FRIDAY 25 November

Good morning sweet beauty! Today is going to be LIT UP and you ARE going to notice that you feel different about a situation or are finally starting to see into some murky view you were pulled into. Things may start in a confusing manner where something is distracting you, but it will not stay in its initial form! Trust that this day has a wave to it where you may feel low about something or you will appraise your past in some negative way, but then some sort of light will shine in order to get you letting something go and moving into a new way of seeing old patterns that had you going small and turning invisible SO AS to not ruffle others or get a strong reaction out of them.

The big flavor of the energy is saying that YOU have something to say, and YOU have opinions that need to be known. But being that we are in The Erin Brockovich Eclipse Season, ALL of you will face deflectors and gas lighters that want you to NOT change the old ways and to stay obedient in ultimately doing what the corporations want you to do. What is really sitting in our bodies now is that the media that influenced the people decades ago is the same media influencing people now who think they know more than anyone else.

But the manipulation that was is STILL the manipulation controlling the masses. If you think you are getting the real alternative news and you are dealing with a billionaire letting you in on the “truth”, then you are the one being fooled. Money is influencing ALL that we see right now, even more so because of having net neutrality taken away and facebook ads where businesses exploit you for your data, but the people are waking up about RIGHT NOW and are making connections that their brains could never see before. Such as, when you shop at Wal-Mart, you support billionaires and China. You don’t support the town you live in, as that would only happen if you shopped at the local stores.

And for us to thrive as artists and small business owners, we must FIRST support others doing the same. So if we only now support Wal-Mart and mainstream grocery stores, we continue the cycle of getting down on our knees for corporations and allowing them to do as they please. As I told you, in 2017 there was a MAD PUSH by the billionaires to reverse all the artists that blossomed during Obama days. Where there are artists, there are people who stand up for what is right. Where there are robots, there are people who stand up for what corporations want us to believe. So we say, YAY to pipelines only seeing them for the oil they provide, while staying oblivious to all the Earth damages they create, the waterways ruined, the people and creatures poisoned. The con men that are turning people dense and as faithful servants to their lord corporations, ONLY point out the end result. They say, we need oil from these sacred lands, OR you will have to pay more at the pump (which means the oil companies make more! Hahahaha!).

So. My loves. Expect to FINALLY make connections and to see through the illusion that is keeping you following along and contributing to more harm. Just as the choice you make when you eat dairy cheese or milk, you are voting that it is okay to impregnate cows with a man made tool and then take their babies after birth and kill them, in the cheapest way possible, which is usually with a hammer, so that the milk goes to the grocery store shelves. And if humans are so concerned with what they eat in pregnancy and what they are around that could affect THEIR OWN MILK, think about having your baby taken away at birth and THINK ABOUT the milk you end up creating because of that sadness and despair. It is time for us to really wake up because depression is seeded in the majority of dairy products you eat -- and you will NEVER eat something and have it NOT be a part of you. You can’t drink alcohol and not get drunk by it.

Every purchase you make sends out a ripple of a vote saying, I AGREE WITH THIS, and I want more of it to be taking place. This current energy is to get you waking up to your impact and seeing that it ripples forth and creates a potential space. We are finally seeing ALL the error of our ways that were just merges placed on our path by corporations trying to get us to support their unconsciousness and to be unconscious ourselves. We will not wake up due to corporations and billionaires wanting us to. We will only wake up because all the Erin Brockovich badass energy that is going to course your blood and get you standing rigid and firm in not allowing the old world to keep you trapped in its misery.

So my love, if your throat does rise, set it free. BUT EXPECT to be shot down because the patriarchal system wants you abiding and NOT smart enough to see all the ways our actions and choices do travel. But if something feels wrong, IT IS WRONG. You can continue to do nothing, or you can start paving the way for a more loving Earth experience though doing what is just and right and with consideration for all who could be affected. Follow your heart and push the envelopes. Just be okay knowing most people are NOT going to like what you have to say because it forces them to wake up and change. BUT THAT IS OKAY!!



MOON DEGREES: 21 SAGITTARIUS  to 5 CAPRICORN (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  5  6 




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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.