Full Moon in Gemini | extended readings

We'll be loading the readings as they are completed!! Happy Full Moon!


This full moon is to get you waking up from how you are sabotaging your future because of the ways you allow your mind to process things. This energy is going to put you together with a lot of people where you aren't seeing eye to eye or where they're bringing up things in you that have you questioning your ability to rebuild the life you want to see. Where you may want to dream for more, you will be around people that try to snuff out your light or that do things that get you doubting yourself.

What is to be happening is that you are to be learning a new way to communicate about the potentials of life and where you are going to be able to expand into things that you hope to see happen. There are ways that you have accepted situations where you didn't value yourself or really own that you are a capable leader. It's where you've bought into some idea of how things are to be and ultimately are now seeing that they limit you and get you forgetting that there can be another way. You may have people who are being dominant or wanting to make you think in limiting ways about what you can manifest in this world.

Basically, this energy is about ways you still believe that you can only go so far and that it's not logical to dream for better days. This energy is going to get you opening to spirit and opening to finally surrendering and just allowing your mind to be more poetic and to play with what you would like to see in life -- because you have no idea what is going on or where to go. Your mind has been so busy that you now will finally surrender, possibly through not feeling well and being forced to get rest, but this is to get you hitting a rock bottom that actually will feel better than anything you could have dreamed.

It's where you are to be pulling back into yourself to remember again that you have been conned to buy into a life that is levels beneath where you are to go. You are to be pulled back so that things inspire you to give things another chance and to believe that you can get yourself out there in big ways where you're sharing what you love to do and being excited about the potential to grow into. If you've been just around people who are putting up roadblocks, it's easy to see how your mind can keep thinking and wondering and doubting and then just falling back into some old way because it's there.

This energy wants you to go out on a cliff and take a leap of faith into something that has no assurance of a safe landing. This energy wants you to speak of different stories and different things than you have seen in your past. There is a lot of healing work that is to be taking place within your mind and with how you tip things to glass half full or glass half empty. This is a great time to open to the healing journey through finding a therapist or some new routine within your day that keeps you towards mental health in a positive way. This can be a new exercise routine, a new eating pattern, but it also really deals with working with someone to help you keep your mental space in a way that is always seeing for the light and seeing that there's going to be a healing or way to put things back into balance.

It just wants you to see beyond anything you've seen before and to not keep falling along with the old world way and the old world fears and even all the things that the mainstream are suffering with. It's important that you're still seeing beyond the farthest point, and hoping that this all will work out. You are going to be stepping into new leadership shoes and it's important that you are walking the talk and experiencing things that DO feel lost in translation and lost in space. It's important that you are tuning more into your feelings and giving them credit as being the best guide for you, where you are looking into the mystery and expecting more. Where you aren’t thinking this is a dead-end and not worth the effort, but rather where you are committed to climbing the 14 highest peaks in 7 months – even though it has never been done before. That movie shows that miracles happen when people believe in them and stick with it and don’t give in to all the naysayers who think you are foolish for what you dream for.

You do have a narrow path to work through at this time as you get closer to a peak you are dreaming for. But if you are in it to win it, YOU WILL. Your mind is powerful. And if you believe it, you will see it. You just need to stop believing in the worst and thinking you can't trust the Great Mystery to support you on your wild ride into your out-there dreams. There is some new place to grow into and it arrives when you surrender and leap where your feelings guide you. So wait for it, wait for it, and wait some more, but talk like 100% you will land into this higher level and life will be better.

This time just needs you believing that you can trust a higher power to bring what you are thinking would be wonderful to live one day. That belief will plug you in and get the dream manifesting. That is how powerful this time is for you. You have 100% power to bring change into your life when you own that you have every right to thrive and be a success in the world, that energy will manifest you all the opportunities you need. So, work to heal what keeps you thinking you don’t belong and can't get what you dream of doing. Rewire your brain to say, OF COURSE you will get it all and do it all and be it all!! Take ownership of your best life ever and don’t let go until you are sitting pretty. You have more power than you think. Think like you have power.


This full moon energy is asking you to let go of the mental confusion you have around ways you have been following others and not really speaking your own truth on how you feel about things. For this reason, you will have pressure around your throat where you are needing to share that you have other visions on where things need to be going. This is about you valuing the depth of who you are and giving it the attention to come forward and make your opinions known.

You may have people who you feel are challenging you or who are trying to stop you from where you want to go. There are people in the way because this energy wants you making yourself a priority and valuing that you are an excellent leader and don't need to just take cues from others before you will make a move.

It's also about getting you to really think about money and savings and the ways your mind is focused on needing things, even though do you really? You will be facing ways you are following how others think the world needs to be run and how now it's maybe cramping your style because you can't live up to the ways others think you should be. You also will be looking at many secret fears or ways you think you are getting something wrong because you aren’t seeing the results you wanted just yet, and it can have you thinking you need to stop your path and get on another one that others are on. DON’T move unless it is being inspired from the depths of you and where it just feels like this is something that makes sense.

You are being asked to open your mind to the ways you think of there being upgrades and solutions, and with a playful sort of stance as if you KNOW something will come in to correct what is breaking apart or not flowing like you thought it would be. You may even be put in darkness where the old things aren’t working like they used to SO THAT you open to there being a mysterious answer that will come when you really need it. You are being asked to be patient as you grow a new space to move into but also with a deep trust that you will be provided what you need to see your dreams grow far and wide.

Don’t think you need all the answers before you move forward as you may be going step by step and chipping away at a large block that won’t reveal it all until you get to a certain point of the process. We need you in this to win this and to not get your spirit down because things take longer, or you have to change the course midway and do something that requires a leap of faith. It is not to be clear for you right now because you need to grow a new level of trust in the Great Mystery that KNOWS you are important and that knows something around the corner will bring the rewards you seek. Even if you empty out and feel like you are hanging by a thread, you are SUPPOSED to be in this position and growing a stronger relationship with a higher power.

