Tuesday 24 October

Well hello T U E S D A Y! 

NOW. I would say we are at about 50/50 in regard to those who followed their old patterns and those who started a new one yesterday. If you stood strong in showing up as the person you want to be, then something will rise soon that is going to make you very happy. It will be the light shining to show that you are supported in doing what you KNOW you need to do. Expect to feel like THIS is what you have been waiting for and it WILL be what has been the missing piece. You also may be going back to something where now you feel like you can do this better a second time around. So be open to what magic arrives to set your spirit free -- but EXPECT something powerful and RIGHT on time.

ALSO, if you feel stuck and miserable because you crossed a boundary yesterday and repeated behavioral patterns that have led to many unsavory results, BE KIND with yourself and dedicate to your NEXT time. You will get it right eventually and that is where your energy needs to be. But if you got taken, you can feel really depressed and low today. Just don’t shame yourself into feeling worthless because we ALL are learning through trial and error, and when we get it wrong, we have to NOT focus on punishment. This is JUST ABOUT valuing ourselves and knowing we are here to learn many hard lessons on the Earth Walk, and until we do, we are still in school, and we need a level of compassion to motivate us better.

Jails have it all wrong because they don’t rehabilitate when they have the perfect opportunity to do so. So we see that making mistakes means we should be sent away to suffer. We must re-learn that making mistakes is the artistry of getting us into leveled up positions. The mistake is to inspire us and not deflate us. So be soft if you did another move yesterday that you have been learning to not do. Next time I am sure is when you will get it correct! Be excited for that.

This is also a great day to meditate and let things go if things don’t feel like they are going your way. If you can sit out in nature and just surrender, you will hear something that helps you make a decision that has been on your mind. Inspiration is coming to show you that there is a way out but it won’t come when you are overstimulated by the internet and the drama of other people’s lives. Sit against a tree and just listen -- because there are things for you to connect when doing what feels simple, organic and free.

 Have a leveled up and hopeful day!
Love, KV 

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