Moon in aspect to JUPITER

This symbol is the greatest tool with understanding where we are with our inner growth! Jupiter will show us if we are right on track by making whatever it is FEEL LARGER and more dramatic. If we are in a great mood, we will feel AMAZING when the Moon comes into contact with Jupiter. If we are in a bad mood, then this same transit will feel HORRIBLE, in that everything happening feels way out of control and pushes us to the max. So know that. This is an important transit to watch! If you are in the negative space, look closer into the situation and see how YOU can learn and grow from what you are seeing. What needs a new and fresh perspective on your part? What needs a dose of the positive?

This transit will also bring more dramatic reactions on your part to what is going on around you. So you may overreact to something someone has said or done. You will be very much like a detective, in a way, with wanting to understand other people’s motives, what moves them to do what they are doing. You may want to study others as you will feel fascinated with human behavior. This energy also tends to have you wanting to be around others and to share space with many different people. You will make connections at this time with the similarities you share with others. Moon/Jupiter will OFTEN bring the desire to overeat! This transit WILL bring a very lucky opportunity, even if you do not see it as that in the moment. Keep your mind open! This is happening to ultimately expand something in you!



For this symbol, imagine that the cross is a person who has a bow and arrow and is shooting their curiosity to learn and expand in life THROUGH that arrow. So the curve is the bow, pulling back and getting ready to shoot their questions and ponderings out into the universe. This is my favorite symbol! I love to work with it and I love to draw it even more! This guy makes everything bigger, no matter what it is. When you draw this symbol imagine that you are setting your sights on something bigger in life, and just watch what magic he has in store for you!



Use this symbol when you want to GROW or EXPAND something in your life. This is a mystical symbol, so it also can bring miracles of good fortune! When you need a MIRACLE use this one, but ALSO put your trust in him! Don’t ask for a miracle and then sit there worrying… KNOW that he will take care of you and once you ask, it shall be granted in its perfect timing.



I am manifesting my heart’s desire.
I am open to hearing what I still need to heal about myself.
I am open to growing and learning more about who I am.
I wonder what the answer is….
I am asking for a miracle in regards to this situation.
I am asking for guidance with this situation.
I am asking to see another side of why this is happening to me.
I am asking for the highest perspective to permeate me.
I trust this process. I trust my life. I am learning from my lessons.
I am open to what you are mirroring for me to see.

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