From the darkness, you are to discover MANY ideas that are brilliant in nature and all about new ways to do what will sustain and support you. But they come from the dark. These are powerful seeds that will change your life and change where you launch your dreams. So be patient as your seeds do grow and control your mental spaces from thinking you know how this journey should go. It seems that the unexpected is on the way in order to get you growing stronger with determination to keep with the long processes, but also to show that you don’t know and no one else can be the guide who sees the ways the Great Mystery wants to get you into better shape.

This will be about many layers dropping and you transforming into a new expression, with new goals on where you want to be positioned. But, healing first needs to take place within your heart and with how you are needing attention or affirmation to be what gets you to feel loving about yourself. It is about letting go of walking a path that others think you need to be on and opening to the unlimited potential that invites you to see yourself as special and deserving of all the best things. If you think just enough is good enough, you will be seeing that in your life at this time! And yes, just enough is so good because often we just need that much to keep us going – but -- you are to be going for more, and the magnet for this reach is inside your own heart. So, if you see it for yourself and know that you are an asset to the evolution of this planet, then you WILL see things upgrade and bring you into a level where you will enjoy feeling spoiled by life. It is time to invest in you and the healing process that gets you opening again to love and trusting that you do have a place in the world with what gives you the most joy.

This is also a time when you are going to meet people who will help you heal or help you wake up to your importance. Friends will be on your mind, and they are part of what helps you see into a new level in life. You also may be thinking about community and are being asked to position yourself within groups and to not just think you have to do it all alone. Others will show up as the gold that is to heal your fractures and get you seeing that you have been limping along trying to keep with the old world ways when really you just needed to face the darkness and not make it a negative thing. Do that, and you will soar with your new ideas that just need a few weeks to develop. Be patient. When it changes, it will change dramatically, and you will move several steps higher. Something inside of you first needs to land into some buried nugget that awakens the need for a transformation and a new view on what you felt expected to do. Your Phoenix will rise better than you could even imagine. Allow the challenges to move you into your power.


This full moon is to open you to wanting to share yourself in a new way where you are not operating from the old world standards that have gotten you to chase so many things and to not stick with what really needs you asserting a new view. It's about looking at what is around you and feeling like you are ready to step into a new arena and go for something that puts you into a new role where the world will see you in different ways. It can have you feeling busy with people around you and wanting to make a move but also being concerned about how your changes will affect those who see you in a certain way.

For sure, your mind is seeing many sides and you may feel confused about which way to go and what it will mean to assert towards a different direction. Be aware that right now is to show you so many ways that your actions can create ripples of change, but the real work will come over the next few months. For now, it is about seeing it all and thinking about how your new moves will affect those around you. But there is a congested area in your life where you are stuck and fixated in things that may feel too heavy to move around at this time.

This energy is super complex, so do expect to feel a bit overloaded with debt or ways that others are counting on you where now you are wanting to fly free. You also may have people who are reaching out and adding to the confusion on which way you are to be going and how to work through some agreement that now needs to be rebuilt and reconsidered from new levels of value that are growing in you. This energy is going to wake you up to wanting to bring about healing with what supports you and with what has gotten you to buy into or create contracts with those that are getting you to transform and rise into a new version.

You are not alone with the changes, as all the seats around you seem to be shuffling and getting everyone to upgrade and rise into a more powerful position. But. It also means everyone is confused and no one really knows how to deal with bringing things forward. You also may feel things in your subconscious like fears or even people who have problems with you where you can sense tension that will need you facing things and being clear about what you are feeling.

You are being asked to open to something with your career or how you move your work out there to be where you are wanting to believe in a dream and to see that something wild can take place. The changes going on within you are what will bring the new space for you to grow into. So we need you planting the seeds where you wonder about how to make a dream a reality in order to sift through the ways you are stuck in doing things how they were done in the past.

There will be healing taking place with what you have thought of as needing to hold you and be what makes you feel safe. You are changing and will be going through a metamorphosis, and it means that you are seeing that you deserve more beauty in your life, and it comes from something that is not what you have seen before. Expect that a new cycle plays out where your role is to match the growth that is changing you. And it's from what confuses you and keeps you seeing all the potential pathways that your new moves could make. The next month is going to really give you more details to process and it could mean that a tight squeeze will birth you new and get you into a space where you feel valued and at home for the ways you are waking to your truth.

You also are being asked to let go of how you think the journey should look -- and see more hope for answers coming that provide solutions to where you feel backed up and in confusion. There is a link that deals with you waking up to see that you have every right to find a place in the world where you are valued and seen as an authority. But where you are now may be bringing up wounds that make you feel deficient. This ultimately is about you giving voice to what you feel – even if you don’t really understand what you feel, and to rebuild how you handle challenging situations or dances with others so that you aren’t running from what needs you allowing a transformation to take place.

There is something hidden that still needs to reach the light and it deals with relationships growing into a new level where you are sharing your words to bring the peace. This means you are not running from what is complex, and instead are creating a new pattern where you dive into the depth in order to see it become harmonious and something that moves everyone forward. You are in it with others and the messages they bring are to get you showing yourself in a higher light where you aren’t so mental about it all and instead are really compassionate about wanting to bring the best outcome to us all. This is about YOU being a key player in transmuting the density into something that is easier to digest and move through. But it is not about hiding things and letting them fester or become cancerous because you don’t want to face challenging conversations with those who expect you to be this other thing. It's time for you to change and reach for more and it means things standing in the way need you to confront them and speak the ideas you see as being a new way to grow into. Take leadership and part the seas knowing the pain will lead to glory. This is not an easy part of your journey, but it is to get you reaching for what your awakening heart needs more of.


