DAILY READING for Sunday 30 May

Okay then! Sunday is going in all sorts of directions; and it really seems to be responding to how you start this day. Be ready for surprise and things that will guide you to each step forward. Consider you are in a scavenger hunt. Consider that you will be supported and will come up with the solutions when you need to. Otherwise trust that now pieces come together, connections happen, and solutions to what held you back BEFORE are coming to help make sense of things. When you naturally grow something, that took 5 to 8 years to blossom, you learn to trust the mysterious journey of our unique design. We now get to see sparkle in what we thought was dead and gone. We needed the hidden in order to get us to be inspired by when something reaches the light. Things are JUST ABOUT to turn. Keep digging.


30 May 2021

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. North Node. Uranus.

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