whatever is here that tangles with you is something you need to value yourself through so as to create better contracts with others where your voice rises even if they challenge you to stay in the status quo. This is when you are to see how wrong things are but to also grow stronger in wanting to do something about it or to take the lead in bringing a correction that gets things going in a healthier direction. Things MAY feel extra heavy in how they hit you and get you feeling insecure or as is if you don’t have any right to exist. You can travel through some spaces where you feel let down and are not where you thought you would be. This may deal with partnership and ideas on how you hoped things would be. There may even be thoughts around death and transformation and all the things that were a surprise and that backlashed and hit you after the fact when you thought you had moved beyond this. Expect things to show that it is time for a new pattern and new patient steps taken towards a new spot on the mountain. This means you may be surprised by how you are feeling called to grow but this is where you need to stand up and share your creative things and what you most love to talk about. Your ideas for growth are artistic in nature and where you can expand things to be what supports you and sustains you doing what is your natural gifts. So focus on the farthest point, dedicate yourself to seeing through each step -- and value that each one leads to the next. You ARE going places and this time is getting you through the backed up material that gets you accepting a lower position that doesn’t really give you the light you will desire. Something also needs you seeing for a new view that deals with being an authority and sharing the depth or wisdom. It’s time to speak up and write a new chapter about how you are going to rebuild your reputation so that you can bring more passion to your life. You are going to be done with not going for what your heart is saying and following along because you committed to what you THOUGHT would be something else. You may be feeling different as you get older and now want for different things. Draw strong boundaries and assert into the challenges as they will reveal the new way. Pressure will birth you into better form. So be brave and bold as you draw your lines and write a story about true love being on the horizon.


This new moon is going to inspire you to rise out of some old pattern that deals with messages you saw in your formative years. Something that steered you wrong and got you buying into the fear of what can be, is to come through and connect so as to show you that you CAN let this go and you don’t have to keep seeing what you saw in your past. This time CAN feel heavy because it’s going to the core in order to snap you awake and get you drawing boundaries around things that other people would not allow in. You are learning to value the depth of who you are and how that got you to want to please others or bend and flow how they wish you would go. But now, you are waking up to your power and will be seeing to the other side of obstacles that got you feeling stuck. So be patient as you uncover layers that need you being more loving with the experience so as to see that you are stronger because of this. It's time for you to go next level in how you process the pain in your life, and see it priming you for roles where you DO get to be someone that moves us and supports us through the healing process. Where you go, and from where you have been, you now are to be writing a hero’s story and with something taking you to greater heights because of moving through this and allowing it to be what it needs to be. This means you are encouraged to lay down your arms and to let go of thinking that anyone or anything controlled you to the point you won’t get the life you dream for. This energy wants you to forgive yourself and forgive others for how wounded we all may be. It’s time to let go of what did not support you and now open to rebuilding and replenishing something that DOES. That calls from your own throat where you rise above being the victim who is being punished -- and into the one who accepts the challenges and knows they are stepping stones to a better life. You are going through a transformation that deals with you showing up with unapologetic convictions and clarity around justice. Your relationships will change at this time, and something may reveal to finally show you the way. You may need to step out of your normal routine in order to open to inspiration or opportunities that will expand your mind and open you to what you haven’t seen before. This is a great time to travel alone and to put yourself in places where you can connect with others that you aren’t expecting to run into. Something is going to hit you with a surprise, and it will be what shows to let you know you are on the right path. It may be a sign and with someone around you connecting something that YOU TOO need to dream for. Shoot some new arrows and send them off with wishes on how they can manifest you a new view and new role to be for the world.


