THURSDAY 29 December

Hello Mercury Retrograde! This one is going to be SO GOOD! It's all about us FINALLY rebuilding and starting over again with career/world view ideas we had when our ego was thinking it was in total control of our destiny. As we surrender and step down from our high horses, we see that there are better paths and spaces to execute our dreams. Just like someone who takes a job paying less because it adds more to their quality of life. You can sell out and only chase money, or you can chase what will make you happy. We ALL will be making changes over the next 3 weeks that deal with correcting how we have been chasing after the programming and the old world ways that have conned us into thinking money is the only reason for being here.

Expect many surprises and twists and turns this time that are asking you to surrender and allow what needs to be to be. Don’t even think you know a thing with this Mercury Retro Session because it is to get us building better where we surrender and allow a process to take place WITHOUT us micromanaging and thinking it has to be one particular way. This time will be about YOU getting out of your way and seeing that there IS a higher plan in place.

Things WILL reverse at this time as it sort of pulls us backwards to redo what we thought was good enough. Things just good enough are rarely actually good enough and it’s just a way we appease ourselves to accept what is here and to NOT believe and dream and WAIT for something better. This time will be all about waiting and even going to the edge of the cliff where time is ticking -- and THEN what you need will appear.

Expect last minute things to change and to keep you on your toes wondering! But just know, things are all for your good and what is yours IS YOURS, so there is no reason to worry or do your old way thinking that sees you NOT having a place in the world. It’s time to embody royalty and to expect that what you need will arrive in its own perfect timing and NOT how you think things need to be. What comes late, will be great. What you force through your will or through scarcity feels will NOT work out as you planned. So surrender, expect the best and know that things come in the last hours! We just have to trust that we are where we need to be and that what shows up is to help us build a better dream.




MOON DEGREES: 28 Pisces to 10 Aries (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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