This full moon is about getting you to feel comfortable with the flows of life while not having any idea what decisions you need to make and where you need to go. It will leave you in a bit of a limbo space where you are being forced to just go step by step and to allow a process to play out. You will need to spend time out in nature and be alone with your thoughts because things are to spring up and to appear out of the blue as they inspire you to step into new opportunities for growth.

BUT. This space is about healing and it's about rewiring your brain so that you are open to there being SOMETHING to grow into and not having to stay in what others think you need to be doing. You are to pull so far inward that you awaken to a higher plan where you surrender more and remain glass half full as you step into challenges that are motivating you to rise into a new role in how you share yourself with the world. BUT. This limbo space is REAL, and it will have you feeling like you don’t know who you are and what you want to do. This will awaken new dreams with your soul’s purpose work and how you really want to make a difference in the world.

Expect to be wanting to shift into something that goes against where you have already decided you would stay permanently. This is like following the family ways and feeling required to be what others expect of you. There can be a battle where you are wanting to pull into a new space but feel obligated to give up on a dream because it's not what you had planned for. This reading says change is going to happen in all areas of your life and it grows from what you discover in the downtime and going with a flow that feels natural in your body.

Your feelings are going to go through waves where you will be taken higher, and lower, than you are used to. This is tuning up your body and getting you to heal the ways your mind is not allowing you to go with a change. But when your body speaks so loudly, you will have to listen and share what you are thinking so that others can follow along and adapt or make changes themselves built on the way your waves are crashing into them. If you get sick at this time, it is just pushing you into needed rest and digesting things that have been too much in your brain. So allow the ways your path is feeling out of your control and TRUST that you need to go with this in order to rise into a new role that comes in a few months.

This time is also when you are encouraged to start new daily routines that somehow affirm the goals you are working towards. It may be about changing what you eat or how you treat your body, but where you apply discipline, you are growing what will manifest for you and this will be something that helps you open to more potential in your future. This is just like how working out makes us feel better – but it requires that we value ourselves enough to keep with it.

You also need to go through some healing space with your creative works or writing projects or ways you want to share your gifts. New ideas will come about how you want to reach out there far and wide and get your work to the world. These new ideas come from spiritual feelings that get you inspired to take a leap of faith and do what hasn’t been done, or what you never would have considered before. It's about opening to the mystery of life and trusting that your feelings are getting you to make the space for something to come that you hadn’t planned for. What you thought was solid is shifting because YOU are growing and healing into something that needs more space to roam.

If you are getting bored with your old routine, it is okay, and you just need to stay positive about what falls away and how it will bring something important to the purpose of why you are here. This is like moving to a new area where others accept you and it gets you feeling confident about broadcasting yourself in new ways. When I moved to San Francisco at 24, after growing up in the Midwest, it opened me to a whole other world where I finally felt like myself, and it got me dreaming of new things I wanted to do with my future. You are working towards a similar move where you will blossom in a way you haven’t seen before. So allow the healing to get you coming out of the shadows and being honest about how you feel. But don’t see this as a negative even if others try to stop you. There is a lot of congestion in your relationships with others where you are having to value yourself and speak up when other things are trying to keep you following along and NOT doing what you feel. Your role with others needs to be rebuilt and it won't let up until you draw boundaries and make some hard decisions FOR YOU.

Trust that you will know what to do when it is being asked of you and until then take things step by step with your heart on your sleeve and your eyes focused on the farthest point of where you want to be. Stay committed to feeling better in life and getting into positions that help you thrive. Consider getting into therapy or doing some sort of retreat where you unplug fully and allow a process to organically unfold. There is a lot of work to be done and you will change from the transformation that is about to take place. Be okay not knowing the way – but be open to needing a radical shift of perspective to get you into the new position. Something new is there for you and it comes with labor pains that confuse. So be happy if you are here! It means the light is coming soon and then you will see clearly into what you next need to change to feel passionate about what you do. Dry lands will move you to want more. From here to there needs you seeing that you deserve to be living abundantly. Don’t hate the messenger and don’t look negatively about what is forcing you to show up in a new way. This is here because cycles change, and you are not who you used to be. Face this and trust that this is where you need to be. Nothing is a mistake right now OR something that can’t be overcome. This is just challenging you to grow into a new layer of who you were born to be.


This full moon is all about getting you back to you and back into seeing that you DO have a home in the world with what you love to do. BUT. First there can be a limbo space where you feel lost in not feeling so comfortable with how the world is unfolding. There are fears rising that deal with money and future stability and ways you will wonder if you are getting it right with your plans for expansion.

This energy is asking you to let go of trying to fit in and rise stronger with your feelings on how better to upgrade what already is in motion. You will be facing darkness as a test and may be in a confusing space with someone who is wanting to dominate you or get you following along as they expect of you. You will be facing the challenge of doing what you want to do, while feeling the pressure of needing to do something else. But this also deals with old patterns that you learned from childhood that now have you thinking the world needs to be that same way. This is where things are falling apart and not staying together like you had hoped, but it's because you are being asked to see into a new solution that empowers you.

You also are being asked to open to the excitement of challenges and the call that sends you into the depth to rewire the WHY that gets you to do certain things. You are to be going into a healing cycle that deals with you uncovering a new sense of value that is not dependent on others loving you – but that sits solid in confidence because YOU LOVE YOU. The reason you feel confused with your place in the world is because changes are occurring with your base vibrational level that is what attracts people to you. You are to see into the patterns that get you giving your power away or quieting your voice so that others don’t get ruffled.

This means experiences will come to get you speaking up and not backing down even if strong personalities come in to try to snuff you out and get you abiding by their wishes. See this as an opportunity for you to stand up and roar about how you need things to be. See confrontation as a blessing getting you to use your throat and bring healing to where you were raised to smile and be pretty and don’t make a stink. There is something new that needs to rise from you, and it comes from you valuing discomfort and the need to get to the bottom of things. The ways you have been superficial with life are coming to an end where the depth will be what you crave – and the intimacy of really being honest and clear about how things feel to you.

