JUNE 29 | Wednesday

Okay then loves! The New Moon hit in the last hours of yesterday so you can REALLY feel it today. Things grow stronger or more fermented at this time because of what we have been sitting in over the past few days that now has us feeling like the world is out of control and it is NOT going in the direction you please.

BUT do know, this time is asking us to stand up in new ways that deal with us NOT backing down from how the old world, and the people who hold up those ideals, want to keep us in the past and out of forward and progressive motion. It's like the patriarch of the family wanting the systems to stay the same even though everything else in their life, such as the flat screen TV and cellphone they use have upgraded and gone with the times. There are huge reaches to keep us in the old days where there is more control and manipulation on the people to STAY SMALL. Basically, every one of you has so much power to create a better world and to manifest things that sustain and support you in beautiful ways. BUT the old world knows that what you think, is what you will see, so they give you many reasons to see negative and believe in limited things.

One of the things about the pandemic and emails is that now things are really long and expressive and more hurtful than they were before 2016. People used to think more positively and would come at you with love as they reach out to inquire about things. Now it can be like a novel and where they really let you know how let down they are or they shame and blame you with all these words where years ago they never would have even gone there – they would have hoped for the best and come with that energy. Now people seek for negative reasons for things, and they step right into fighting shoes as if they will need to fight their way to getting their needs met. Most people now are very at ease with being suspicious and also showing ugly vibrations that years ago they wouldn’t have just thrown out there for everyone to see. Before we kept things in line understanding that we are making an impression – whereas now we don’t care. Dragons have been unleashed from people and now they get pleasure at burning others down as they express their own pain.

And what needs to happen now is that we wake up to remembering that all our footsteps taken create footsteps we THEN will also take. You can't destroy another without also destroying yourself. You CAN’T come with venom shooting out at others and not expect that venom to also saturate every area of your space. What you shoot out blows into this fan that shoots it right back at you. Years ago, we honored this reality and walked in a gentler way knowing that what we sow, we reap, and what we wish for, we receive. So this time is to wake us up again to how we have fallen in line with the hatred vibes and wanting to war with everyone who is not on our team, or even ones that are -- and we are WAY more hurtful than we used to be. We are WAY more apt to turn on people and to show how ugly we really can be.

At some point, we all will hit rock bottom and wake up to how conned we were to be acting this way, which only keeps us vibing low and shooting for small dreams. It is so easy to see that others are trying to cheat you or that you are not getting what you deserve – but it is so much more satisfying to see that nothing will hurt you and that all things are going in your favor in the long run. Until you wake up, that fan is going to POUND YOU for all the pounding you are doing to others. So wake up and stop doing what the old world WANTS you doing -- because hurtful and violent ways bring sad futures where the people don’t get what they dream. And the old world wants you NOT dreaming and instead losing hope that anything can change. Stop giving to what is only taking your dreams away and giving you the match of how you THINK you are getting even.


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