Moon in Sagittarius

I am Sagittarius. I seek to learn and grow all throughout life. I never stay the same and I evolve from each experience. I always have my eyes on things I want to do in the future, and moving is a big part of what opens my eyes to new realities. I work to create understandings with others and am not so divisive or quick to cast others out. I am the best friend because I don't expect you to be anything other than who you are. I am honest and direct and not going to tap dance around what needs to be faced. 



  • People tend to be very focused on thinking of ways to further their life goals. This is the number one time when people decide to go back to school or to start learning a new trade.
  • People tend to feel claustrophobic with this energy and will act irrationally, like a caged animal, if they are feeling held back or limited by anything or anyone.
  • People tend to feel VERY hopeful, like they really can make great changes in their life. This especially comes after the claustrophobic feelings that MOVE them to do something to change their life.
  • People tend to be changeable at this time… so the moods will shift quickly from depression to elation and vice versa.
  • People can also tend to be a bit over the top with feeling like they can change the world and do ANYTHING!
  • This is a time when people tend to discover something, or when they see something connect where before it had confused them. This can be where they couldn’t figure out what to do or how to move this thing forward and then suddenly, when the Moon comes into Sagittarius, the answer appears! This is a HUGE time for getting inspiration or an answer to a long held, confusing problem.
  • People tend to be talking more about religious, philosophical or political ideals. Conflicts, of course, can arise. People tend be opening their minds at this time. Things just seem clearer and there is the ability to expand consciousness THROUGH things that are foreign or outside of the immediate environment. Trips to foreign lands can REALLY bring permanent and dramatic shifts at this time!



  • Make changes to your website, or anything that is publishing or advertising related. This is the moon to wait for when you need to integrate new and better ways to share your wisdom or creations with others. Start a new learning program, especially when it is something spiritual or philosophical, like yoga.
  • Buy tickets for a trip or PLAN the trip NOW. Put the dream out there that you ARE going to move or go on this journey.
  • Do something that is about taking a risk or jumping off a cliff. This is a time to come out of the comfort zone and do something you would never have thought you could do.
  • Do something out in nature!!! Insights come when you are out in nature at this time! Climb that mountain and the answer will come! FOR SURE.
  • EXPECT an answer to come to you. 



This is also the symbol of the archer and centaur. The Sag always wants to shoot their arrow out as they want to know more about things OUT THERE. The cross line in the middle represents the desire to keep things on the high, on the positive, and on the HOPE. The cross line is where they want to STOP, as they do not want to go to the negative of things or down beneath the line marking. With this sign it IS important to go down beneath the line because those journeys become the substance of what MOVES them to shift to a higher perspective. They must walk the lows too in order to truly make impacts in sharing the vision of the HIGH life or the high vibrating ways. This also shows how they have to get out of the intellectualized wisdom, which means out of the books, and ONTO the road and INTO truly walking the situations or theories they tend to want to share with others.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you want a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE on a situation in your life. Draw this symbol when you feel like things are negative and you need to understand WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED. Ask to be shown the reason for this teaching. Also use this one when you need to VISUALIZE your dreams that feel SO OUT THERE. This one works best with TRAVEL. So if you dream of moving to or visiting another location, use this symbol. Infuse this symbol with your passion and shoot your dreams out there!



I am bringing my dreams to reality!
I am moving to this location of my dreams!
I am asking for the higher perspective of why this happened to me.
I am jumping off this cliff and taking this risk!
I am manifesting a way to express my ideas to the world.

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