Friends are also going to be extra important to you as they are showing up with pieces that get you to go deeper into the healing work. Synchronicity is to be a key that unlocks old feelings and patterns that you will awaken to as being what got you off path or with what now feels like it leaves you feeling small or flawed. There also may be the return of love or at least the return of a focus into patterns that keep you in certain relationships. Expect to be thinking about who you love, who loves you, and ways that bridges were broken, or unrequited love stays on your mind. The key to getting you into better relationships deals with the healing work of you learning to value yourself without needing others to give you validation. It's all about losing the mental addiction to thinking you need to see things outside of you in order to hold true love inside of you. This is why now is a great time to step into a new healing modality around monitoring your thoughts that think you have to keep up with others’ expectations – even if you have outgrown them and don’t feel the same.

It's also about getting you to show up brighter and bolder and with gusto that you have every right to be here sharing your gifts far and wide. Expect a new creative wave to come through where you connect the dots in seeing how working with your hands is helping you to process the new ideas you have on speaking up and sharing your truth with the world. You also may be coming up with new ways to support and sustain yourself – but they come from you making peace with challenges and allowing the mystery to be a part of the discovery that gets you stoked and wanting to live for more.

There is some congestion with your daily work routine that may stop things for a minute or get you feeling negative about a multi-stepped process. This is all about you waking to a new passion – and if you are still on the bridge that brings change, be patient. To feel dull and going along with things that don’t seem to make you happy is a sign that you are coming to a discovery that will wake you up again and get you stoked to be doing what you love to do. It really is about the energy going into your heart and asking, what do YOU want? And not this same thing where you only try to fit in and be pleasing and do for others. But what would make your heart happy? This space DOES feel like a tight squeeze where there is too much to think about and too much to weigh in a pros and cons list – but ultimately it rises to the occasion in order to make sure you are seeing that YOU are important, and YOU deserve to design a life that brings you joy. The healing process will chip away at other people’s influences that keep you dancing for their enjoyment and not for your own. When you do it for you, the world will love you more. Don’t make others the reason you decide for things. Right now, it's about you believing in yourself and asserting whatever bright colors that brings.


This full moon energy is to get you letting go of the ways you think the world is supposed to be -- and get you starting over with a new vision about what you want to do and what new goal you want to shoot for. For this reason, it can feel like too much is happening and there's too much stimulation that's bringing about even more changes to be made. You may feel overwhelmed by all that's going on in the world but understand it's happening to get you creating a new foundation to hold you that will be an upgraded version to support the ways you want to grow in the world. 

This is also when you will be feeling a shift that's going to take your life in a bit of an automatic space. You need to be surrendering to what comes because for some reason you need to be walking this. It's also all about starting over but based on how you think things should be. This will require you to walk your talk and to step into a new way of getting your messages across. There is going to be a lot of action around your home and there may be repairs or things that need to be taken care of that will be taking a lot of your attention. What breaks and falls away is not going to be what will support you in the future. So go with the flow and keep with the lessons that are getting you into a better position.

This energy is all about getting you into better form so that you can step into a new role where you are doing something creative or artistic and that is an innate part of you. If you are to step into this new role, you need the fabric of your existence going through a cleansing process so that the new robes you wear are a match to what you want others to see you as. You are in for a big change and it  may shift where you live or how you live and it will be to support getting you out there in the world and with more things that are here to broadcast your gifts.

You are coming together with others, and you can expect your life to grow bigger in community or with new people that are about to bump into you. This cleansing of your foundation is to bring these new people into your circle who are here to help get you into a better position. So, keep your doors open and expect that others are coming to visit or will bump into you in perfect timing so as to further your own goals.  There also may be people who confuse you and they will be the catalyst in getting you to show yourself in a different way. 

But know that healing is taking place with how we see you and also with how you want us to see you in a particular role. This will put you into a limbo space as things morph and change, but ultimately it is going to have you thinking more about your career and the impact you want to make. When the dust settles and you land in a more supportive seat, you will start reaching for bigger goals and specific ways to be in positions that feel like only you can do them. So don’t judge where you are feeling called to shed skins and step into higher roles. But do love where you are and where you have come from because the transition needs to be one where you are accepting the shifts in life and how we grow out of something when it's time to grow into something new.

You also may be thinking about family patterns or situations with your parents and how they got you to be who you are today. There can be some fractures that are keeping the windows open in winter and allowing you to lose your steam or faith in yourself. You are going to be healing many things that have you feeling unsafe in the world now or where you don’t feel like you have what would really satisfy your soul. You may even have some low feelings like you don’t feel important or don’t believe in the value of what you are here to bring. BE OKAY in this space because as you morph, it can feel confusing and low, and you may be extra sensitive about things.

You also may hear news from another that upsets your routine of the way you wanted to be doing things. This may have been what you thought was set in stone, and now it's in limbo and you won't know which way to go. Allow this to go through a process because something about you speaking up is what needs to take place – or where you show up stronger and not allowing others to roll right over you and try to coerce you into what they want you to do. You also may be facing dominating forces that are trying to scare you or get you thinking they have more control over you. Understand that this is here to get YOU standing up and saying NO, or whatever it is you need to say.

But don’t think of this as the end or where now you are left out in the cold. Whatever anyone does to hurt your plans is an opportunity for you to move around and find something better. Nothing is to drain you, it's just to get you more resilient in shooting for a better location to be what feels like it supports the ways you want to be living. There is a way for you to get through what challenges you but it will take you showing yourself new. Just remember that. And you can trust that all of this is right on schedule and there is nothing you have done wrong or are being punished for. This all is to get your spirit growing in a new field that is to bring new life. There is more for you and if love has dried up, we need you valuing yourself so that you know love is still out there waiting for you to show up in a new area to be recognized in a better way. There is no reason to give up because something new is growing from what falls away.


