GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Okay! Keeping it real. This week is going to be QUITE unique and persistent. It will be when something does not let up and it forces you into seeing for a new view. Think about a kid who works themselves up in a tantrum but then they calm down after they reach some frustrated final level of expression. MANY OF YOU are going to be this same thing. It will be where you are SO DONE and so vocal about showing how upset you are at how your life has rolled along. Many of you may feel in this depression in not being able to see light because of what you feel you have done wrong in your past.

SO BE PATIENT with yourself. I can tell you that you are NOT too far gone, but you DO need to pay attention and make new decisions based on what your body is telling you. MANY of you are stuck in the mud with chores and details that used to be easy but that now feel unbearable to complete. Don’t go low with the processes and instead observe what feels impossible to do and be open to a solution that deals with you not shouldering ALL the work. It may be that you have been running the café front and back of house and it has you feeling ungrounded and unable to rejuvenate. Just know that some efforts can feel extra hard right now and you may need extra rest to complete what used to be a normal thing.

We also are being asked to see into the future in regard to where we are today. Don’t get sad if things overwhelm you when others bring this sense of hopelessness. There may be a collective song playing that IS having some people stop dreaming and putting all their energy into wanting to just give up – and you need to NOT be hypnotized by these sound waves trying to get you to check out. If you see others nosediving into the gutter to just accept defeat, pull yourself back and look off into the farthest point that you can see -- and just wait for something to change.

The thing about this energy is that it DOES. It changes on a dime. So we don’t need to get hung up on any ill feelings that are GUIDING US. They are here to HELP US – even if they come with a sense of dead weight and massive confusion. STILL – if you are NOT where you need to be, you WILL know it this week. You will know because things will get so tight that you will have to open to another solution. And THAT is where we want you to be! We need you losing it so you can find what is best for you.

Now many of you are walking on air in this new energy because of changes you made in 2022. Remember that we first got sight of the need to change last year but that it would be hard for most of us to face this BECAUSE we were so set on our old paths as being what we thought we could count on. Enter 2023 and the pressure grows. This time wants us off the training wheels and out there driving into new areas of potential in our lives. So, May is when we really see new flowers growing FROM what we let go of in 2022. And if you got flowers growing, you should start celebrating because it only gets better. WHEN you find your true north again, it will feel like heaven. If you are off even an inch, it can feel like standing outside of an umbrella in the pouring rain. So if you are in the pain, keep moving to what feels better, to what feels honoring of your time and space. Don’t question how to get anywhere, just keep moving your body towards what you love to do and it ALL WILL BE OKAY.

Set your sights on what you love to do

Even if you are filled to capacity

With what causes you pain to complete.

The more you share space with joy

The more you see your way through

What depletes you to do.




MOON DEGREES: 20 Sagittarius to 3 Capricorn





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.