This new moon is going to take you to deep places where you will be making connections about your past and the relationship challenges you have at this time. You are to tap into something that helps you fully let go of how you were communicating and engaging or needing to be right or on top. There will be a new view forming which will inspire you to step into a different role and show yourself as someone who is wiser from the road traveled. You are being asked to be in the confusing situations that have many details and much that keeps you in limbo as you wonder – but to be there with a mind that is focused on seeing the light and hoping for glass have full results. You are to be the detective or the doctor and seek for a diagnosis that waits to receive and values the process of discovery. You are being asked to show yourself in a slower way that isn't trigger focused on defense. It's about you balancing out your energies so that you have stronger boundaries and hold yourself in a higher esteem as someone who is here to bring the harmony and beauty in things. You should really be wanting to express more of your art and to focus on your creative gifts as being what others see you for. You also can be deep in the shadows of your past moves, and it can have you regretting what you wish you wouldn’t have taken so personally or made such a big deal about. What hits you to the core was a spot that has been hit before. And whoever is on your mind is someone who needs to see you bringing the peace in order to bridge things into a better order. Just know that you are changing deep patterns about yourself that you allowed because of how strong your nature is. This time may humble you and get you feeling fear for what is before you SO THAT you see what you need to let go of and transform into a new way of being. This can have you feeling bonked on the head and brought down to reality, but it is to get you seeing what before you weren’t looking at clearly. This is to lighten your load and get you into a better view for how you want to grow and expand into a new path or level of expertise. So be honest as you look at all the hidden elements rising to the surface and keep your mind KNOWING this is healing you and bringing energy towards moving you into more prestigious positions that match the depth of your skills. This is making you stronger and getting you into true form. But peeling back the layers is not always what we think it will be. So let go and allow your body to speak and your mind to trust the process of transmutation. What rises from you will be raw power that WILL energize you.


This new moon is going to bring in a new chapter where you will be going back into old dreams and things that you love to do so as to step into a new role where you will be giving of yourself in different ways. You may feel like you are looping back into spaces and aren’t really sure of what is going on with the changes. Do know you will see into many sides before you finally ground into what is to move you in new ways. You may feel triggered by others, or they will in some way play a part in the redesign of your role and how you want others to see you. This means things can come that can confuse you or you may see sides in others that you aren’t used to. Just know, this is teaching you how to step stronger into something that works to heal or bring balance to situations. It’s time to step stronger into doing what is your passion and valuing the work you do that helps others love themselves or love their bodies. With this change of energy, you will want to do more and will be better at keeping with the jobs that are in front of you as you know they will be clearing the way for you to feel better about yourself. This is when you are to go back and assert towards showing others who you are with your heart on your sleeve and honesty being your main motive. People will be on your mind because there is something you can do to be the bridge that gets things flowing harmoniously again. This time is to show you that your peoples are important to you, and they play a part in helping you become the person you want to be. You will feel sad and lonely if you don’t have close friends right now and it is to get you being the connector that invites the love back into your life. You are going to be more creative and wanting to bring more beauty into your daily scene, but also there will be feelings of insecurity around certain aspects. Where you feel insecure, plant seeds of this being something really important about you and where you will put focus in growing it stronger. See that insecurity with your creativity or heart’s desire is WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE when you aren’t fully cooked yet. It's not a bad thing! At this time, the energy wants you putting steam into where you feel unsure and keeping with things even if they aren’t ready to be born just yet. Transform your mindset and focus on the great places you will one day be. Commit to the discipline in working your new world into place. Stay positive in seeing that you deserve to be loved on and that your foundation of support CAN start over and reboot into what you dream it can be. You don’t need all the answers in order to move towards what feels like it values you.


This new moon is going to show you that many things have been going on beneath the surface and NOW signs of life will show you that your scene is about to change. You will feel that things are starting to pick up and you may have more than you planned on your plate. What moves within your foundation is to get you to another location where you will be able to focus more on your soul’s purpose gifts and in wanting to create spaces where you feel like you love what you get to do. This means pieces will come together to show you that now a gateway is opening and something from your past that deals with where you thought you would be is going to start moving forward again. It seems that when you really tune into what you love to do, and open to seeing how this is important about you, and a gift you need to share with others, then you will be giving yourself permission to do something FOR YOU. Expect that you start to move in different ways or will appear older and wiser to others from something you are letting go of about how you thought things had to be. When you finally listen to your own heart and transform your ideas on aging and time passed, you will see that you want to write MANY new stories and will even come up with new ideas on how to do your creative arts and get more into designing a new chapter. This is when you will be pulling together strings that did not have ends meeting and you will see that you just needed to wait and be patient. Things will come alive in order to show you that cycles are crucial and down is not a bad thing. You need the rest and the healing spaces in order to awaken passion that gets you changing your routine around things. You almost need the stuck situations and dead end feeling outcomes in order to birth yourself into perfected form, where you really SEEK FOR what will make you happy and keep your mind feeling satisfied with all that you accomplish. DO BE AWARE that you will feel a big shift at this time, but before it shifts, you may feel like a backed up pipe that can’t see straight and only feels the pressure of what is not moving. YOU ARE being tested to stay glass half full even if you don’t know where you are going or how things will finally fall into place. This energy wants you going one step at a time, and with an upgraded mindset that KNOWS it’s all going to work out just fine. You ARE to be working magic and it all comes from you letting go of how you judge the process because of how the old world marketed you to be a certain way. It's time to STOP FOLLOWING the old guidebooks. Move your body to a new drum beat that needs you doing things that FEEL GOOD TO YOU – then, go one trusting step at a time.


