Mercury Retrograde: 10 May to 3 June

GENERAL READING: This Mercury Retrograde is all about working with the Eclipse season to help us reprogram our minds so that we are not following into scarcity and always thinking that there ISN'T a way to get to where we want to be. We are going to be taken into places where we are limiting our growth and will be waking to new value that we need to discover from within. We can’t expect others to value us if we don’t first KNOW that we are valuable! This is when we all will start walking a new plan on how we want to grow a new crop that will take our dedication to become what we dream. Something in your heart wants you to go for something and it IS NOT what you have seen before. So, we are manifesting out of the blue with ideas we would like to see expand and be what supports us. Expect to be thinking of your creative gifts and what you really, really would love to do BECAUSE it comes so natural to you. Also expect to feel like life is going way too quickly and to feel like you want to slow down and be with the Earth and trust the process more. We are learning to not be so judgmental in thinking things aren’t going our way and to find a new view that has us working without instant results as we hold a vision on where we want to be. There is this current state -- and a future you want to move into, and the steps now just need you being okay at not having things microwave fast. It wants us to learn to love the process of growing our food while being patient and positive with however long that may take.

++ MERCURY RETROGRADE 10 May to 3 June 5 degrees Gemini to 26 Taurus ++

ARIES: This is when you are to go back and write a new story about how you talk about your value and what you share with the world that deals with your creative gifts and what you most love to do. You will be going back to examine how you have been keeping quiet and following along because your beliefs were focused in a direction that was manipulated on you. It’s where you learned something and now you keep bracing for how you think things will be. It’s time to go back and understand why you say and think the things you do and HOW to upgrade this so that you are valuing your existence and positioning yourself as important and deserving of stability and love. You will be going into ways that you accept scarcity and are to plant new seeds where you are attracting those who help you share the true depth of your soul.

TAURUS: This is when you are to make changes with how you assert yourself in life where you are to accept the need for a start over and something shifting with your foundation or the ways you look at programmed expectations from others. You will be working on projects that deal with supporting yourself from your creative gifts -- and it will be from this retrograde cycle that you see what needs you letting go of scarcity or fear based ideas that keep you chasing what others want you to do. It’s about finding your voice again and deciding to assert from what feels like it will support you EVEN IF you have to draw strong boundaries and not let others keep you from doing what you want to do. You also will be determined to work on debt or to integrate new ways to generate money that will help you invest in more security. Trust where you are feeling called to lead because YOU are the one that others need to follow.

GEMINI: This is when you are going to be pulled back before you can move forward because something needs to shift with your feelings that will influence how you assert yourself in life. This can be that something reveals that is to fill you with compassion when before you were hiding your true feelings and thinking you could go forward without facing how things are REALLY making you feel. In some way, you are to speak up and make these feelings known that are guiding you to assert your truth and something that NOW does feel like it is important. You will be having many talks with others where you are to share how things are making you feel and not escape because you want to create peace and not face judgment. It’s better to keep it real and bring your feelings to the table. You will be questioned, and your job is to not back down from what IS coming up in you for good reason.

CANCER: This is when you are to do some soul searching -- but first you need to go back and get together with others so you can really shift your vibration to seeing for a solution and to valuing the process that helps you figure out what to do. You can feel that change is on the horizon, but you need to first connect and use your throat to declare your place in the world and the opportunities you want to manifest. Something needs to be talked about and with people who support the changes you are going through. Others play an important role in being a mirror to help you remember who you are and that you don’t need to judge what is broken -- and to allow that to influence you compromising too much. You need to be with glass half full visions and to assert towards knowing the best things will occur EVEN IF they deal with changes to what you thought would sustain you. Answers ARE coming and they arrive through signs guiding you to what values you best.

LEO: This is when you are going to be making dramatic changes with your career where you are asserting something with more authenticity. You will be thinking about what you love to do and will let go of how the old world has manipulated your energy to make these other things the priority. What you were chasing in your past, and the real reasons you were doing it, are upgrading into more of a humanitarian and someone who is focused on different things – besides making money and getting attention. You may even have sudden situations that pull you into needing to show up different or others will see you in new ways so that new opportunities find you. Expect to get answers around how to get your natural gifts sustaining you and growing into a new home in the world.

