Moon in Taurus

I am Taurus. I am slow to anger and patient in what I am here to bring. I stand firm with Earth and long to create a world where there is balance and value in what we see. I love to work with my hands and know that what I create and give to the world makes a difference. I am sensual in all that I do and stubborn to the core if I DON'T want to do something. 



  • People will be feeling the desire to GET GROUNDED, to connect to the Earth, the soil, or with gardening.
  • There may be possible concerns or worries about money!
  • People will be wanting to get their hands into something, like crafts or creative gifts.
  • People will possibly be feeling lazy and unmotivated.
  • Feelings of self worth will be coming to the surface. So situations may drop into your path that have you feeling not good enough or sensitive to feeling that others do not approve of you. People will be wanting to be loved by all, but is this realistic?
  •  People may be coming up with career ideas that utilize their creative gifts. BUT there will be a slow approach and NOT the feeling of wanting to do it all right now.
  • People will feel more stubborn or slow moving.
  • People will be fixed on something that keeps them from moving forward, such as a concern that involves someone elses opinion of them.


  • Do something sensually nurturing, such as getting a massage or having bodywork done.
  • Move forward on plans to create more security in your life.
  • Put intentions and energy into FOCUSING on more money coming into your life.
  • Focus on taking care of business or buying a home… something that brings stability and the feelings of being grounded.
  • Spend time out in nature connecting with the Earth. This is a rebooting time that comes FROM the energy of nature.



For this symbol, draw a circle with a half circle on top of it. Think of a bull when you draw this. Also, the half circle is focused towards the North, or the sky, which shows we are complete with our earthly visions yet need to focus on things more spiritual in order to manifest them.

This is a GROUNDING energy symbol and it will help you stay solid and true with your commitments.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to feel STRONG, STAND FIRM, or FINISH A PROJECT OR JOB and KEEP WITH IT.



I will finish this project.
I believe in myself.
I will follow through with this
dream of mine.
I can handle what comes my way.
I am standing firm on my decision.
I am standing firm with my
commitment to make my life better.
I am valuable!
I deserve to live a luxurious life!

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