Moon in aspect to SATURN

When the moon transits Saturn you can expect that something will occur to test concerning the gifts you are here to offer. At this time you may question your wisdom, or whether you are really walking your talk. A woman or someone in authority who is questioning you will often provoke something, or possibly they may think they are better than you. You will question your power at this time or will somehow feel limited or held back. You may also feel held back from expressing affection for others, OR you are learning a lesson about how you are on and off with people who are giving you care or love. This can be something with pushing people away when they want to care and love on you.

You will likely be pulled into your thoughts at this time and want to be alone to process something. You may want to escape from all the people who need something from you. There may be arguments with family members or something with feeling how limited you were in your formative years. You can be waking to something that inhibits you now and this will mean you need to tell a new story at this time and create a new pattern, right now. There also may be something with not being able to follow through on a promise made, and this will have you feeling depressed and not good enough. Just do what you can and let the rest go.



For this symbol, imagine that the cross represents US and that we may have all these visions of who we THINK we are and how we THINK we are good to go and ready to be these high vibrational examples for others, but truly, until we have grounded our lessons, and walked our talk, and REALLY know what we are longing to offer to others, we are NOT ALLOWED out into the world to be the teachers and guides. This is the one that grooms us through trials and tests on the pursuit of our dreams. When you draw this symbol, first draw the line going down, then the halfhearted extension that is going down into the Earth, and LASTLY the cross up top. Imagine that the cross part powerfully SEALS the symbol. This symbolizes the holiness and perfection of our lessons but recognizes that they do take us way down, to the depth, into places that are quite uncomfortable and hard to balance. With this symbol we need to be open and humble and trusting that the lessons we are learning are FOR our best and are occurring so that we can be the best people we dream of being.



Use this symbol when you are deep in a difficult transit or lesson in life. Draw the cross and anchor that half heart into the ground, and imagine you are a tree in a big windstorm but FULLY GROUNDED and capable of weathering this storm. BEND with things! But KNOW that this will not break you. This is a STRENGTHENING symbol. With the last cross mark of this symbol proclaim: “AND SO IT IS.”



I will get through this.
I trust that this is a part of my learning.
I will continue on and not give up.
I know this is making me stronger.
I know this is grooming me to be a teacher or guide.
Thank you Great Universe for bringing me the lessons that I need in order to grow into the best person I can be.

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