SUNDAY 19 March

This energy is going to feel a bit confusing for many of you! It's where things are changing but we are learning to interpret in new ways so that we don’t lower our vibration in seeing that something from our past, that did not make us happy, could be happening again. So just be aware that you are pulling out of the lane you are used to, and it can have you feeling insecure as you start to assert into a new lane or direction.

Just know, we are not going backwards, and we are not staying in the old patterns because it doesn’t serve us to do so! What is changing for you is that you are realizing that you deserve what needs you disciplined through the waves of questioning that ARE to be what happens when we take new leaps of faith. It makes total sense to sit in one moment empowered that you are GOING to do this and then to get hit by some opinion or news that deflates you and gets you wondering if you even have a place in that world. That wave is normal, like the wave of water going in and out from our oceans. So use today to be when you make friends with limiting thoughts and scarcity fears that really are to be the fuel that gets you amplified and driven to not give up on where you want to next be. The back and forth is actually a blessing because it works to get you going stronger with your efforts FROM going backwards and not being happy about it.

You also will question timing today and you likely will feel sad that too much time has passed. This is just a big shadow on the wall from a small thing that is there to see if you will give up. I’m around the bend in life now and all I can do is want to sing with joy to all of you that everything is happening as it should. I questioned it all in my past decades -- but from this higher aging perspective, I can now see how it all has a place! So we have got to stop thinking we are such authorities when we are younger because we ultimately are just replicas of what is going on around us until we get into our 40s and beyond. We are flimsy inside when we are younger, and we can be blown down in a heartbeat. But that is not the case when we get older.

So we need to be more patient with the journey and realize that the truth was flipped around to keep you from your power. Everything corporate and mainstream was positioned to get you thinking you are the best version before 30 and to kind of give up and seek to retire when you get to 40. But what I know, and other elders know who have traveled the journey, is that we only get TRULY confident inside, like a 200 year old cottonwood tree, with a thick base that is NOT bending to all the winds, when we get beyond the 40s. Just how birth control was created in this mask of women’s liberation but then they formulated it to be so that when on it we are more likely to go for partners who are NOT going to love and honor us. (Watch the documentary called Protected). The components of the pill are actually engineered to keep women from having a clear brain that recognizes who is a YES. When in FACT, the reproducing body can only get pregnant 2 or 3 times a month! We don’t need chemicals in the body to prevent pregnancies; we need to dance with our rhythms and understand WHEN we naturally could potentially receive.

From the eyes of old world patriarchy, you ALL are getting it wrong and you need to fabricate your life through taking drugs to be where you are “supposed to be”. And that is all a load of crap. So HONOR that LIKELY your body goes depressed because you are following a world program that doesn’t value you or your natural timings. Be the witness as your body goes rigid or fixated in not wanting to move forward with certain things. And also soften! When things are correct for us, they feel light, soft, bubbly, and expansive. It's time to realize that what is wrong feels wrong but there IS a way out of this. You don’t have to stay because you can't see how to create something better. You just need to value yourself and seek for something arriving to set you free. That SEEKING is more powerful that pounding the pavement and trying to force your life to look like the corporate America dream.




MOON DEGREES: 25 Aquarius to 9 Pisces (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.