This full moon is going to be about letting go of the ways you think you need to expand your life and execute your plans about getting things to move forward. This time is when you are to wake up to the power of your mind and to see how you are going glass half empty in seeing what your potential is or in thinking you aren’t good enough or even with ideas of shame, blame and guilt. This moon is to get right in there to examine how your mind works and what it goes through when you think no one is looking.

Things are going to be manifesting quickly so that you can see how you are thinking things but saying other things. What you think will be manifesting to show you that it is not okay to say one thing and to walk another. You are to be bridging your thoughts and actions where they are only about peace and seeking for understanding. But not going low when you aren’t getting your way or when you think the world is not in support of you. All air signs incarnated to be in this struggle of staying very fixated in the mind but where you tend to share things different and aren’t honest with yourself in the vibration of what comes through as thoughts. It is not okay that you shame yourself or others in secret but show something as if all is okay.

This time is to get you really feeling things, but also going through a healing process of correction where you aren’t holding back in sharing the reality, because you aren’t staying in touch with your emotions. It's okay to be in pain and to talk about it – and this energy wants you feeling things so intensely that you have to reach out and get things off your shoulders. But remember, you were built to hide what you really feel and to try to fit into some intellectualized space where you appear to others like you totally have your things together. But. In reality, your pain needs to be expressed and you need to share when things don’t feel okay.

This energy is going to push you into situations where you need to see for a different perspective on what life is really all about. It is not about all happy and no pain; it’s about equal happy and pain. But if we don’t face the pain, the happy won't be felt in the high vibrations like it’s supposed to. So, you may find yourself feeling dull and lifeless and sort of bored with things IF you need to talk more about the struggle and the healing journey you are on. This time is about healing the ways you are not being the artist you were born to be and are following along from something in childhood that now feels like it has stunted you or gotten you to feel limited or cold with what is your potential. We need the ebb and flow and in and out and all the multi-dimensional aspects in order to birth true happiness.

So be open for what moves you because it IS time to move into a new space that helps you feel more at home with who you really are. Home is about to get real important and if it doesn’t fit, you will be finding something better that supports you. This also can be about speaking up and demanding that your foundation be more valuing. Changes may need to come, but they come because YOU ask for more. It is okay to ask for more and to expect that you get a comfy support system that helps you grow into new arenas. You speaking up to clear the air and bring your list of demands IS being asked of you. Don’t keep your feelings hidden any more. It may feel hard to first birth a new way of being, but it is being asked of you. Within a month you are to go through a rebirth space where you start over in seeing what supports you.

You also are being asked to move forward on a creative project that feels like you were born to do this. But you are to go about getting your work out there far and wide in a new way. You are not to seek for the same pathways as you are to see that this is your thing, and you can trust the process in getting you to the top of the mountain or to some goal you now envision. You are healing how you place trust in the Great Universe and will be taking a leap of faith where you do not have the results just yet, but it will FEEL RIGHT. Your feelings are guiding you and your mind needs to quiet down OR only seek for the glass half full in what this will bring. You ARE being tested and what manifests will come because you trust your body to lead the way.

You also are being asked to open to your soul’s purpose work and to see that change is on the horizon. This means you are learning about a new role you want to step into, but it will require you apprentice or commit to bringing this forward. This also says that you may have been confused about your purpose and are holding back and following the old ways because you don’t really know what you are here to bring. This is an okay space, but you do need to be in meditation as you wonder about which path to take, instead of being in fear or negativity in thinking there is not enough to go around, and you WON’T get what you dream. This energy wants you seeing that you can have what you think about, and now you just need to clean up the ways your mind processes the mystery of life. You are healing in order to step more powerfully into a wounded healer role. So accept how things toss and turn you into a lovely tumbled stone, and speak with love as your new day dawns. The darkness is what is getting you to really go for something more. So trust the way this energy gets you to feel and to speak up for what you need to next see manifest. A new chapter begins within a few weeks. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let go.


The full moon is going to usher in some amazing growth opportunities that will get you replanting yourself into a way that is hyper aware of your vibration and how much you want to see new and expansive things become your reality. You are in a great position where now you are really letting go of how you skim over the depth, that you are so good at facing, when it comes to things about your own patterns and what is there in your blind spot. This is about ego things that you think are okay, but now in the depth of what you are seeing, you see that you were taking something personally and thinking the worst because of how something hurt you.

This will be a wake up call time when you see into a new perspective that will have you completely rebooting and going for what feels loving and patient and organic in its ways. This is about you using your voice where you are true to what you feel but are speaking about it in a higher way as if you have traveled some journey and now come out the other side seeing the error of your ways. This time is to humble you and get you seeing into the shadow but where you walk the talk of what you bring through. This means things can get intense with others and how you are intertwined with them and feeling like you have to just go with how that flow takes you. But actually, you are to speak over what tries to make you feel small or gets you thinking you aren’t the best thing ever.

Cycles change when we learn to love ourselves more, and when we do, we expect more. They say that the more evolved you become, the smaller number of true friends you have. And it's because you start to pick your time better and only allow in what makes you feel abundant with ideas that are about Earth and love and together and art and do what we can to make a difference. The more we heal and face the fractures that get us acting out and being mean, the more we align to do our part and step into our higher roles. You are in a space where things touch you because you do need to grow a new garden and DECIDE MORE on what you keep close to you – because you are undeniably valuable and deserve proper support.

What for sure needs to go are the thoughts that have fears around money and future, and the dark energy that goes into USING WORDS that affirm you won't be able to handle what could occur in your future. -- When the full moon energy wants you to wake up out of those thought forms and transform them into you going badass with your vibe, and asserting towards a solid stance of KNOWING you will get through anything, and that it all gets easier as you go. It is true that the worst things that can happen are what makes nothing ever again feel so rough. So in that way, you get it over with. So why worry about the worst thing ever?

