FEB 8 | Tuesday

I started my business in 1999 as Galileo’s Vision and 17 years ago today I heard the words Aquarius Nation and raced inside to buy the domain name -- even though it took until 2011 to start a website. So today is special to me AND it's a wildly special day for us all!!

This is when you are to wake up to a pattern from your past where you have NOT been clear on your feelings or ways you have thought about something, and how it HAS crushed your potential because you held to some limiting belief as being the truth. It can be when memories from childhood start rising about your value and in not feeling seen. You may even see into the roots of why others mistreated you and how THEY TOO were devalued and weren’t taught how to treat you better.

We all have stories, and we are too quick to judge others and cut them down BECAUSE WE TOO have been cut down and feel less hatred for self when we focus on the inadequacies of others. This energy is to get you seeing that we all are in this together and we can't keep playing the mean game where we blame and shame our way to feeling better about our own lives that feel so chaotic.

Those who most feel let down by how their lives have become will be the loudest in voicing hatred about others. So also honor that the loud haters are in the most pain, but they aren’t yet facing it. I know that my mom, and brother, were hateful to me growing up where it was just us 3. When others were around, they were kind of nice to me, but alone was when they liked to pick on me and make fun of me and destroy me. And neither one has ever wanted to talk about it to me, and my mother only responded with saying that I’m not remembering it correctly. We all know how that one goes. When you can't face your harmful ways, you gaslight others who try to get you to face reality.

The energy is showing where others gaslight you and where YOU need to not backdown on clearing your throat and holding steady to your truth. This is where you have NOT been allowed to speak up and share your feelings, so know that you may not get approval, but your body will show you how right on it is that you speak your truth. It’s time to show up new.



This is so accurate.

Rogue February 08, 2022

Yes. taps mic It’s me. Test test.

Leah February 08, 2022

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