Moon in Scorpio

I am Scorpio. I am full of intensity and all about getting to the bottom of situations. I feel that I know what you need to do and it's hard for me to not share that!  I am passionate and need to be in relationships where I am valued for the gifts I bring.  



  • People are feeling things VERY DEEPLY and can be expressing in passionate and intense ways.
  • People can feel very fixed with whatever is occurring in their lives and will have a hard time switching gears or letting it go.
  • People will tend to be focused on matters that relate to debts or money, or things that are rather convoluted and complicated.
  • People tend to have drastic mood changes where they can just SNAP and lash out at others in hurtful ways. This is an energy where we tend to act first and NOT EVEN think later, as we will just want to bury what we have done and not face it, which leads to lessons manifesting later down the road
  • People tend to struggle with others at this time in regards to feeling obstinate and stuck on needing to be right.



  • Delve into deep matter! This can be something like doing your taxes or facing an issue head on. This is a great time to see a therapist, to have a reading done, or to peer into the soul. Intend to get to the bottom of SOMETHING.
  • Commit to changing something about your life or with creating a new pattern. START something new right now because you are FULL of the willpower to do anything you desire!
  • Commit to letting go of some pain, wound or resentment that you know is holding you back! You don’t need this OLD WAY!



Scorpio is the scorpion, the snake and the eagle. This symbol is similar to the Virgo but once the M is complete it moves into an arrow going up. This is a dual natured sign as the arrow on one hand shows how they can say things that have a nasty sting that are very wounding to others (and that always come back to harm them). But once they have transformed this energy and lose some of that attack and “get even” in their natures, they can evolve through the snake by shedding its skin and going through the death and rebirth process in order to become the highest symbol there is, which is the eagle. They travel to the depth in order to rise above and to change their focus so they can express as the highest, noblest beings on the planet. Think of traveling to the depth to clear out the density in order to rise again, lighter, brighter, better than ever.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to GET TO THE ROOT OF A PROBLEM. This one offers WONDERFUL INSIGHT into the truth of murky and confusing situations. This symbol is also great to use with diagnosing illness or disease in the body. You can count 1, 2, 3 with each leg of the M and then ask “WHAT IS IT?” as you draw the arrow. Then, wait for an image to show in your mind. Go with your first image! This one CUTS TO THE TRUTH.



I'm getting to the root of this situation.
I commit to seeing with the Eagle Vision.
I am changing my patterns and improving every day.
I speak with love and compassion.
I know that what I put out there is coming right back to me.

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