The Modalities



Cardinals initiate and start things. These are the ones who say, “Let’s do this!” or, “Let’s get this started!” They love to be in the beginning process of creation. They love to lay down the foundation and to think of all the beginning steps. They may lose interest eventually in the process of bringing the ideas to fruition but only because they are coming up with so many NEW things to create. They prefer to get things started and then to hand them off to a fixed sign.



Mutable signs are all over the place! They can start things; they can stick with things; they can go with the flow and drop things when need be. However, the mutable signs must LOVE what they are doing, otherwise they are OUT OF THERE. In these times now, these are the planets to have in your chart because things are so changeable and constantly shifting. These signs naturally adjust to the changes. They are also the ones who are very curious about WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE.



Fixed signs stick with things. They follow through and continue on until they feel they have done all they can, and THEN they move on to something else. Since they are fixed, they tend to have a more difficult time making changes as they are so focused on what is going on in the here and now. These are the signs that are most dependable in partnerships because they anchor down into this path and intend to just stick with it.

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