Wednesday 25 October

Well hello W E D N E S D A Y! 

Okay loves. You may feel the weight of the world right now where things feel so sad and out of balance. There is a lot of pain in this energy where we just don’t understand and it can have us feeling out of control. Just make this a day to be with yourself and to cancel any plans if you overextended and now feel any hesitation. Actually, this day wants you NOT doing what you said you would do IF it suddenly now doesn’t feel like what you want to do.

You may be letting others down, but if it keeps your energy UP, then don’t sweat it for a minute! We often have tests like today that deal with us following our own flow and not caving in because others want us to go another way. Today is about you listening to your own body and letting that be the guide on how things need to be. Enough of staying quiet because you don’t want to disappoint others. And -- after you do what is best for you, DO NOT waste the whole day wondering or doubting if you did the best thing. Honestly, let it go and value that your body needs something different. Love yourself for speaking so loudly and allowing your choices to keep you safe. Warnings in the body are the truth on what you may not understand but that DOES matter. 

You also may be crying over things today that normally don’t hit you. We are seeing how precious life is and also that SO MANY people suffer when it really doesn’t seem fair. Do not run from this energy because you are learning to express compassion and we need to witness others in a worse kind of pain in order to awaken desires for how to make a difference. Cry but see that something comes to the light as a solution from being there with the pain.

You will be moved to do SOMETHING from what plants you in trauma -- and we need this process to play out fully. Just like this HORRIFYING and disgraceful attack by Israel, which is being ecstatically funded by the USA management team, is going to inspire so many people to stand up and do SOMETHING about all that is wrong in the world. We are NOT going to be able to stop this particular injustice, but from feeling out of control, we will seek out ANY way to stand up and do more for the ascension of this planet. From seeing all the babies being murdered and families destroyed by another egoic Hitler movement, we ALL will start to do more that changes things in whatever ways we have passion. 

So expect to get up and do for humanity what is now being inspired from a grotesque showing of how hate-ridden and unconscious so many humans still are. Everything you do WITH love is going to counterbalance the deplorable acts possible of those who feel hate for themselves. You can’t change what they do, but YOU DOING GOOD shows others that not everyone is a monster. And that is a golden perspective to show to the world.


Have a miraculous and blessed day!
Love, KV

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