FEB 5 | Saturday

This is a VERY SERIOUS DAY, and you need to be aware that we are going deeper into the sadness of our wounds or the recognition of what we could be if others had not mishandled us and let us down as kids. You are to see and feel sadness or even anger that you were cheated or hurt in a way that now you don’t function like a normal person would.

You are to go deep into sorrow of what has your love nature warped and illusive because you WERENT shown pure love or value at times in your past. You are to feel these things and you also are to see them from the perspective that there are stories of lifetimes that need us living these certain experiences so as to grow and develop in stronger ways. We may have been in the roles as the giver where now we receive in order to see what our inconsiderate actions do – and how much they hurt us for decades of our life.

It is not that you need to make peace in thinking this way, but it is that you need to rebuild the conversation and approach you have around trusting your journey and allowing the lessons to be what the school teacher is giving you and what you need to walk patiently through.

We make mistakes in life, BUT THEY ARENT MISTAKES. We just call them mistakes because we regret them down the road when we see the error of our ways. But they were perfectly placed stakes that were going to be one way or another. The lesson is your life, and the ways we feel less than, we are here to learn more than.

Stand firm in making it known that you are now grounding in a new way of accepting what needs to be rebuilt -- and moving on when the water has run dry. You don’t have to stay mad at what isn’t working as you just need to stay open to seeing what you can do to assert into a new view of a better life that you ARE ready to create. Out with the old and in with the new. But the new could only be from the old getting loud in how it clashes with your blossoming. Learn to NOT hold back when your heart needs to show. You are growing and it may be time to go.


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