This new moon is to reboot your creative offerings as it will birth a new drive to communicate what you love to do. Things will be returning where you get another chance to go for something and to expand with your creativity where you go out to manifest a new world for yourself. This is when you will see something that makes your heart open to the magic of the Universe, and it is to plant new seeds about how you DO have so much to offer and ARE gifted in a special kind of way. This energy wants things to rain down on you that get you feeling important OR where you now start drawing up plans on HOW to get into positions that help you feel important. You will be aware of old patterns where you have allowed your mind to accept the road and to not go outside the lines because you didn’t want to experience rejection or to feel confirmation that you don’t have a place in the world. Something kept you falling in line – and something now is going to wake you up so that you tune into your feelings and into the mysterious potential that your heart is leading you into. There will be new love or new things to enjoy that get you feeling super stoked for how you want to do your life different. This is about you getting into life and into doing more with staying driven towards sharing what you know and what you would love to teach. What is to wake you up is to get you seeing for the light in things where you aren’t so focused on the limitations you have seen for so much of your life. It's when you are to get carefree about the heavy things and just trust that the win is on the way, and this is all getting you into position. It’s time for you to put your heart on your sleeve and just keep it real about seeing that love will save the day and you don’t have anything to worry about. This energy wants you being more playful with your creativity and throat --and use it to understand how you need to be rewired into someone who thinks they are a star. We need you talking bigger and shooting farther with what is totally unique about you. And then we need you with all the bright colors as you broadcast this with deep faith in yourself. You ARE to be taking some risk of the heart where you shoot off into something that doesn’t come until the very last minutes. You will be tested to trust yourself and to expect that what you need will be what you get. Be SUPER conscious of your communications and keep talking like you are the most badass peacock. It’s time to come out of retreat.


This new moon is to reboot you 100% into something that holds you better and helps you to rebuild or plan out some new way to assert your creative gifts. You will be letting go of an old path that was your reach or the idea you had about making a difference in the lives of others. What falls away was not really valuing you and it kept you following the obligation or pressure to keep with an old path that doesn’t bring you passion. Things will change as you focus on growing the new crop that needs you paying attention to each step of the journey. You also will be wanting to slow down in life and appreciate the simple aspects of what is around you. You may be starting to build a new project or give it more value in your life. You are to put more energy into being creative and doing what you love to do with your hands. This is when you are to come back to crafts or cooking or doing things that help you feel connected to something that is here now -- and away from something that is media influenced. You will be starting over with a chapter that TRULY begins right now. You may even feel shocked at how much things just changed and how your mind is singing a new song. Allow yourself to see that you deserve the new bounty and now it’s on you to keep it growing. Your body will be needing more attention and you are to spend time focusing on what feels like a yes -- and what feels like a no. Something about this energy is helping you grow stronger in hearing what your body tells you -- and it would behoove you to dialogue often in understanding how your body speaks when it wants you to know yes versus no. This is to help you make better decisions about changing paths and going against what conditioned you to be a certain way. This time is a fresh start that wants you talking different about your past as you use words that value the journey you had to take. There were no mistakes, but this is a new day here asking you to write a story about how amazing this next chapter is going to be. Move the energy and invest in what helps showcase your voice and idea on things. This is also a great time to start over with your mother or with people around you who did not support you in the ways you needed. Be a bridge of the new and let go of the past. Love your way to a new future. You will likely move foundations at this time, and it is going to be what ushers in a fresh new energy that gets you believing again. You will be finding a space that supports you doing more in the world by helping you use your throat to express your brilliant ideas. Invest in what feels like a better nest.

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I was thinking about the colors (Aquarian) in your post and how I’m a peacock and bam, universe spoke and you mentioned it in this new moon reading. Thanks

Crystal May 31, 2022

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