MAY 5 | Thursday

Okay my loves! We are getting into some big lessons about honoring what we are feeling while also working to create a better world to see where we hold ourselves with more value and aren’t so quick to destroy ourselves because of the things in life we see as mistakes.

Even how I had to suddenly move from a home I loved because I discovered that my house is actually a health hazard where no one should live, AND that the owners were NOT going to do anything about it. They gaslit me from all my declarations and boundaries saying they did not provide me with a safe home like they wanted me to believe. They cut corners and didn’t cover the bases to instead just get someone in there quickly to start paying rent. So, I COULD still stay here and get sicker from the toxins CLEARLY impacting my health and well-being – OR, I could jump ship and leap into the mystery to find something that DOES support me.

Fortunately, the new home arrived within an hour of knowing I needed to change, when I decided to put my health first – and not just keep looking the other way and hoping it would be okay because I loved my home environment so much.

And this FOR SURE could be seen as another mistake I have made in not really facing the warning signs with homes I have said yes to. BUT – if I wouldn’t have lived in this toxic home, I wouldn’t have met my best friend who lives next door, AND, I wouldn’t have met the person who offered to let me move into their compound on the farm, at the base of Taos Mountain, if not for another neighbor who introduced us over a year ago. I NEEDED to be here and to get sick from mold again to make some connections that would then get me further along on my path. Even the fact that the apartment opened THE DAY I discovered I needed to move! This other person moved out to make space for me, even!

So, timing matters and all our wrong moves ACTUALLY are there on purpose to get us making better moves in the future. Mistakes ARE life and they always prove to be blessings down the way IF we surrender and look to NOT BEING A VICTIM and here to suffer, but rather, an authority, here to learn all the best decisions and to REALLY KNOW what is a yes and what is a no. From trial and error, we learn our best way. And if that means we walk the error of our wounded expectations 100 times before we get it right. GOOD ON US!!

We are only to see that this life is teaching us to be our truth and to find home again in valuing our bodies to expect the best. Mistakes were needed for you to make better decisions. So be kind with yourself when you look back and think you got so much wrong. You DID – but you needed to. We all needed the error of our ways. None of us are perfect and we only get healed from the hard work that shows us we COULD go for more if we love ourselves enough to trust the meandering road that gets us through the schooling where we learn what we need to feel safe and secure. Trust your process and be softer in appraising what NEEDED to be there to get you rebirthing and finding your true home. Home is where the heart is, so be sure to listen to what your heart is telling you.

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