This day has so much energy to it!!! Get ready to feel like you are really being taken into a new perspective that shifts you dramatically. We all are being programmed and collective consciousness is like a dome that surrounds geographical areas. But there are ulterior motives in programming you in certain ways. Mainly they always are to support certain people making money. It all tends to boil down to money. So we are manipulated to serve this lower vibrating idea BECAUSE of the dominance in trying to get us to believe one way or the other.

Most of you don’t know, but in this particular country out there you won't see many people with Down syndrome, in a wheelchair or with ANY visible disability. You just don’t see them because in that country they are viewed as being “defective” -- and the government offers to take your baby, even if they have just a heart murmur, and they keep them in these barracks to live out their lives hidden from the rest of the world. These babies USED to be able to be adopted by Americans but not anymore.

Basically, the government says, YOU have to pay for this child if you keep it BUT you won't have to pay a thing if we take it from you. And to most of you reading this, who were born under another collective consciousness way of thinking, you would be shocked to hear this. But if you were born in this place, this is how it goes, so it's seen as normal and even a blessing that they don’t have to be burdened with the money and extra care to raise a special needs child. It is presented in a way that attempts to make it understandable.

WE ALL are under a certain tent where we are convinced that certain things are okay. Like, eating animal meat without even thinking of the conditions that brought it to the store shelves. Like, thinking that white skin is superior, or men are more powerful than women. We all are under a tent that conditions us to believe in what our “masters” want us to believe, whether that be the president or the management teams of each state. This is why the East Coast mentality is SO different from the West Coast. Or the southern states are SO different from the Pacific Northwest. It's why San Francisco is SO different from Los Angeles. It's why New York is SO different from Miami or Dallas. Each place gives you a view that you buy into as being the truth.

This is also why we need to move and migrate to places or jobs or positions or thought patterns that feel good in our bodies where the ideologies are a match. I did not find Santa Fe to be a comfortable energy, which is very similar to Los Angeles vibes, but I LOVE Taos, which is very similar to San Francisco vibes. I felt constant pressure when living in an area that didn’t resonate, whereas the shifts took me to something where now I feel totally supported and at ease.

Some things are like sitting on a 3-legged chair, with the 4th leg missing, where it takes SO MUCH ENERGY to sit in something that doesn’t fit. Things are loud and annoying when they don’t fit. But just like a smoke alarm, this is just a warning to look around at what else is going on. We need to be open to solutions and ways to bring in the stability and empowerment we seek. BUT. We also need to get smarter in seeing the illusion that keeps us supporting lower-vibrating things. We are here because the programming filled our minds with ideas that THIS is the way to be, but most of the ways we see are NOT full of integrity and value for all living things. And if you love God, then you need to love all the living things that God created – PERIOD. And not just the ones with specific traits that were man-made interpretations. Most religions hate on so many specific traits! They HATE on OTHER THINGS that WERE created by the God they follow. And all because of the programming, or marketing, getting them to think this way.

So, be open to seeing that something got you to believe what you believe and if it doesn’t take into consideration compassion for all, it's just keeping you smaller than you could be. And when you make the shift, you WILL see clearly into how you NOW want to be. When you understand how you are collectively being manipulated, you gain power in allowing people to be who they appear to be. They think one thing because of what feeds them, but now you know, it's not the ultimate truth even if the masses believe so.


Just because the powers that be

Want you to believe in something

Doesn’t mean it is the truth

or the best thing for you.

As you vibe higher

You see clearly into what is a low way to be

Even though it's probably

what you bought into before

Without thinking of its gravity.

This is okay.

We all eventually see the error of our ways.

Just always strive to be better

Than you were programmed to be.


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