daily reading for SUNDAY 18 july



DO KNOW you got to be super careful in how you walk this day because no matter where you find yourself you will be stuck in what is there. There is something about cement to this day where people will be super fixated and seeing into fears and places of deep emotion. But there is a slim chance that some of you can feel a shift like you are growing into a higher space where you ARE being valued in more powerful ways. This is from something that is a passion of yours and where you do feel depth. An opportunity may come that deals with money and that COULD bring a big shift. If you feel fixated, stay positive about the outcomes! This IS an important piece that will have a new light shining soon. So might as well sit in the dark with a smile on your face! There is something to find so you need to be open to a discovery. If you are planning on staring a new pattern, today is the day. This can be about health or money, but today is the best one to really say, HEY, I’m ready to do this and determined to commit my all. If you have to get cemented into something, might as well make it something that grooms you for a better future! Make the call. Deal with the problem. But go into this head on because it is time to clear the way of this extra baggage.


MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.

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