VIRGO: This is when you are to do a bit of traveling or moving around and it is to give you a new perspective where YOU are valuing yourself more and THUS your career will have room to grow wings that support you. You ARE in for big changes where you are waiting for answers on how to move forward, but they are coming after you learn to see for better views as things still come to be. The lessons are about getting you to be comfortable moving in spontaneous ways, understanding that your journey is not to be linear. Now is when you will come up with ideas on how to design your look and make bigger impacts from what you are wanting to get out to the world. Allow the way to be made known through trusting the Great Mystery and taking a leap of faith where you start over with a better approach. Go towards what feels like it will hold you and provides room to grow.

LIBRA: This is when you are to go back and check over your healing process with things that need you LETTING THEM GO. Something first expands you with wisdom that will help you on your journey, but then you will need to go back and make corrections with someone or some idea that NOW you see is keeping you from believing that you can grow and get to a better life scene. There are ways that you are staying in this one track and not opening to a new path that will allow you freedom to be this other thing. People are showing up that need you handling them where you aren’t so taken by what you see as mistakes in them, and instead are responding in higher ways so that you allow them to be who they are, and you to be who you are. Some sort of attachment needs to be transformed so that you really are drawing boundaries or declaring your needs and NOT staying complacent because you have done this in your past.

SCORPIO: This is when you are to go back into ideas you have around changing your role or the way that others see you. There are dances with people around you that are to get you responding in different ways where you are working for the peace and aren’t just staying fixated in your ego where you want things to only go your way. This time wants you seeing more sides in why people are the way they are and HOW to be a better friend and partner so that new solutions or upgrades can arrive to grow YOU ALL new lands of potential. Things are ON YOU to be the one who facilitates the changes into healing or better ways of functioning. Don’t expect others to lead the way as your healing journey is to shower you with new skills in dealing with others who challenge you. Where you are taken into your past deals with corrections that need to take place so as to open new arenas to grow your creative and career dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: This is when you are to go back into spaces where you now feel regret because you cut things off and weren’t able to come forward and step into a role that could bring harmony to the dysfunction. Where you were judgmental and cold because you didn’t understand how to bring the peace, you will be taken back to do things better and to see that the puzzle pieces are now here for you to correct and move forward. Things will fall into place that deal with your work environment and ways to promote or beautify your business. Stay glass half full even if you don’t have all the answers yet because things are responding to the ideas you have about them. This is to get you showing up in a new role where you are doing your soul’s purpose work and expanding from the joy of seeing your work grow. There is a way, but it deals with many moving parts that will shift until they fit perfectly. Don’t be afraid of all the unknowns! Trust and the rest will follow.

CAPRICORN: This is when you are to let go of the path your mind and programming conditioned you to follow and just surrender into the mystery of it all. You are being pulled into a space where you are to be more present as you watch for the signs to guide you safely. This is when you are to go into retreat spaces that allow you to see into the depth and the puzzle pieces so that you rise with more belief in self and ideas that get you wanting to chase love or things that bring you joy. Your creativity is going to grow more important to you. Changes with patterns or discipline will allow you to open to new ways of sharing where you are an authority and DO deserve to have the sun shining your way. This is when you discover what is your thing AND when you finally awaken to wanting to return to something that makes your heart sing.

AQUARIUS: This is when you are to really dive into your emotions and ways that you are fixed with interpreting what you think things mean based on limitation you have seen in your past. This is when you are to start over in finding value for who you are and what impact you are to make on others. Things will get you feeling all the feels so that you decide to assert yourself in different ways as you show us sides to your personality that some force dominated you into thinking was weak. You may be showing yourself being more vulnerable and wanting to see for solutions that deal with creating harmony. You are to go back and return to ways you used to be before others abandoned you and got you thinking you won’t be held safe. Your heart will write a new story and you DO get to start over again. So, see that this next chapter is your return to innocence and a rebooted system.

PISCES: This is when you are to change from what is shifting with your foundation that is moving you into something that values your creative ways. You will be getting back to the basics and simplifying your life so that there is more time for your natural gifts and expressions to find a home in the world. You will be rethinking your career and the ways you want to reach out and share what you do. This is when solutions are to come that help you value yourself more so that you can think with glass half full thoughts about the process and all the steps needed to put things into better order. Your soul’s purpose is to grow and develop and you will find something that finds you because of changes with your environment. Use your throat to be clear that you are here doing important work and don’t let go of the upgraded results you want to see.

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