This energy wants you using your brain in more useful ways where you step into a higher voice and speak with care in the ways you want others to treat you. To be a new person who does first and then just hopes that action is a seed for the future. It is time to transform into a higher Eagle and get serious about showing up as the best way. And for you the magic comes when you shift your mental perspectives and get more present in only talking about how you want things to be.

What needs to be healed is your connection to synchronicity and the unlimited potential that believes all is possible. Where you secretly hold back and doubt, that energy is manifesting for you – and it is to wake you up to writing new stories about what your life would look like if you felt in love with it and felt freely valued for your creative gifts. You are planting what you want to see happen and you need to be ever present in holding the vibe of what you want to eat. It's all coming back, and the Great Mystery is listening to your heart and wanting to get you into positions that help you feel important. You have to co-create in a healing way in helping to remove the boulders that fixate your mind with old world fears around money and time.

It also asks that you work on healing relationships with friends where your ego stood in the way and has gotten you focused with frustrated energies. It's time to wake up to being a healer and to not needing others to be anything for you – but to also make decisions around being with those that help you to have a clear throat that feels free to be the true you. So, you need to be direct and get to the root of the problems, but you need to be more loving and patient with it. There are other views for you to see of things and when you position yourself as less dominant and more willing to just take it in, you’ll notice that situations carry a different weight in your body. This is all a sign that your base nature is changing, and it will open massive opportunities for solutions and upgrades to what had you in a trial and error space.

Things are to be inspiring you with your creative arts and with new ideas on HOW TO DO what you would really love to do at this point in your life. You are getting serious with writing projects or creative ideas that have you using your voice in teaching or leadership ways. Keep growing these dreams. They are everything and they will manifest WHAT you see. Just show up in a new patient way that trusts life and trusts that your needs will be met. Be what you want us to do for you. Lead with integrity and truth.


This full moon is going to get you back into position where you are showing up in a new way that is ready to be in this higher role. This is when a cycle change occurs because of the changes going on with others around you. It is when you get pushed into a new way of expressing yourself because you have to adapt around all that is moving around you. But this is to get you seeing where we need you to show up in life and come through and express more powerfully through your creative gifts. This is when you are to see that there's more to life and now your values are changing about what feels important.

There is a lot of congestion around money and the old world ways of being, and understand this is to get you dreaming more for how your foundation can support you and ways that things can be, even though things feel fixated in scarcity and ideas that there isn't enough to go around. You are kind of in a battle of thinking about all the limitations and all the fears that you could stay focused on, but also knowing that a part of you wants to let things go and start over and step into a new way of being. This energy wants you to feel a little unsafe and a little wobbly as if you don't have momma holding on to keep you safe, but still knowing that through this process you're going to be growing something better. And it's going to be about what feels right to you and really about what is natural about you.

This time is about you finding yourself again through the ways others project things or mirror things or just get them to rise out of you. And what you most need to open to is that you can have a foundation of support and you can start over no matter how much time has passed and you can come out of the shadows and believe in there being a foundation to support your artistic ways. You may be thinking about moving and needing to be in an environment that helps you grow flowers and magical things. This is about you believing you can have a dream come true in the form of what supports and holds you.

So, confusion may rise around these areas JUST to get you holding a dream in mind about how you really want things to be. And this IS about being surprised with what that may be. Even like my new crystal friends branding is in gold containers now that I LOVE LOVE LOVE – but I only got them because my other style is sold out for months because of covid. That stopped me and forced me to look around and imagine something else. And I have NEVER been a gold girl. But the moment I walked the experience and saw my labels on the actual gold cutie pie tins – I loved my product 300% more.

When we land into home with things that really fit us, they bring new drives and dreams out of us. You are growing new wings, and with that, the foundation will rumble to get you asserting towards seeing that the world WILL support you NO MATTER WHAT. We don’t need you using your energy to think that things selling out or running out mean you need to panic. RATHER, it's about you being excited for the experiences and seeing that your journey is positioning you into a new role that needs you starting with a new view on what you would like to do and how you would like to offer support and healing to the world.

Understand that all scarcity and limitation is all inspiring you to create a new way for the world to be. There's a lot of low energy in this space where you won't have the answers, but you'll have too much information that keeps you thinking in scarce ways. This is a blessing where things are getting tight and serious because you too are growing more serious about your impact and what you're here to do from the foundation and past that influenced you. You may be in healing spaces with your mother and how she is illusive or not there for you. This confusion is to birth you showing up in more nurturing ways where you use your words or creations to give the feeling of support – even if support is not physically there. You are taking limitation and adding doses of magic to the world. So be with authority as things come out of the blue to rattle your emotional stability. The waves of emotion create drives of new devotion. Trust the process.

The key to where your life is going to shift deals with healing that needs to take place in regard to how you see the potential of your life as a whole – like, if you see limitation or glass ceilings or things that keep you going glass half empty about what you can have in life. The fears go into thinking you are not valuable enough or gifted enough to be supported for what you would love to do. It's time to face each one of these thoughts and rebuild them with ideas on how much you love yourself and how much you know you deserve to be valued for what is a natural thing about you.

Allow the slow turtle pace as you go into what crushes your faith and gets you shooting into doubts – but see that it all is to inspire you of a bigger dream than you have imagined before. Your inspiration comes out in nature or in meditation and down times, so also don’t be surprised if the self-care solitude is where you finally dream up the utopian space you would like to next hold you. You are to be dreaming something beyond where you have been and to be full of watery and emotional thoughts on what you need to be surrounding you. New plans are on the rise and these ones will be where you speak up about how you need them to be.


