GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ And IN COMES SOME LIGHT! Okay, loves. Here comes some relief where you will finally see into a new way of seeing your life. What I can tell you is that my life shifted DRAMATICALLY in 2023. The first day of the year I moved into my new home, and it was a little challenging because of doing 3 moves in 2022, but then it shifted into THE DREAM, and it is SO GOOD I can't hardly believe it! I am living an amazing life now and it is the BEST it has ever been. No joke. THE BEST. And there is nothing but harmony here! All the neighbors get along as if they are friends and I get to be around baby animals from so many farms surrounding. I got the Acaquia Madre within reach that waters 2/3rd of Arroyo Seco, NM. So I get to bless the water that then waters the fields! It is SO perfect and I had NO IDEA this was possible. To think I wouldn’t get my dream life until 52 and that it is beyond what I could have imagined is AMAZING to experience. Let me tell you.

SO. My new wisdom is all about letting you know that your life IS NOT OVER and there is so much yet to blossom that will be what you dream for your life. You can NOT give up and you HAVE GOT TO keep breathing space into your future for things to FINALLY come together. We need to stop focusing so much on what is not working to the point we don’t believe good things ever will. I can say that the years leading up to my amazing new life were some of the heaviest and most challenging. Things WERE NOT fun leading up to how they now are dream come true. So be with this idea and learn from my walked talk and know that there IS more for you, and this here is not the end of your story.

No matter how hard you think things have been, it is time to hold them in a new way in your mind. You are to be proud of being given so much responsibility and so many walks to really learn from. As low as you go is carving out space for how high you can eventually be. So feel honored that you have been put through what you have and now start seeing for the polar opposite and all the magic that this will eventually bring.

CALL IN how you want your life to be FROM using your challenges as a trampoline or stepping stool to shoot you higher. See that the weight of your heavy was needed to create a bigger splash in your future. Don’t question your life or ever see it as a mistake!! We may never know why we have to travel into lower spaces that make us feel out of control, but they do not stay the same unless we keep thinking we deserve all the pain. So dip into the nightmare knowing you can get yourself out from believing that your better days are SOMEWHERE in the future. Just keep on believing because your journey is not yet in fruition, but those peaches WILL grow, and they will make you smile as you take better bites of a dream future. Don’t give up on yourself. Your timing is PERFECT and YOU WILL SEE this as truth in days to come.

The weight of your heavy life

Is needed to create

The splash of your dreams.

Don’t hate what is actually

Building steam and creating

An impact from what you bring.




MOON DEGREES: 6 to 19 Sagittarius





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