Hello March! This is going to be such a good time for you all – so hold that mentality! As we talked about earlier, January would be much like December, February would be when things start to show a glimmer of a shift, and then March would usher in a new season or pattern in our lives. So, this is a big one! And this is nothing like last year as we are in a new space that needs you redesigning and crossing into new potentials for your future.

Do be aware that we can feel a bit sad or distracted in this energy because we literally are on the bridge that connects to our past AND our future. What happens is that when all you can see is how wrong your life or experiences are, then all you will see in reality is how wrong they are! We need to shift the narrative in our bodies where we accept that we were always doing the best that we could with what we had at any time in our lives.

Seriously, loves, we get into our 50s and can't even believe for the things we were SO HEAD STRONG in thinking were correct in our 20s or 30s or even 40s – where now we would NEVER choose for what we did. For this reason, understand that the old world conned you into forcing your way to the front of the line when you were younger, but the older you get, you become 10 times who you used to be. You grow TRULY confident and TRULY badass and not just with intellectualized imaginings of who you are in the world AS PER how the old world made you think you are most powerful before 30, or 40. 

I always say, we are most sure of ourselves around 24, but by 33 we don’t even recognize that person. And by 41, we REALLY step into authentic power and also can't even believe who we were at 33. It is this constant upleveling that is beyond how your mind is even able to function. No one that is 30 has ANY IDEA of how their mind will operate at 40. Like, zero percent in their body knows how much they will change over that decade. The old world says, don’t trust anyone over 40, but in reality, with how much we change, we can't trust anyone UNDER 40 because they have no idea who they really are yet, or even how the world truly functions. Karma doesn’t even hit us until 28 to 33! So we just go along doing as we please, not thinking that our actions swing back, but then BOOM, early 30s and we tend to get smashed to the ground to humble our big egos that think we know it all. Life is a mystery!!! But it really is sort of a trickster event. We really never know until we get older when we REALLY know. 

But I do want you all to sit with this truth, allow your body to go through the waves of aging changes without judging yourself or thinking you are at the final position of who you will be, and know that things only get better. Like, I am in the 50s now and it is AWESOME!!! Nothing phases me like it used to and all the insecurities are 100% gone.  When you are younger, you are actually a sandcastle that can be wiped out so easily. But the older you get, the more you have a storm proof home that doesn’t get taken out by anything. Proof that the more you experience, the more comfortable you get with life.

So be with this energy and don’t get down on how you feel you have gotten anything wrong. You have not. I have seen so many situations recently that would have NOT BEEN if things were a second off. Like, freak things that wouldn’t have happened if the players had made even one hesitation in their day, thus changing their schedules. We really, really, are where we are supposed to be learning what we are supposed to be learning. So, surrender in this energy and love the ride because IT IS CHANGING, and it WILL become something else as the year rolls along.

See that your new world starts THIS MONTH and start using your eyes in positive ways to see that all of this is like dominoes, and we need the last hit to create the next movement. We need all the pieces, even though most of them make no sense when we are in them. Now knowing that you won't know until the future, SEE for clarity, connection, joy and you really stepping into a new pattern in life that expands you out of what you have seen in your past. This will make sense one day, so embody that grace and don’t hate on what you wish you would have done better. You will get another chance to make this right.




MOON DEGREES: 2 to 13 Cancer (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.