This energy is asking that you let go of the old world ways you have been pursuing your soul’s purpose work, and surrender in order to see your dreams expand in the ways you wish. The old path and manipulations will not work for you anymore, as will staying focused on superficial things to satisfy you or be enough to quench your thirst. For this reason, you may feel a bit lost and confused as to which way to go, but IF YOU start projects and endeavors in a new way where you feel your way to the top, you WILL see that there IS room for you to grow. You are NOT to stay glued to old handbooks written by others on how to grow your dreams. For you, the path is changing because parts of you have only been in it for the reward and for the final feeling that you chase after -- and THAT is in need of healing for you to discover the success you seek for.

Expect to see your energy change in regard to GETTING IT that you need down time in order to fully expand into spaces of authenticity. Your system is more wired to follow the corporate or mainstream way and to mold yourself into an image you feel will get the attention you think you need. You more than most signs need to hit rock bottom and to empty out so that you can tune into your true vibe and flow where things WILL work out better. This energy is going to stop you and leave you feeling defeated IF you are still chasing what is killing the true joy you are to be expressing. And this is about fully letting go and trusting that the pieces you need will be there when you need them, and you don’t have to be so focused on what moved you to perform in your past.

You are being asked to tune into a higher force running it all and you are just needing to make decisions based on WHERE your body is hearing a YES. In my early business I collaborated with people who were just chasing money and who wanted to join with me in order to use what I had built. And with each one of them, my gut would feel sick when I would see a new thing they were offering or how they stayed glued to this competitive path in wanting to be famous and get attention. And it pushed me to do more than I was comfortable doing. It made me think I had to be in the same energy they were giving off – and it basically had me overextending and not following my truth.

You are prone to this same thing right now and will be HYPERSENSITIVE to where your body now needs to go. Do expect that you are going to have no clue until you finally are given insight on what to do. But think like there is a way, but that it won't be found from researching what has already been put into place. Something within your soul is going to come out and speak and you need to be focused inward in order to hear what you need to then believe in and follow. Your feelings will rise to guide the way, and it's on you to trust yourself enough to follow. This is NOT about looking out and deciding on your course. You are NOT to be gaining inspiration from what others are doing.

You also will be facing insecurities about putting yourself forward or believing that you can trust in what you feel. So. Expect to feel a bit raw when it comes to showing yourself or sharing another side of how the journey has schooled you. From something that is unique to your path, you are to show up more as an authority – or will start taking the steps that will apprentice you into an actual authority. A new path is forming BECAUSE of what you are coming to in the downtime and with surrendering in not really knowing how to pursue a path that will value you.

You are to be working on creative projects or writing projects that you will be sharing far and wide. This energy wants you opening to a new way of communicating where you are doing what feels right and not replicating something already being done. Be careful here because you will automatically go to thinking you need to copy and paste – but the true gold of your wisdom and words is going to come from something inside of you alone – and that has been growing for some time. You are to be coming out of the shadows and doing things YOUR WAY. This is about taking a leap of faith and pushing through even though it may be a slow rise at first.

There also is so much change in the energy and it will require you to stay fluid in how things go. You may see something fall away and it will get you worrying in your old world habitual ways, but you are to see that it means you are to build with a new product or process that you hadn’t thought of before. It means that you are being stopped because this thread you are weaving in will not support you in the future. So, expect the energy to be stop and go and getting you to look into new areas that you hadn’t thought of before. You actually are being divinely guided at this time and will be where you need to be, but the provocation is to get you growing and looking out for more. Don’t expect it to be easy, but expect an answer to come. So much of what is moving forward demands that you believe that you have a right to exist and that something about your growth process will benefit others.

You also may be seeing things mirrored to you in order to get you seeing how stuck and fixed you can be in thinking one path is the way because others have done it before. This is to get you seeing with a new vision about where you want to go and seeing that something else is played out and done. We have cycles in our life that match the growth and expertise we truly embody. Gates open when we are being allowed into a new arena where we let go of old parts of ourselves and step into ones that are fresh beginnings. This is where you are, and you can't take the past with you in this new space. Surrender into the mystery and look beyond to discover how to complete this new mission that is about to show signs of life. Look to there being a new and it will find you. From the old darkness, a new light will rise.


This full moon is to bring you back to you and to get you remembering that you are love and that you have every right to live a life of joy. It is to initiate a start over launch where you will be finding your voice again and thinking about what you love to do in a new light. Now. This time is going slow and steady because the first part of this process needs you showing up for you and being the one who recognizes that you are important and that what you are here to bring is something that needs to go far and wide. It's time for you to reprogram your mind and start speaking in ways like you are special and there isn't the need to think in scarcity and to chase after everything out there.

It's about you waking up to wanting to share things that educate or teach of better ways – and knowing that you were built for what you love to do. Instead of so many years where you haven’t seen your place in the world and have so many thoughts that something is wrong with you, and that you need to be insecure with your natural ways. NOW the energy is saying bring it forward and be the first part of the wave that leads others into a better way. Don’t be a follower in adapting to what is already out there, but listen to your own heart and go to where you naturally sing. You choosing for what lights you up is going to create a streak in the manifesting space that opens others to do the same.

This also deals with taking a risk of your heart and making a change that brings you out of your comfort zone and out of the lines, but this is here for you to do. You are not to be following along with things that are in the world right now as this is when you are to make a sharp left and start heading in another direction. The thing about this energy though, is that first you're going to be asked to reach for something greater that you believe will help you be happier in the future, and then you are going to be pulled back into a healing space to really process the ways you were conned into being this whole other person.

This will be when you tune into new feelings within your body, and it will have you wanting to step forward in the world in a different way. But this stuff is coming from the depth of you and it's where a lot of healing is going to be taking place. This deals with the fears you've held, and the ways things have wounded you so that you don't want to face what you need to, and instead adapt around dysfunction which then creates other situations to have to fix down the road. It's really about getting you feeling more capable about who you are so that you're not hiding from things and so that you're always being clear about what you feel, knowing that you are a beacon for us and that you going through these challenging transitions are what pave the way for so many others to do the same.

