daily reading for THURSDAY 22 july

Do know that you are being asked to dream for something way bigger. And a test will come with triggers that will see if you go low with the confusion they bring. DO NOT GO LOW. See that all tests make you stronger and they only come because you are THAT powerful. Your destiny is great and on Karma Earth, the lower you go, the higher you potentially can end up. Eventually you see that all the things that tripped you up are BECAUSE of your important destiny. You need to learn in order to share the bounty that you must first cultivate. Don’t question if it feels like hate, see that you need love. Don’t question if it feels like scarcity, see that you need abundance. Look at what is missing and see how it will one day be a mountain you climb. Transform the way you look to the steps of life and rebuild where things fall apart. Don’t run from what needs a new paint job. Just refurbish and make something valuable because you turned it around and contributed to the betterment of what WAS run down. There is a way to apply the upgrades. See with the eyes of a dreamer. It IS the best way to be.



Sun into Leo.


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