GEMINI READING | full moon in aquarius

This energy is going to bring a radical change to your foundation and to something that will be going through a healing process. This is something that supports you -- and the energy is asking you to change how you operate in your mind regarding interpretations of what things mean in any one step of your unfolding process. You are in a real big cycle where you are hooking more into your feelings and into new needs that rise because you get more in tune with your truth. 

Being a mental creature, what you are is whatever you are filled up with. And something is aligning you to Spirit and to down time or meditative spaces because you are hooking into a new way of living your life that will be starting over in some way right now. You will be coming to the other side with a creative project and how you saw this moving along in your future. Changes are coming to get you into a better position where you are making an impact and reaching people far and wide. You ARE onto great things – but they come to some fork in the road where you will be forced into a space with strong feelings that will take you into your ultimate dance with the Great Mystery.

This means you will be forced to trust and to learn to watch how your mind handles changes that were not expected. When we face death, it often comes when we least expect it. And the stages of grief are real. There are waves that play out and unusual emotions that surface. They all indicate needed change – but they don’t come out smoothly! And for good reason. Death is transformation, and rebirth is the new energy that grows. You are to see that things are moving, and they won't always stay this way. But when you imagine that you don’t have a home, or you won't be seen for what you want to bring, you keep blocking out energy that needs to be spent broadcasting how badass and authentic you are -- and that when you are fully apprenticed the people and things WILL find you. You were never taught to believe such a thing! You were taught to chase after and dibble dabble in all until it fills you to some imagined feeling. But fractures to your foundation got you leaning in this negative way where you are responding in glass half empty ways because something went wrong and was not what you expected.

This time is when you are to heal spaces where you don’t really feel safe, and it keeps you from believing in dreams or crops to come. This is a healing time that is to help you find a better place where you aren’t getting so fragmented to the point you aren’t staying grounded in reality and are continuing to chase after things that won't ever fill you up anyway. This time is when you are to take a leap of faith and trust blindly that Spirit holds you. From that dedication and determination to live life different, and with Spirit as co-pilot, you will reboot where and how you live so that a new sun will shine on your foundation. Changes come because Spirit will guide you in new ways. This time really just wants to see if you will surrender and close your eyes and go for a hike and NOT stay glued to things on a screen being what will fix you. There is nothing in the electronic world that will save you at this time. You are to come back home and settle into a smaller way of being where you are coming to the other side with insecurities about your creativity or things that deal with a gift you really love to do and hope to share more of with the world.

Confusion around your art will settle in a shocking and sudden way where you will be shown the exact change you are to make. This is about waking you up to some ah-ha situation that changes things but also shows you that there was something that you had not considered. All things being repositioned are for your best! They just won't necessarily look like it because you are learning to interpret things differently and to not always think you are unsafe or won't be seen and valued for your true gifts. You worry about being seen as a fraud AS you cook your gifts and get groomed at what you will be an authority on. And when you are cooked, you won’t feel a fraud and you will know you got it going on. But does that mean you have to keep seeing yourself as a fraud while you continue to cook your true authority?

Let those old ways go and start talking new to yourself where you trust the risks of the heart and don’t buy into time in the gutter being the end of the world. When we are down, we find magical things. The best things are not out there for everyone to find all willy nilly. It is when we are most confused and not seeing what we wish to that we discover how we were just on the wrong path and needed to tweak a few things -- like remembering your royalty and not getting so negative if your high vibing things are not yet your reality. You are going to be asked to grow a new situation to hold you and it's on you to believe that you really can have something wonderful.

There will be the risk of shame, blame and guilt consuming you in regard to others affecting you or where you feel some sort of unconscious drive to be in conflict. This is where you are to heal so it will need you facing this and looking into your feelings where compassion will get you through. This also says that the answers will come, but it will be in a shift of perspective by you. Just because you learned things in childhood and adapted around dysfunction, doesn’t mean those old ways will still work in the new world relatings. Things that need healing will snap out of position and into a better position. Be okay with forks in the road because it all is grooming you for a career development in 6 months. This change opens spaces that otherwise could not be. TRUST YOUR JOURNEY. Speak positively about what it all could be. BE in harmony with others and work to create peace. It's time to see things differently.

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