Your life was specially chosen where you will go through the rebirth process, will probably lose it all at some point, will probably gain the best thing ever, but will always be going through a cycle where you are transforming and becoming a better person. This means engaging in the healing work and understanding where you’re tap dancing for an audience and not really keeping it real.

This also can be about having goals of the mainstream worlds that are so woven in you now that you have to take time to pull back to see where you really do want to be. What the healing process is to do is to get you back to loving and accepting yourself, and that is a process in itself. The work is deep, and you will be taken to spaces that you think are too much to handle but this is getting you to the truth of who you are here to be, and we must take you through experiences to bring the vibration to your essence that can then speak and teach on the journey.

In no way will you ever be allowed to be superficial with your gifts in this lifetime. There will never be happiness if you follow the ways that others do the copy and paste to build themselves up in the world. That is never going to be your path because you have authentic wisdom and guidance and support and innovative expressions that need you loving yourself enough to believe in yourself enough to have faith that the things you have to learn are essential.

Your journey is congested right now in where you need to surrender and let go. It's about forgetting what you thought needed to be and opening to a new world that unfolds FROM the retreat. If you are pushed into healing and downtime, be grateful because this is rewiring you thinking you are a victim and that you should expect less. Beggars CAN be choosers. How old world that it would be planted that if you are on the bottom you best not think you get to choose for what you want! Old world. It's now time to go deep into healing so that you can see where you have been following along and losing faith because the manipulation wanted you powerless – because YOU ARE a ripple that creates change. It's time to heal and discover where you shame, blame and guilt yourself into the shadows where your voice shuts down and your purpose remains dormant. It's getting time to rise and shine into a new role that comes over the next few months – but that first shows life at this time in a big dream of yours that is on the rise. Now go simmer this vision and get it to organically grow. We just needed to hear you speak up about wanting things better and needing more from this existence. Your call has been delivered. Sit back and wait for the bounty – with grace and patience seeing the way.


This full moon is when you are going to start facing issues you have within the foundation of your life that are keeping you from growing in the ways you want to. It will be when pest control is done on how you talk about where you have come from and where you want to grow. There will be ways you have been going glass half empty in life that now are to rise where you show up in new form, with new thoughts around KNOWING you will be supported and that you HAVE a home in the world. You may feel sensitive with this moon as it is to show you where you have been too tough on yourself and others because you learned this certain way of being. You are to see that what molded you in your early days is what now can be trapping you in lower manifestations that affirm something is wrong with you.

This moon is to break the shackles and to finally open you to career opportunities that are here to expand you and get your gifts out into the world. BUT. Something at home needs attention and it means you reaching out in new ways and with a softer tone as you anticipate that you are here to create peace where fractures have already been put into place.

Don’t be surprised if you manifest challenging situations with others around you where you are shocked by what you are seeing as it deals with dominating forces trying to keep you from believing. This is here because the energy wants YOU seeing more positively about your impact AND asserting the raw and natural ways that you are. It's about you believing that you are here to do big things and that nothing is impossible, even if an old world privileged low viber wants to come and put you in a position THEY want you to be in. EXPECT things to come that get you knowing it is time to stand up for something and to not just follow along as it has been done. Rules are to be broken and they need you guiding the way into something that supports all.

You also are in a space where your energy is to reboot and start over where you will have more passion to face what needs to be done. When you see that the tides have changed, YOU need to be affirming this and not going back into your mind to doubt that things can be better. This energy is breaking you from habits where you use words to see that you are a victim and that the old world doesn’t want your creative and intuitive ways. This time is going to show you that you are essential to the process of upgrading our planet and that you are more important than you have ever been told in your past.

Do expect to be crossing a bridge or to feel like you are moving through something that needs you paying attention to how you naturally assert yourself or describe the journey ahead. Familiar situations will repeat in order to check out how you handle what before in your past you handled by seeing yourself as someone NOT able to bring change. Do not go low with anything that makes you feel unsafe. See that there will be a way through this and assert where you feel called. You ARE being asked to open to something that deals with putting yourself forward or showing up and letting us know what you are thinking about. It's about you seeing that it's time for YOU to take the lead and to break down old world walls that stand in the way.

You ARE protected in this space even if it feels like you are stuck in old patterns where there is limitation or tight corners to get around. See that we must go a final round when we end a pattern – and you are in a space like this where you are going to leap into a new world and way to function with what you are here to share. BUT. The bridge is wobbly, and it will tempt you to go back to old ways of being that will really put you in dead ends at this time. Make your feelings known and see that trusting yourself is what gets you to the new spaces where there will be more freedom to see that you are getting ahead.

If you are still just getting by, GIVE THANKS that you have enough. Many of you will be in situations that are just trying to get you seeing a new perspective of the process. Savings are great, but usually they just sit there and only console your mind in knowing they are there. You need to not have things but still be grateful for what you have. It's a key with this energy in getting you to the new lands. Even if all your socks have holes, be grateful that you have socks or a home or a comfy bed. Divert your thoughts that see something as wrong into seeing how much is better than it could be. SERIOUSLY. The energy is screaming that if you see for the better, it will arrive. You are waking to more power, and you need to step into knowing you can handle doing more in life.

Your energy will also start going in a new direction, which means if you have been lost and confused, it will point you into keeping busy and keeping things going until they change. The steps of your mountain may feel steeper right now – and it is a sign that you are close to opportunities that will get you feeling like you are living your soul’s purpose and making more of a difference. SO ONLY see for the hope of where you are going and how this all will make sense when the pieces come together. Own that we need YOU to move us into the Age of Aquarius and it's going to demand that you walk taller and with a stronger voice in telling us all how it needs to be done. Do not hold back where you will be asked to step into leadership shoes and to reach for what you need. Be happy for what you have but expect more to come when something is not good enough. YOU are a key player to solutions for a better way to be. Stand up and speak freely.

It is time to bring more ease into your life.

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