The Elements



These signs are action oriented and very much about THINK and DO. They are ready to move on and start over again. They think of the future and are about moving forward on things. Fire signs can be here today and gone tomorrow because FIRE MOVES.



These are the ones who are anchored down into the Earth. They are solid and dependable and will continue on after others have given up and moved onto something else. They enjoy having structure in their life and knowing where the boundaries are before they can move forward. They need things to be safe and secure. Earth signs make decisions and stick with them because EARTH STAYS.



These ones are most in tune with the emotional undercurrents of life. They FEEL YOU and FEEL what you are thinking or going through. They move through life being led by their intuitive senses. These are the psychic ones and the empaths because they feel MOST what is beneath the surface or not visible to the eyes. Logical thinking is not really their thing as they are so tapped into their intuitive sense that they only know to trust the truth of what their gut tells them. They are always encouraged to follow their intuitions OVER what their mind says or what others show them. Water Signs are very emotional because WATER ABSORBS EVERYTHING.



These are the ones who have their eyes tilted upwards. These are the thinkers who want to share messages and things they have discovered. They say things like: “You know what just came to me today…. ?” or, “What do you think about this?” They value feedback and enjoy hearing other opinions. Now because they DO consider so much, it does tend to become hard for them to make decisions or narrow things down. They learn most through trial and error, but at least they now KNOW what didn’t work out or wasn’t for the best! Air Signs can be all over the place with their interests or ideas because AIR SPREADS.

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