So! Lets go deeper into what we explored yesterday! We are radically waking in seeing how we have judged things that merely are being conditioned as per higher powers. There are hidden agendas to keeping people operating in certain ways -- and where we BE at any given time encourages that, like standing in front of a fan. If you are around people who support your ideologies and see the light that you are, you show up as such. If you are around people who question you or who think the way that you are is wrong, you MAY show up as such. We fall into the wounded, or healed, expression of what others expect of us.

So we are waking up to WHERE we place ourselves that we are in conflict in the collective consciousness of that space. And, we wake up to this perspective WHEN we stop judging each collective consciousness impression. Like, how I talked about always not resonating with certain states that are big and loud with their opposing viewpoints.

And in feeling this way I ended up stereotyping the majority of those who reside under these ideologies -- as WE ALL ARE COLLECTIVELY BEING MANIPULATED TO DIVIDE THINGS. The collective consciousness of these times is in getting you to hate SOMEONE and to not let go. To use all your energy focused and fixated into NOT resonating with someone or some type of peoples. And if we spend our energy there, we waste the moment and the better things we could be creating for ourselves. WE can't sit in shit talk and not find ourselves in a pile of shit feeling lives.

And algorithms DO want to provoke you and fuel your fires. Just how in 2016 only some of us were targeted and inundated with certain messages intended to shift the narrative. It didn’t happen to everyone, only those picked to spread this new way. And the messages now come to affirm and confirm so that people get even madder about all they learn. Just like how when you learn about the treatment of animals you get mad at people who don’t want to know and who don’t want to change. The more we learn, the more we get mad.

BUT we have to NOT get mad at the people because we all are just tools for this bigger thing. We need to get mad at the bigger thing – and then we need to VALUE ALL LIVING THINGS in bringing the new world into position. None of us can help what imprints us. We have these families and backgrounds and synchronistic situations that fill us up with what we will believe to be true.

We were there for good reason and others were where they were for good reason. So we need to leap out of judgment of any peoples -- and instead raise our attention to what programmed them to be that way. Because IF we stay focused on the hatred and division of actual people or types of people, we throw our own lives away. Only someone who doesn’t love and value THEMSELVES would agree to that. Think about that.

What do you need to let go of that will liberate your own life to manifest better things? Who can you not control, that needs you not trying to? People are going to do what they learned to do. So teach a better way with love and grace as we show others a more compassionate way to be on God’s green Earth.


If we stay focused on the hatred

and division of actual people

or types of people,

we throw our own happiness away.

Because you can't be happy

If you hate.

Only someone who doesn’t love

and value THEMSELVES

would agree to that.

Think about that.


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