FEB 22 | Tuesday

Good morning! So -- we are still in these strong themes that deal with money, control and the abuse concerning those who have way more than they need when they could do SO MUCH HELP if only their hearts operated like those who really know the struggle in life.

I was talking to my neighbor/best friend in town the other day who only gets $750 a month to live on and with gas hikes her heating bills have been about $400 a month! But this SWEET SOUL asked me the other day if I needed a little money because she thought I was hurting and wanted to help! I was like, MAMA!!! I’m doing okay but that you would extend the very little that you have is SO GOD LIKE. She even got me and my dog a Christmas gift!! She is the kind of human that makes you love humans.

And this is NOT uncommon with people who have traveled the hard road in life. This is why I say it is a blessing to be poor or to lose it all at some time in your life because it humbles you to wanting to be a humanitarian and to help in any small way you can. It creates a heart that wants to assist and be of service. Just like someone who hits rock bottom as an alcoholic and then goes into recovery and wants to be of service to others behind them on the journey. From pain, we want to reach out and help others NOT have so much pain. THAT is the beauty way. 

Many of you are going to feel like you are in a cave of your past patterns or addictions that have brought you to where you are now. DO NOT GET DOWN if you see darkness and situations that you think you can't afford to get yourself out of. BE HAPPY that you are having to work with less or be challenged with parameters that don’t support your instant success. Be in the darkness and trust that you need these situations in order to birth a REAL life into you. 

We all are facing things now that are NOT for the good of our future and are NOT sustainable as they carry the essence of the old world ways that are not about love. EXPECT that you are going to hit into something that moves you in a better way, but that it may feel like a heavy hit that at first gets you into a panic or into thinking that other forces are controlling your destiny in a negative way. Don’t see the dark in what is dark, but instead believe that something will come to set you straight again AFTER you face something that you normally would rather keep hidden. 

You also may be super tired today as it is happening to get your body a bit spaced out and open to what you need to see. This energy is to shift swiftly by tomorrow, so just let it be, but see for the light and some golden nugget that frees you to wanting to live your life in a better way. Expect a solution and something that helps you see you CAN rebuild, and you CAN work with the bare bones and create something better to hold some authentic expression of your soul.  There IS something for you to see but it comes when you think you can't take another ounce of confusion or the mystery of some situation. YOU ARE CLOSE!! Keep walking and soon the light will show you it WAS worth it, and it DID mean something important about your destiny. Walk this and your talk will be elevated and more powerful than if you just passed go and didn’t do the inward journey that touches base into the depth of your soul.




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This overwhelming tiredness helpless feeling that mother’s earth and her people are traumatized 🙏 I went for a walk by the sea and I was very grateful

Maria February 22, 2022

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