monday 15 november

Good morning sweet baby. Now be super gentle today because many of you did not sleep very good as your mind got filled with doubtful things and maybe where you feel sensitive about a wound that you thought you had gotten over.

First off, know that it takes DECADES to heal. Never just a few years. Very few people are actually truly conscious and not just intellectualizing consciousness. And we all have been mismanaged for decades of our lives – often many even from birth. So it takes a minute to set things right. Get over thinking the healing journey is predictable or fast.

And understand that getting hit by our wounds and falling back into wound reactions is always just a wakeup call to correct our ship and get back in the ways we were intending. So, expect to maybe get knocked off your track and start steering back into reverse, but don’t allow yourself to stay there. Adult your mind back into an unconquerable stance. Correct with words that affirm you will get the jobs done.

The 3rd Eclipse of 2021 is about to hit on Friday, and we are really fine tuning into where we still need to do heap loads of work and accept that our perception needs to change on how we think life should be. But it doesn’t mean life gets worse! It just means we don’t live our illusive ways that keep our dreams just out of reach. So many times in life it is like today where you suddenly second guess your value and start to think you need to give up and give in. See this inner feeling as a test asking if you REALLY want to make your dreams a reality.

In actuality, this energy wants you standing up even stronger with a FUCK YEAH I DO! So allow the provocation to get you firm with your dedications. Enough of playing low vibe with words inside your mind where you keep showing up as your worst enemy. Enough of allowing that to rule and dominate the compassionate being you truly are inside. It is like a parasite that eats away at the energy needed to complete the dream. And it’s time to wake from the spell of where we too quickly accept defeat and don’t fully give it our all and believe in our things. Enough of giving up and not really standing solid in what we wish to see manifest in our lives.

The next time you want to give up, think back of some situation or connection that came out of the blue and when you really were hanging by a thread. We all have them, where someone showed up and gave us the next clue that got us believing in ourselves again.

Back in 2003 I met Harry Belafonte when I delivered food to his room, where I worked at Café Eau in St. Louis. I actually only delivered to the rooms of famous people because servers were always shy about doing it -- and I loved it! But I had no idea who he was and just went up to see. Well -- I ended up feeling a total connection the moment we shared energy and I talked with him for about 15 minutes where I couldn’t stop telling him about my life story. But he also didn’t take his eyes off me and acted like he was 100% interested in everything I was saying. I then suddenly excused myself out the room because I felt so bad for keeping him so long with breakfast, that certainly was cold by now.

Then at the end of my shift, about 8 hours later, Harry came to the front door of the café with his bodyguard, where I hopped off the bar stool, where I was doing my checkout, and raced up to see him. And then -- he bowed down to get his head close to me, because he’s pretty tall, and he took my hand and told me in his amazing voice that he had not been able to stop thinking about me all day. He said what an honor it was to meet ME! And he said he looked forward to hearing the big things I was going to be doing in the world -- because he knew I would do big things.

And that event was the #1 most transformative time of my life so far – and it still brings me to tears every time I get to tell the story again! Harry Belafonte gave me the power to keep going no matter what. And I didn’t even launch my career until 2012, so I was 9 years before even feeling like I was in a position to do big things. I was in the gutter until I launched my career.

And all the gutter years as I would try to talk negative in my mind about what a loser I was and how everyone doubted me – but then, I would think of my Harry and see his beautiful face and energy of pure grace, like no one I’ve met before, and I would remember that I could get through this. So stand firm and don’t give in. Remember in your past when someone saw you and let you know that you DO got it in you. You all have those memories. And you will have new memories of the same.


15 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Venus.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 19 Aries



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