THURSDAY 1 December

Goosebumps on this day! Whew. I walked into the reading room and I hear that 90’s song, I want to go higher! Higher, baby! So expect BIG MOVEMENTS TODAY where everything in your body will be reaching for something greater than you have seen in your past.

We are DONE with messing around in these lower level pools because we are afraid of change or taking a leap of faith that is not yet providing proof that it will be what we dream it to be. NO MATTER. We are to step on our tippy toes and reach for something that feels like it will be what brings balance to our lives. And seriously, no compromise! So many of us get into these challenging situations because we sit here all determined with plans for what we will or will not accept, but then through the wait, we lower our standards and start saying yes to what we just said we would NOT take on again.

Even this house I am in right now, I said I would NOT live in a duplex again, where one place is on top of another. I said, NO WAY. But then… as time went on and I wasn’t finding a home that felt right, I lowered my standards and said, well, okay, I’ll go back on my plans and move into a duplex with another unit on top of me. I decided that since this is an adobe with 2 feet of dirt between us that it would be okay. And it has NOT been okay! For reasons besides that, which I will tell you extensively about in future readings, but, THIS is where we all are messing up because we don’t WAIT long enough for the best things to arrive. We get scared and go backwards into what we just said we would no longer do. This is the human condition that keeps us taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

SO. MY LOVE. I want you to shoot that arrow and to KNOW you are co-creating with spirit, so you need to stay OF HOPE and with STRONG FAITH that what you need will be provided even if it comes in the 11th hour (or 23rd hour).

There seems to be people who are out to distract us at this time and you need to do everything to not take on their emotional drama so that it keeps you from the REACH that needs to take place today. Be aware that others are in serious fear, and they are THE TEST that we are not to take on and call our own.

NOT MANY are brave enough to let it all go and trust that something will support them even if it does feel like the odds are against them. So BE the brave and don’t waste the magic of today by thinking that you don’t deserve to manifest what you really feel you need in life. If you don’t ever want to move into a duplex situation again, then DON’T even look at them!!!

Just know. This time is NOT about asking you to compromise and instead it’s asking you to materialize long held wishes that WANT to magnetize to you at this time. December is to be when we all hear stories of each other FINALLY doing what we have wished for this whole year. We are to close this year with full arms around what makes us really happy. SO DREAM, my loves and know there WILL BE a sign coming and a door opening that IS what you are hoping it will be. Don’t waste this opportunity with thoughts of glass half empty. That was the OLD YOU. It's time to wake up to the new you that has all these big dreams that WANT to become your reality.




MOON DEGREES: 18 to 30 degrees PISCES (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)






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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.