DAILY READING for Thursday 17 June

Good morning sweet loves! This day may not go as you planned but it will go as it needs to be. Things change because you are in some illusive space where you are seeing how others affect you and get you to shoot towards hope or towards fear. Pay attention to your mind and see that you ARE learning to have compassion or forgiveness in some way. Something here needs to be let go of in order to elevate your life higher. But don’t think patterns just change on their own. They change because YOU start talking different and acting different and showing yourself in more balanced ways. Seek for a higher way from yourself as if you are the teacher now and here to imprint and lead. You are being asked to BE the better person. Do it and things will shift like you want them to. Go beyond your old way of responding in hurtful ways where you are needing attention. Speak as if all is in order and here to get you to greater lands. See that you are moving beyond spaces where you expect to be victimized. Those days are gone.

17 June 2021


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