daily reading for SATURDAY 17 july


Good morning sweet beauties! Today is going to be a doozy for many of you. It's gonna feel real different but where you're definitely feeling like you've been here before and are in some kind of test that deals with letting go of an old response pattern that you had when relating to others. You are to see that there is a way to assert yourself where you are not just bending over backwards to make everyone else happy, but rather where you are owning your right to exist and to have needs that you want to express. People will be super chatty today and maybe even a bit moody and emotional and uncertain and very vocal about that uncertainty. Do what you can to see that in some way it is time to go -- but that your heart is leading the way in this with something that you're feeling like you have to do. But also recognize that sensitivity is a big touchstone right now that is getting us to start over in some kind of way that we've seen ourselves and thus are manifesting people that are challenging us to upgrade. You are being asked to speak from your depths but to not let others overpower you to the point you just become a muddied up mess. Accept that you may get challenged when trying to speak your truth, but still follow through. It is OK to have boundaries and it is also understood that not everyone loves to hear that we have boundaries. Your job today is just to take the high road even when you don't know what's going on and see for the beauty in whatever kind of teaching you're walking through. If it feels heavy today just surrender into the mystery and be excited for whatever discoveries will be made. Seek for resolution and also that at some point you will get to the bottom of what has your attention. Trust and ride this emotional journey being clear with your body feelings every step of the way. It is OK to say no. It is also expected that you will be tired today.



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