tuesday 7 september

Oh hello T U E S D A Y! Okay then! I got a good trigger warning with a huge wakeup call message that I hope none of you run from because the point is we keep running from what we need to face and we stay miserable because of it. 

This day is going to get many of you going and seeing new solutions for things you WERE looking a bit glass half empty into. This is to bring expansion and something that now will be able to move you along and show you that you DO have a place in the world. As we remove our focus from what was conning us, we quickly see that a whole other space is there that actually makes us feel good about being alive and sharing space with other humans.

As we watch stars fronting as something that is full of false things, how can we not look at our own lives and find fault!? As they pose in fake positions, we get hooked into thinking we too need to be fake and fronting this false image. But we do not! We need to stop feeding those who are making us sick. I have always said that we are what we eat and take on and see. And we need to seriously take a close look at our addictions to dairy, which unless it is a local and a small organic farm, the cows are being impregnated to get them with baby hormones that produce milk, but when the baby is born, they instantly take it from the mother and kill it.

This vile thing IS occurring, and those mothers are SAD AS FUCK from having their baby stolen away – wouldn’t you be? THEN they produce all this SAD MILK that the farmers want to get out of them so that YOU have your cheese and milk. But my love, how can you think those sad things put into the milk are not also affecting YOU feeling sad and hopeless. If we put pesticides on our plants as they grow, we eat those toxins. We cannot stay in denial over these issues anymore because we ARE getting sick, and we ARE wanting to die – just as Mama Cow does at the thought that her new born baby just got beat to death with a hammer – as is THE MAIN WAY they kill the babies so as to not spend any extra money that could go into the owners’ pockets.

Enough of us looking away because it hurts to hear. Enough of being victims ourselves to the point we would rather say yes to the painful torture of others so that we don’t have to think about it. 

We must wake up and we will. The new world is here and if you want to feel like shit, keep doing what the corporations are feeding you and conning you into doing. But you don’t have to! You don’t have to keep voting for what is actually destroying you. No one gets to feel joy if they vote yes that babies get hammered in the head, so you get a few chews of cheese. Vote like your life depends on it because it really does. And what you say yes to is what you will also get to experience.

So, vote for high integrity and make the compromises that allow our better world to take hold. Just like we are learning about BOYCOTT BOB ROSS.COM, this insidiousness is all over and it's time for WE THE PEOPLE to take control and stop the chain of pain.



7 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Mars.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 18 Virgo to 1 Libra
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #11 See why it had to be


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