Moon in Cancer

I am Cancer. I am always filtering and sensing what is going on around me to the point I sometimes get confused about what is mine and what is others. I can be moody and changeable as per the flows of the moon phases. Sometimes things hit me so hard that I have to retreat to my cave and be in my own space until I am ready to show again. 



  • People tend to want to hide away and in some manner delve into retreat time or self-care time. Perfect time to take a day off!
  • This is a time when people can feel very defensive and will attack over things that normally don’t phase them.
  • People tend to be very hungry with this moon energy and will find that they have insatiable appetites.
  • People will be thinking about how to improve their home space through reorganizing or day dreaming about a new home item.
  • People can be very emotional at this time and falling into tears when normally things don’t phase them.
  • People are much more concerned about safety, or feeling like they have enough money to sustain them or enough security.
  • People are feeling more intuitive and sensitive about undercover motives. They are feeling things that speak to them from their gut.
  • People tend go back to childhood times in some way with this moon and remember things that were either wonderful or crippling. This a huge nostalgic moon energy! Emotions come to the surface!



  • Write about what is coming up because things ARE coming to the surface. This is a healing space of childhood or support wounds. Things are coming to the surface TO BE HEALED. Don’t push them down! Allow them full reign to release from you!
  • Re-do your home! Get rid of what you don’t really need and put some nurturing touches into your home base. Buy a home, move or make purchases for the home.
  • Create the image of a new beginning with your intentions that comes FROM what you are releasing at this time. Whatever you are letting go of, bring in the image of its opposite.
  • Protect your energy! This is a time to have the crystals and to put yourself in a protective bubble when around others. You are VERY sensitive at this time and will absorb what others are going through!


    For this symbol, draw a small circle that goes off into a larger circle arm and then do the opposite beneath it. Cancer is the Crab, but this symbol represents the breasts, so think of things supportive, nurturing, and life sustaining. Or think of these as loving angelic forces, keeping you safe as if you were in the middle of these arms.



    Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to feel SAFE, SUPPORTED and NURTURED. Also use this symbol when YOU need to soften your approach or bring more gentleness into your perspective.



    I am safe.
    I call in Mama Protection.
    I call in supportive energy.
    I am open to healthy intimacy.
    I am fully expressing my feelings at this time and that is PERFECT.
    I am establishing a safe and secure base to call my home.

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